2015 Etsy Feature- Customized Wine Boxes by Arrowsarah

One can almost never go wrong with giving wine as a gift!  Arrowsarah‘s shop gives a customer an awesome alternative to throwing the bottle into a bag with some crumpled tissue paper.  The owner of Arrowsarah, Angela, sells beautifully designed wine boxes, champagne boxes, and signs.  Wine can be a gift for Christmas, Birthday’s, and basically any other holiday you can think of. On Valentines, we can drink it with significant others or with one’s we love in celebration of being single! I appreciate Angela’s shop because it gives wine a chance to dress up as classy and distinguished. Below is information on her shop (in her own words) and a link to it. I hope you visit!

COUPON CODE: Good until the end of April 2015!


When this was posted (Feb. 19th 2015) Arrowsarah had:

  • 5 stars (681 customers reviewed)
  • 1,573 admirers
  • 2,480 sales.


When did your shop open?

November 2008.

What do you sell?

I sell customized wine boxes, champagne boxes and signs. I also sell wooden box purses and a little bit of jewelry

What is your most popular design sold in your shop?

My wine box with the two birds and the branch located here.

What inspired your shop to open?

I was laid off from my job in advertising and I couldn’t find a new one. I was always crafty as a kid, so I decided to start making some stuff and post it on Etsy to see how it did. It was a slow start, but I’m pretty proud at how far I’ve come.

Do you have any advice for other etsy shop owners just starting out or struggling to get sales? Just keep at it. Your buyers will come. There is someone out there that will love exactly what you are creating. It may take some time, but just have patience and work on your skills, improving your shop, etc. whenever you have the chance.


Twitter : @arrowsarah_etsy


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