Saving Eli Chance – A True Story of Recovery

Today was my eighth day working in a row. -_- It has been a LONG week. Like promised, the Dr. at my animal hospital has gotten me more on the assisting side recently.  There are moments that my job gets really heavy and exhausting. Working with people & animals is not only physically exhausting but emotionally draining. Your shifts often run late and you often get so busy that you forget to eat. Eli Chance reminds me of why I love this job.  One of our Dr.s recently went to Manning, SC to pick Eli up from a family who rescued him from the woods. He was transported to our clinic and is slowly being introduced to people and food. Something I learned is that when a dog (or person) is starving, (I don’t mean hungry I mean malnourished and literally starving) that you cannot feed them large quantities at once, as they are unable to digest it. Though Eli is very hungry, we have had to introduce soft food in small increments at a glacial pace. In a perfect world, I could have run over to sonic and gotten him about six double cheeseburgers with a large fry.   Slowly, he is getting stronger, eating more, and gaining energy.


This picture is of me working with him. Literally, you could see every bone in this dogs body 😦 . Since coming to our vet, he has learned his name, played with toys, is starting to gain weight, and has started on the path of recovering.


If you would like to donate to help Eli Chance on his journey, please do so in the link below.  From my heart to yours, thank you for reading his story and believing that the strongest of people should always remember to kneel for the smallest of creatures.

Saving Eli


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