I miss simplicity

Everything these days has to do with technology. Kids are staring at screens and couples are entranced with their phones. No one writes anymore. I never see kids in trees and rarely on bikes. My boyfriend told me the other day that I am one of the only people he knows that still uses CDs. When I went to the bank and asked for a check register to track my money, they actually laughed and said “you still use those?”

I hate it. It’s sad. People are in debt because they don’t know how to track their money. Divorce rate is skyrocketing most likely because couples have no idea how  to communicate. Romance would be a lot better with written letters. Adults would have a different view of life if they had grown up climbing trees.

I still try to choose simplicity though. I enjoy  creating, write things, and keep a desire to travel. I need to use my feet more to get places, not just dream of them. ❤




One thought on “I miss simplicity

  1. I feel the same way! I remember when nobody had a home computer (PC) or a cell phone, and microwaves just hit the market. We all felt like it was something you’d see in a Sci Fi movie…heheh. And, the internet was still just a thought in somebody’s mind. Within the year, my Dad brought home a tiny computer (A Timex!) with an old monitor the size of a house, and introduced us to DOS. Yes, DOS…haha… We really thought we were somebody. :0)

    We were able to use our modem to dial up what was called a BBS, which was run by a Sysop. (System Operator.) It was all very futuristic! We weren’t allowed to communicate (on the BBS) in real time, but were allowed to leave comments on a BBS/bulletin board system- much like forums today. That was the very beginning of the internet.

    Believe me, I miss the days of snail mail and stuff. When my kids were little, we’d go on “nature walks” as part of their school. (I home-schooled them.) We’d collect pine cones and various rocks and flowers to study. Also, I had a large eraser board and markers and would teach them things the old fashioned way. People don’t really do those things anymore, and there’s such an addiction to social media with the kids any more! It’s scary. Everybody wants “followers”. I think about Jesus though, and how it’s like theft. Everybody wants to be followed, but few people really want to “follow”. I think on that level all the time. So, I’m careful to not get caught up in “the machine’, ya know? But yeah…I miss the older, simpler days too. The world just isn’t the same any more and communication is a dying art form.

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