When do we get there? You don’t

I am coming to terms with the fact that some things don’t change. No amount of envy, frustration, or sadness will create the ideal for you. Here are some things that don’t change:

Your bone structure. You may vary in sizes or be under or overweight. But if you are a broad shouldered curvy girl like myself that decides to make a size 2 a goal, you are in all honesty bordering on insanity. Kill this dream. It is unhealthy.

Cravings. They don’t go away. Your stomach and/or soul will always be hungry for something. Whether it be freedom, safety, or a Cookout Cheeseburger we are all seeking comfort. The important thing is o learn how to handle these craving so that they do not consume your thoughts.

Wanderlust. The strong desire to travel. Yeah, that bitch does not go anywhere. I can be as busy as everything and working several jobs while hearing a field of sunflowers call to me or that abandoned house in the field. It doesn’t go away. So, travel more.

Healing and Forgiveness. Many will disagree with this and that is okay. Some actually accomplish this one. But for many of us that have read the self help books, gone to counselors, prayed, confided in others, or even numbed it all out… loss and emotional pain HURT. In my opinion, you don’t ever get back to where you were before they happened.

Round Circle Square hole. If you have an artsy personality, love for self expression, and have trouble sitting still then prepare to work in different fields until you find one that allows you to be yourself. You will not wake up suddenly and have a passion to be a lawyer that sits at a desk often. It is just not who you are and that is okay. Unfortunately, you may never be rich. But hey, you may never have to wear a suit to work!

I hope you enjoyed some of these realizations. I am sure I will add more to the list as I go. Feel free to comment or recommend some other ones!


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