Dreamed of Death

Last night I had a very unusual dream. I am reading a book similar so I am sure this is where the inspiration came from. I dreamed that I died, and yet was still on earth. As in, I was a ghost that was slowly fading away. People around  me still knew I was there but they also realized it was coming to an end. I remember my mom saying she had to throw away my body. (lovely right?). I felt panicked because I was still there, still felt the energy of life, and still wanted to say goodbye.  I knew I had one day left and decided to post an actual facebook status stating what was happening and that I would no longer be here (If this isn’t a sign I should be on facebook less I don’t know what is haha) . People thought it was a joke and that someone had put me up to it. I woke up and for the first time in a very long time, felt relief that I was in face alive and breathing. The depression thing makes you forget you want to live.  It makes you so sad that you (on many  many days) just want to be in a dark room to disappear. As scary as that dream was, I probably needed a reminder that involved positivity towards life.



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