Parking Lot Tree Photography

Those random shots one takes before leaving the mall parking lot of the trees.  Oh wait, I am one of the few people that stops to do that hahah.  The sky looked stormy tonight! It caused the trees to look really  beautiful against it though.





One thought on “Parking Lot Tree Photography

  1. Haha…..yep. You’re a true photographer! I hang out at (I’m “kobresia” over there) but I’ve been there for 10 years or so. All of my photog buddies are there and we all cut our teeth together as noob photogs. :0) If you want to hang out with a group of great people who love to share and learn, you should consider becoming a member! I’ve been MIA for months now due to school, but know everybody there, really. Anyway, you can learn a lot there.

    Back to the post though! I too am a tree junkie! What is it about those craggly, gnarly trees against a backlit sky? Just love ’em. 🙂 These are great!

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