Hanging in there….

I am hanging in there with school. It’s really hard as I almost have dropped out on several occasions. I am tired, burned out, and extremely stressed trying to work a full time job and go to school part time.  Several people advised me to find the school’s counseling services though (that are free).  I recently found a very nice counselor that is going to start helping me weekly to manage money, stress, eating, and life in general.  That is really the only thing keeping me going academically right now…the hope that maybe things can somehow get easier.


I really liked that tree picture above 🙂 I took it recently during the sunrise before work.   I wish I had taken the other side of the tree so I could get to canvases and put them next to each other. I will have to try that with a tree sometime in the future. Anyway back to what I was saying…..

My best friend Jordan and her fiancee Jay are getting married in a week. I’m so happy for them as they make an amazing couple together. He is military, can wear a leather jacket, loves her music, and knows what it means to protect.  She is tatted, loves VWs  & Mustangs, enjoys acting, and can keep Jay on his toes 🙂 I wish them the best of luck. She is going to show her tatoos during her wedding, wear high heels with big hearts on them, dawn a leather jacket (as will jay) that is spray painted with words, and is getting married in a restaurant.  I’m her maid of honor and I am honored to be that after being friends with her since we were fifteen.


I continue to put things in my etsy shop so eventually I will have a collection of pictures on there 🙂

Skyland Photography

I have to work the next four days on. Which means Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I work around 38 hours. Then on Tuesday and Thursday I go to school. Wednesday is the only day I have “off” if you are not counting the amount of laundry I must do, food I must by, errands I must run, bills I must pay, etc. Think about me, as right now I am struggling.


One thought on “Hanging in there….

  1. Hey GF, hang in there. Of all people, I know what it means to be burnt out. I remember about 6 months ago, I wanted to take two years down. Remember? I was SO. Burnt. Out. And I hadn’t had an academic break in more than 4 years. But shortly after that, I got my mojo back! It was as if a new fire had been breathed into me and my passion returned. I felt as if I had something worth fighting for.

    Sometimes, we fall into a pattern of habituation, you know? It’s easy to turn our brains and hearts off (as if on a dimmer switch) and merely “go through the motions”. We have to (re) prioritize and continue to do that daily if we want to really be present in what we’re doing!

    Have you ever used Hott Notes? You can download it free for your desktop. (http://downloads.tomsguide.com/Hott-Notes,0301-35596.html)

    It helps me soooo much; I don’t know what I’d do without Hott Notes- daily. They’re little sticky notes for your laptop/desktop and they’re in various colours (to keep things interesting ;0) and it makes organizing your daily tasks a breeze. When you complete a task, simply hit the x in the corner and it deletes. Try it. It’s a life-saver for me.

    Anywho, did you get my email? I’m hoping I sent it to the right email address. :-/ (Be sure to check!) I sent you the rain pic. (Large file.) I’m sicker than a dog and piled up in bed- toilet water frozen- haha. Things could always be worse, eh? 😉

    I’m off to watch Mildred Pierce on my large widescreen! There’s just something about Joan Crawford that really FIXES ME after a breakup. ;0)

    Love ya! xo

    p.s. DO NOT QUIT SCHOOL. If you need a break, tough it out until the semester’s over, then take some down time- but don’t quit. (I did that once and almost didn’t get back in.)

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