The Pink Box- A True Untold Story

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve had a love for boxes.   Those of yall who travel most likely understand why. Boxes keep things safe, together, and ready to go at any moment.  When I was around 20 years old, I found a very large pink trunk at goodwill.  I felt led to get the box to put my most special things in.  It’s weird but I’ve had premonitions before.  For some reason, I felt that soon I would be thrown out and needing to pack this box before it happened.

When I was 21 years old, I was thrown out.

The large pink trunk was one of the things waiting for me that night on the garage floor when I came home.


I have kept it with me through several moves, a breakup, and a marriage.

Yet, until tonight, I have not been able to bring myself to open it.


It was almost like opening a time capsule.

I literally expected some bats to fly out of the box or mice to be in it.

What lay within this box was shocking. Today, what I would consider a survival box would be a toothbrush, change of clothes, important documents, and maybe a few pictures.

Instead, I found my favorite pair of rhinestone jeans & belt from Express, my plastic animal collection from childhood, celebrity tshirts, old jewelry, letters from family members, my grandmothers graduation ring, a few stuffed animals, my book of poems….


Notice the James Van Der Beek Poster and Teaching Mr. Tingle News article.


Notice the rhinestone jeans that all the animals are sitting on.  I can’t even remember when those were ever “in” but apparently at some point, they were as Express sold them!


This jewelry was made up of ying yangs, shark teeth,  and horses….. hmm interesting

I’ve finally filtered through most of the box.  I was a bit sad at how detached I was to a large majority of the items. I know before I was thrown out that I would rather starve than leave those things behind.  It just goes to show how we change as we grow up. I kept the plastic animal set for sentimental reasons and who knows…maybe my kid one day. But most of jewelry and pile of random stuff was either donated or thrown away.  The lesson I have learned tonight is that everything changes, regardless of how tightly we hold onto it. I did find one of my favorite photos of my first dog Glory. She was the best Golden retriever in the world. Hands down. I was probably like three years old below and covered in soap from bathing her .


Memories never change. I feel the same about that dog as the moments we had together, as the time I put the picture in the box, and tonight pulling it back out of the box.



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Going out of your way….

You know what I love? People that go out of their way. Whether it’s opening a door, listening to someone, or doing a favor. I hate that it seems so “rare” these days to see a person make an extra effort. I’m surprised anymore to get a wave when a car cuts in front of me! ::rolls eyes::

I saw this picture below on The Mother Load’s page and thought it was so sweet and pertaining to exactly what I am talking about.


If you have trouble reading it, the note is from a vets office to a family whose dog was just put down. They send condolences and also made a copy of his paw print for the family to cherish.

I was also thinking about all the people that follow me who support my blog. By support I don’t mean they “agree” with me all the time. I mean they come back to it, continue to read what I write, and comment on my posts. That means a great deal and keeps me inspired to blog. I never realized people would find my life all that interesting or inspirational.

To all the people that have proved me wrong, thank you! For visiting, laughing, learning, identifying, and following. ❤

Nanny Diaries: Will you spank my child?

I’ve been a childcare provider for many years and can count on one hand how many times families have asked or given me permission to spank their children.  I recall one family expressing that they are okay with it, that it’s just what they did. And then just the other day, I got an email from a woman asking if I would spank her child if she signed a waver.

waiver form

Wait, WHAT?

Quickly, I explained  that I cannot due to that being a major liability (and also personal beliefs).  I offered childcare if she was open to me using time out and turning off cartoons as a form of punishment. Her response?

“Thanks Anyway”



This post is not to knock any families that choose spanking as a form of discipline. It’s a personal decision. My thoughts on it would take quite a while. Point is, parents *please* do not ever ask someone you do not know to lay their hands on your child.  Just because someone is a childcare provider does not mean they are safe.  And even some truly sweet people have a hard time controlling their frustration with children. The last thing you want to do is say: If my child is bad you have permission to spank him.

How do you know how hard they would spank?

How do you know what they would spank with?

How are you going to determine how long your child was spanked for?

How will your child ever trust their provider if they do this to them?

How will you determine what is the right call and wrong call to spank?

Rochelle Sapp (Pictured Below) gave 3 year old  Autumn Elgersma fatal injuries by throwing her to the ground in her daycare.  Autumn later died at the hospital while being treated for the injuries.  Rochelle has been charged with willful injury and child endangerment. If Rochelle were wearing a t-shirt and jeans, she could have fooled me to as “looking” like a nice person. This is why we MUST be careful who watches our children and what we allow them to do.


Rochelle Sapp, Daycare Owner, Accused Of Killing Autumn Elgersma For Not Taking Off Coat

Sorry, just needed to vent this.


Ok, so tonight I am having a moment. I totally acted like a child and snapped at my husband when he commented on the nachos I made in the microwave. Being a woman + being in a bad mood + PMS= me surely thinking he was commenting on how “much” I was eating. Immediately I felt extremely fat and defensive. He later explained he was just thinking that making the nachos was a good idea……. GREAT.

I’m stressed out too because I have been sick forever. The more stressed I get, the more sick I get. So the fact that I am extra stressed today didn’t help a damn thing I’m sure. My husband brought me my medicine (bless him) but could not find the little cup you measure it with. Turns out everything but the kitchen sink is  now packed into a box. Normally, I like to take that nasty liquid medicine like a shot. But, I had to take it on $1 Tree tiny  plastic spoon because it’s all we could find. It added up to me needing to take 2 and 1/2 spoonfuls of it…… GREAT

Back to the eating thing, I totally ate 3/4 back of candy corn today. Yes, you are right, Halloween has been over for a while. But, of course, the store had to have like 500000 bags of those flippin addicting corn candies left. So me being in a bad mood equaled me needing to buy a bag and eat it like there is a famine happening. Now I feel like

fat hampster


If you wonder why I post the negative things along with the happy posts it is because I’m a real person. I want all my followers to know that. I have days where I love making a craft, cooking, or doing photography. And then I have days where I feel like I could literally take on Hulk (or try too) if he were not animated. I binge eat, swear, scream, cry, ask tons of pointless questions, and get angry just like the average person. I will never portray to be someone I’m not. So for tonight, I am having a STRESSFUL I FEEL FAT MOMENT.

Coffee High Causes New Blog Ideas

Ok so I had 1 cup of Folgers coffee several hours ago. All I have to say is….



I am wide awake at 3:20  in the morning listening to Pandora and surfing the web!

I actually feel like I could get on the elliptical in correspondence with the other two things.

If only I wasn’t sick,  some major multitasking would be happening at this moment.

So, while my wired self has been online, I came across a domain name I really liked.  I don’t think I’ve seen, until tonight, a ONE WORD domain name.  I mean they are all taken. You know how the T REX went extinct a while back…well think of any domain one word names as a T REX.

I found one though…

And as soon as I saw it I panicked and couldn’t get to my debit card fast enough to buy it.

It’s the word “Breathe”.ws

Breathing is something I need to do a lot more of. It helps me relax and calms my always concerned mind.

So what am I going to do with that web address?