TaDa! Party Shop by Leslie

The first thing I noticed when I dropped by TaDa! Party Shop was how bright the shop felt. I felt as if I had just walked into a party. Leslie sells everything from floral cupcake liners to cute red and white popcorn bags. Something that is also awesome about TaDa! Party Shop is that the items sold there can be used in all different kinds of parties for either gender! If you need something for a birthday, bachelor, baby shower, or other kind of party, TaDa! Party Shop is worth checking out. Below is an Etsy feature on Leslie’s shop. Hope you enjoy and are able to find some things!


My shop’s name is Tada! Party Shop.
Whenever I’m finished with something, whether it’s decorating or dinner, I always say–Tada! After numerous and very unsuccessful days of trying to come up with a unique name, this *finally* popped into my head. Don’t know what took so long πŸ˜‰

When did your shop open?
I opened my shop up at the end of April of this year.

What inspired you to sell party items?
I love love love decorating for parties and holidays.So, one day I was looking at all my extra supplies and wondered if others would be interested in using them as well. So, I purchased many different colors of everything and put them on Etsy!

What type of parties is your merchandise for?
The items I have are for any type of party! From gender reveal baby showers, pretty weddings, to carnival birthday parties for kiddos or a fun Sunday BBQ!

Are your products geared towards children, adults, or both?
I have lots of moms getting supplies for their sweetie’s first birthday and also women getting lots of pink/black supplies for bachelorette parties as well. πŸ™‚ So, these party supplies are for anyone who’s having a party at any age!

What is a lesson you have learned since being on a shop owner on Etsy that you would like to share?
I’ve always just been a buyer, other than selling lemonade when I was young, so I’ve never seen the other side, which is selling. There’s a lot involved, the manufacturer, sometimes a middleman, USPS, and as a buyer I never ever thought about that. I’ve had a few issues with customers that now make me think twice and be much more patient with another sellers. An example would be when customers actually think I deliver their orders. I’m thinking they assume I work for the USPS, because they will ask why I haven’t been by their house to drop off the package they ordered. Buyers can watch the tracking of their packages on the USPS website. There was an instance where a package was stuck in a state between myself and my customer, yet in the customer’s eyes, it’s still my fault. With anyone I purchase from, I know how it works and am MUCH more accommodating.

Would you like to include any other info (Ex: links to facebook, twitter, instagram, ect?)


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