Folly Beach Day and Photography


On one of my last days off I decided to drive down to Folly Beach by myself for the first time. For some reason, going to a crowded beach with limited parking makes me feel really  stressed. I did go though so I am proud of myself for that.  I actually road by this spot on the way back from the beach.  It’s funny…some of my best shots have come from either riding by a place  and turning around or going by it on the way back from a trip and deciding to not keep going.

One other picture is one I took of my cousin Ben out at Folly on a different day. My aunt visited April 2015 and we got to walk along the beach together. Ben very quickly jumped in freezing water and just as quickly became freezing when he got out. :p Love him, his energy, and zest for life.



One thought on “Folly Beach Day and Photography

  1. Hey turkey! Good to see you! I hear you: some of my best and favourite shots have been found in the same way. I’d say you’re in the ROMANCE stage of your craft. ;0) When the passion is strong like that- jump in it! Because, like a fickle lover, over the years- that passion can start to feel like a chore. I’m glad to see you out and about. 😉 xo

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