Crazy Exhausted

This has been a crazy exhausting few months. In January, I had bronchitis. After that fun stuff… I had a few stronger weeks only to get hit with a Upper Respiratory infection. In the past 3 weeks I have been to the doctor 4 times. The first time, I was given and antibiotic and saline for my nebulizer, told I had a upper respiratory infection, and to take those meds. The second time I came back, I had ear pain, check congestion, coughing, and feeling miserable. I believe this time a coupon for a free inhaler and a cough medicine with codeine was added. I was also given a steroid shot. This is the one and only time I did feel better the next day. Thinking maybe it was the shot? However, I continued to decline and get worse after that day. Third time I came back in to the doctor I  saw a different doctor again. (This is a walk in clinic type deal). He told me that though I still felt miserable, he did not believe I had any more infection. Another antibiotic was not added, blood was not drawn, I was given another steroid shot (per my request hoping this would help), and some steroid pills for 4-5 days.

Two days later, my chest is tighter, Jeremy says I sound like I am wheezing when I am asleep, my neck is swollen and painful, ears hurting, coughing, spitting up, head feels like it is going to explode, chest pain…..  nebulizer is no longer working well and I am up all night with sweats. Called my aunt today after work. She said go back in and demand an x ray. I got to see the same doctor this time as well. I was fearful of that because I thought surely he is going to send me out the door telling me all is okay.

The FIRST thing he says when he walks into my room is that “he reviewed my file” with a look of extreme concern. He has NOW realized that from Jan-March I have been sick (with two different sicknesses). Why he did not review my chart two days ago is concerning to me…. Seeing that I was worse, he immediately ordered a CBC and a chest xray. Took forever to take my blood because apparently I did not have any…. after sticking me three times it worked……


White blood count was 1850  which is very high. He said that on steroids it should be higher (around 1600) but NOT 1900. I am still mind blown that 48 hours before I was told I had no infection. The Xrays were not as bad as the doctor said he had predicted. I definitely have a bad bronchitis and he can see it going through my lungs. Changed up all meds. Put me on a new nose spray and a strong drug called Levequin. My entire body hurts and since coming home tonight I have thrown up twice.

Had I not gone back in, I would have been mis diagnosed. I would have actually probably ended up in the hospital very shortly from collapsing.  I have had Mono…I have had Phemonia…. and I can honestly say I have NEVER felt this sick.

Please think about me right now as I am feeling very sick, defeated, and weak. Just wanted to write about it because in some small way, I am sure this helps. Nothing like chicken noodle soup at 1 : 30 AM.



6 thoughts on “Crazy Exhausted

  1. Hey turkey. 🙂 I’ m sooooo sorry to hear you’re fighting your annual bronchial condition! I know you get this once (and sometimes twice) per year, and it’s always bad. I think one of the last times you were this sick was a year ago (or was it two?) and you were down for weeks- it was pretty terrible.

    I wish I could make you some of my world-famous (ok, it’s not- haha- but it should be!) homemade chicken soup instead of that canned crap! The best I can do is give you the recipe. ;0) It’s super duper easy and blows any chicken soup I’v e ever had out of the water. Also, if you could remember to take black seed oil ( – it’s the strongest all-natural anti inflammatory and antimicrobial that exists. Out of 99 superbugs, black seed oil (alone) killed all but 4. it’s that powerful. I’d highly recommend you pick up a bottle and take 1 to 2 per day- no matter what- always, every day of your life. It can prevent future infections/inflammations. Anywho, hope you get to feeling better! x

  2. p.s. I’ll be graduating in May! (B.S. in Psychology.) And more than likely, I’m going to be a school psychologist and will begin my Master’s this fall. Somehow, against all odds (and amidst loads of incredible craziness lately), I’m still holding on to 4 A’s and 1 B in this last semester- midterm. Miracle of miracles. :0)

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Glad you finally got a correct diagnosis too… sounds like you went through the ringer with docs not even reading your charts, ugh?

  4. Dude…I just totally finished college. (At least for now.) I graduate in 7 days (with honours).. UGH…I made it!

    Thanks for all of the encouragement and friendship over the years, Jen. I hope you’re resting well and get some type of down time! Miss you. x

    1. I am so HAPPY for you!!!!! How does it feel to be graduated!? What are you going to do with your life from here? haha you probably need a break!! These days I live and breathe work. I miss being in school. I’m pondering the idea of going back for Business. I wish I had an extreme passion for something like you do. I really want to take photography classes from a photographer soon as well so I can learn more about editing. Working now on paying down past school debt. I have paid off my first of four loans. yay! some progress lol!! Have thought of you and am so incredibly proud. It has been a journey. It really has. I new you would make it though, as you are so strong ❤ Thanks for being my inspiration over the years and always keeping in touch with me.

      1. Girrrrrrrl…it has been sheer insanity. First of all, let me say this about YOU. I’m damn proud of you! You’ve been working so hard and I’m so glad you’ve been able to pay a loan off! That’s HUGE. Also, I’m glad you’re able to do what you love on your job. You deserve nothing but total happiness. :0)

        I plan on taking the next year to a year and a half off and maybe open up a little Etsy shop or something. (Basically, I’m going to be an utter and complete bum for the next year and am looking forward to it! heheh…) Five years straight of school has kicked my butt, believe that. It’s over for a while. 🙂 And thank YOU for your awesome friendship, Jen. You’re one of my favourite people ever. I hope you’re still taking pics! I have a little chihuahua now named Diamond- she reminds me of your little furry pal. I hope things are going well with you and your guy!

        Drop by sometime and say hi. 😉 Love ya! x

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