From December 2013-December 2014

Sometimes life is so crazy that one must write it down to believe it.

-Upon having to get into a new vehicle (due to divorce) VERY fast, I bought literally the first thing I could afford and that looked cute. A 1999 VW Cabrio. I “test” drove it but failed to realize: The passenger door not only did not open but the handle was hanging off, the Convertible top really did leak horribly, just about everything on car was about to fall off, car horn did not work, one must push on windows to make them come up, car would fog up like crazy if it ever rained, and forget about adjusting the seat. I was the stupid one in this situation. The driver side chair literally fell apart when I got out in car. Seller had to somehow adjust underneath seat to get it to sit upright. The car floor was also WET when I came to pick up. My stupid self could not figure out where it was leaking from, since seller claimed it did not leak from top.  Bought for around $2100. Sold a few months later for $300.  I learned: DON’T BE STUPID AND NEVER BUY SOMETHING WHEN YOU ARE PANICKED.

-Funny story. I love my roommate and we have the most hilarious conversations. For the longest time, I could not get our ice maker on the fridge to work. Completely giving up, I start going out and buying bags of ice. I literally pulled into an EL Cheapo gas station late at night and contemplated whether I wanted my life or the ice more hahaha.  My roommate finally was like, Jenny did you know the ice maker works. I’m all WHAT? and she said that the lever to the ice maker was just pushed down. I had to pull it up and then there would be more. That was a definite hilarious face palm moment. We now have ice……

Courtney (friend at work):
“Jenny, as close as we get to snow here in South Carolina is the foam we spray all over the floors to clean them.”


-Have become a veterinary assistant

-Found a love for selling things that I make and discover

-purchased an ipod shuffe

-have a gym membership

-road tripped to Florida, NC, KY, TN, and OH (2014-2015)

-survived a divorce


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