Fuck Everyone Elses Grass



You know, looking at other peoples grass just causes a shit storm. Seriously. Here are a few things that spying on other peoples grass (relationship and/or life) can cause:

-Extreme intense jealousy of others grass and all that is built upon it.

-Cheating (because your neighbors grass looks so much better than your own right now). You want to have your grass and cut someone else’s too….BAD IDEA

-Regret that  had you made different past choices,your grass could look just like theirs right now.

-Comparisons between your grass and their grass. Whose grass is longer, whose looks more healthy, more green, more breathtaking…

-Sadness and defeat that your grass could never look as good as theirs. Or that yours is not growing nearly as fast.

People, I mean this with kindness,  stay on your damn grass. Stop judging, comparing, advising, and just being damn nosy in others lives. Work on your relationships and put everything you have into them. Create and build a life that you look forward to coming home to every day. Know that absolutely no ones life is perfect. Those people that come out of their houses looking top notch and have pristine Christmas cards each year could be some of the most miserable and lonely people on the planet. Their dinner table may be silent, their house environment icy, and the sex non existent.

Also: please don’t assist others in doubting their own grass. Don’t put people’s lives down that you know or brag causing others to think they must really be missing out on literally everything. Though it may feel good to do these things in the moment, just consider that it may be sending someone else into a backward spiral.

Just saying, if you don’t love the way your life looks right now then that is okay. Work on it and built up and/or rearrange things. Despite the temptation to pull out the binoculars and pear over the hedges in the yard, please don’t. You hurt yourself and those that you love by looking at mirages.

That’s all. Goodnight


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