Mini Update



It felt so nice to write that last post that I am going to write again! Since it has been a minute (as always) I am going to write a “What is New” and “What is Not” below for you.If you are a new follower, welcome! It means a lot that people that the time to read about my life. Those who can handle how real I am are cool in my book. Oh, and the picture above is of two canvases I did recently. They are for sale ! If interested post below. I learned that glitter…. GETS EVERYWHERE!


What is New

  • I have been doing Veterinary Assisting for a while. In many ways I have loved it but there have been other ways in which I have not. I get sick a lot when I work with the general public (my last sickness will be a new post). I do still work at the vet but I have stepped back into the kennel position. I’ve watched as other people are being hired to take my position that I worked very hard for. In a way, it does suck. I miss the people I used to work with in that section and the respect that came with it.  But I had to make a sacrifice and those are never easy.


  • I did start a youtube channel. I have not uploaded videos to it yet but I am going too. I want to start selling Scentsy soon and think that having a channel in which I talk about different things will help me gain some followers. 🙂 I never thought I would ever have a youtube channel, as I am so introverted. But I have watched as many people made theirs. It can’t be that hard! And if it is, I can just stop.


  • Our garden got really big. It got to the point that I started to get nauseated if I saw a cucumber come into the house. Like we had so many! They have all almost gone away now. We still have a ton of tomatoes. I have enjoyed taking the cherry tomatoes to work. I am convinced I cannot keep plants or fish alive. But thanks to my boyfriend, this garden did get watered in the early hours of the AM which we know I am not awake for ha! unless money is involved…. and coffee…


  • I had one of the worst sicknesses I have ever had. I am going to post a blog about it but it went from July 8th 2016-Aug 8th 2016. I still have a cough, feel weak, and some what sickly. However, I am no longer coughing my lungs out so that is an improvement. I went for allergy testing (only allergic to dust mites), had a sinus and chest CT scan, and a throat scope (where they put a light threw your nose down your throat (FUN TIMES).


  • I have a counselor that I am going to weekly, yay! I really like her and feel that she will be able to help me. Sometimes you do not realize how fucked up you are until you get out of an office and cry your eyes out on the way home.


What’s Not 

  •  I am still broke guys! Thankfully, I did have some savings so I was able to at very least pay for food and basic needs while I was sick. The more emergencies that come up, the more important I realize that it is to have savings!


  • Still love beer, photography, church, and tattoos . I am going to do a seperate blog for tattoos as well. I think I have decided all the images I want (camera, book, typewriter, rose, quill (possibly), fan (possibly), etc. I will post pics soon.


Hope you guys are doing good! I almost said have a good night but its 5:54 AM. I had one of those nights where you wake up at 2 AM and there is no going back to sleep. But then of course you can’t find the computer charger chord, you end up waking your boyfriend up because the need is so great to get online, and then after scouring around the house he discovers it right underneath where I was sitting. Whoops…..







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