VA Road Trip!

I recently went to Norfolk, VA to visit my best friend Jordan and her husband Jay. I used to live in that exact location with my x husband. So weird. Anyway, I really had a great trip. I have found that some of my best pictures are taken from just stopping alongside the highway.


I literally found a ton of sunflowers that had been planted on the side of the road. I got out of my car and took several shots.


Anyway, I went to go see a lighthouse on a marine base, walk down the pier, go to tropical smoothie (seriously, cannot explain how I have missed that place), drive around, share a kids meal, enjoy Jordan’s new VW bug, look at beach houses that in a second life I owned :), and got caught up on the second season of Orange is the New Black.


All of it was really relaxing!


I am going to make it a goal to travel more. With or without a second person. This was my first trip completely by myself. If felt so weird to do it by myself without even my little chihuahua. At the same time though, it decreased stress majorly. 🙂

Jordan said “I like you when you travel. I like you all the time but I especially like you when you travel. Traveling gives you a sense of independence. The more you do it the more you seem to have.” TRUTH


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