New Year


I turned 28 years old yesterday 🙂 . I didn’t make any major new years resolutions though. I would like to eat healthier, be healthier physically, and also get healthier mentally this year. I would like to start spending time with people again. There are a few people that I need to say goodbye to as well.

I did want to write what I accomplished in 2015

2015 accomplishments

 Went through and had my divorce finalized

Left one vet and started working full time at BFVH

Became a Veterinary Assistant

Met, started a relationship, and moved in with Jeremy

Went through a VW Cabrio (leaked horribly), VW Jetta (I burned out two clutches trying to learn stick shift), and a Nissan Versa (still have but recently wrecked).

Bought my first glass door book case

Bought my first little prelit white light Christmas tree

Bought first NIKON with money I saved from selling a variety of things.

Bought and paid for my own insurance plan.

Bought my first Polaroid

Tried Asparagus for the first time (it is not as terrible as I have always heard!!!)

Started pet sitting for clients

No matter how hard things get, I need to remember to be really proud of myself for the above things.  Cheers to a new year!



4 thoughts on “New Year

  1. Happy birthday, Jen, and happy New year! 🙂 It’s been great sharing another year with you so happy to see you’re doing well too. By the way, my final (undergrad) semester begins the week after next. I’m almost there…..woohoo. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much girl! I feel the same way! And am so excited for you that you have stuck with school and never given up. You have shown me what strength really looks like. You continue to motivate me. Stay Amazing ❤

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