Christmas 2015



We went to Jeremie’s parents house for Christmas. It is a different environment than I am used to. It’s decorated, neat, and at times overwhelming. They played a secret Santa gift exchange (with everyone in their family in the same room) and I ended up getting a Tervis turtle cup which I was thrilled about. I think that is the first Tervis I have ever owned. His mom fixed me scrambled eggs, bacon, and berry English Muffin. I can’t help wondering if I had grown up like this, how it would have been different for me. There was a huge bathtub which I did take a bath in 🙂 How amazing would it be to have a bathtub that your whole body fit into hahah. Jeremy and I did some exploring on the way there and drove through Mclullenville  and took some pictures before arriving at his families house in Garden City, SC (near Myrtle Beach).  The Sky wheel is not too far away. It is that big Ferris wheel on the beach.

I need to travel more.

I still feel sad, lonely, and lost a lot. Christmas was nice but it was almost like when you read a really good book. It is an amazing story but at some point, you have to come back to your reality.



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