Milk Jug Ghosts – Kid or adult Halloween Craft

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milk jug ghosts

Since everyone seemed to like the no carve pumpkin ideas, I decided to post another easy and affordable Halloween Craft! I actually saw this one last year and really wanted to do it. I unfortunately never got to, but this year I will! Thank you to Bunnie Claire for posting the video =====> Halloween Milk Jugs . They are extremely easy, affordable, and safe. Just *do not* put a real candle in them. They light up by way of tea lights! The video will explain everything. Great craft to do for us babysitters as well!

If you do this craft please let me know if you enjoyed it and subscribe to Bunnie Claire’s page on youtube while you are at it !


Affordable No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

pumpkin 2

Hello Friends!

Ok so I did a Book Wreath post the other day which I can’t wait to do. However, I was jumping a bit ahead of holidays ha! Halloween is NEXT so in honor of that I wanted to do a Halloween post.  This year, I’m feeling pretty lazy. I know many enjoy carving pumpkins with their family and what not. And if you do, then that is awesome! But, between working, going to school, and cooking I’m lucky if I am even going to have pumpkins sitting on my porch (much less carved). So, I youtubed “No Carve pumpkin ideas” and low and behold, there must be people that feel the same way I do!  I enjoy SoCraftastics ideas on youtube and was happy to see that she  has posted a decorating pumpkin video here ====> Decorate Pumpkins-No Carve . I love the ideas she had on this video and would really recommend you check it out! I especially love the one about gluing rhinestones to the pumpkins! Who would have thought to glue rhinestones to a pumpkin…. NOT ME!

If you are going to Michael’s for your craft supplies I encourage you to go to their page here ===>  Michael’s Coupons . You can print these or text to phone on the page which is awesome and convenient !

Have Fun!

3 Ways You can Save Money Without Changing Your Spending

I WISH I could say I wrote this article! If I did though our bills would be a lot lower lol. I found it on pinterest and wanted to pass it along ! ❤

 Click Saving Money

Thank you Money Saving Mom!

One of the people that commented below the article also had an awesome idea that I’m going to start doing! Wanted to share:

“We live in an old house and it takes a long time for the water to warm up when we turn on the taps.
I keep pitchers and buckets by all tubs and sinks & catch the water that is cold.
That water goes on the garden in the summer, into the washing maching in the winter.  It is used almost daily to flush the toilet.
When we started to do this, our water bill dropped by about $20 per billing cycle.” -Heather Chandler

save money


60 Cent MICKEY MOUSE Cookie Cutter w/ FREE shipping!

Hey Guys! So let’s just say it is rare to see anything anymore under $1 ! I found this on pinterest and realized it’s actually true. You can get a

60 cent

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter with


shipping at Amazon! The link and pic are below ❤ Grab yours before these sell out 🙂


Click here —–> Amazon Cookie Cutter

I do not get any credit for you clicking that link haha I just wanted to pass it on for those of us who have kids or whom are big kids themselves (aka me!)

What is a CHEAP (but healthy) recipe you know how to make?

Ok so we all know what it’s like to pop our head in our fridge to find 1/4 gallon of milk and a stick of butter left. Only to check back in 30 minutes to make sure nothing else has appeared. 🙂


I do this all the time!! We are going to the store today but there is a challenge….my husband and I are working with a very tight budget and needing to come up with some cheap recipes that are not completely horrible for you.  We are not on a diet but don’t want to live off pasta or frozen foods either!


Do you have any recommendations? I can easily search and find recipes online don’t get me wrong. But it HELPS to know that other people have tried it and not only did it work but they LIKED it ❤

Thanks for help!

Affordable & Easy Tree Art

Tree 1

I saw this craft on pinterest and thought it looked so easy and cute!!! Unfortunately, there was no website connected with this picture. However, it seems pretty self exclamatory to me! 🙂 You would need paint (any colors you want), glue, and some multi colored sequins.  Depending on age of the child, you may have to draw outline of the tree but they can use their finger to do the “flowers” or “leaves” ! Parents can dab on some glue and children can just sprinkle the sequins around. I am going to keep this idea! You could also do different seasons with this picture! The above could be summer, for fall you could use fall colors for the leaves, and so on!


Affordable Photo Display

As many know, I’ve gotten back into photography. I have taken many shots that I would love to blow up into a 8 x 10.  My question is though, then what do I do with the prints. Here are some ideas below of AFFORDABLE photo displays! Hope these help!

clipboard frame

Clip Board Frames can be fount at :

Katie Pegher Blog

cute frame

12 Affordable Tricks to Originally Bring Photography Into Your Home

Freshome Blog