Affordable Photo Display

As many know, I’ve gotten back into photography. I have taken many shots that I would love to blow up into a 8 x 10.  My question is though, then what do I do with the prints. Here are some ideas below of AFFORDABLE photo displays! Hope these help!

clipboard frame

Clip Board Frames can be fount at :

Katie Pegher Blog

cute frame

12 Affordable Tricks to Originally Bring Photography Into Your Home

Freshome Blog


DIY Gardening Tips

Ever since I went to Lowes the other day and saw all of the beautiful flowers I can’t stop thinking about them. I’m so excited about the weather right now. If your from VA, you know the fact that it’s not sleeting or freezing is amaazing. I wish I had the money to buy lots of plants! Sadly, I’m a poor broke college student. So for those of us that are struggling and can’t afford bloomed flowers or veggies…just go the seed route! THE CHEAP WAY

I encourage you to check out growindie’s blog on Wordpress !

Here are a few of her ideas

green house

Make a Mini Greenhouse out of a plastic Eggland’s egg carton!


Or a Mini Biodegradable Pot out of Newspaper! How cool is that!

There are many other ideas that I am saving on her website  growindie here


Recipe Fail and Do You Have Grocery Saving Tips?

Ok so I just made a recipe off pinterest. It was called “Pumpkin Pie Yogurt” and looked like this:

pumpkin fail

However, it tasted like this:

cat throw up

Does anyone else have this frustration with Pinterest? Don’t get me wrong I love the website and they can’t know which recipes are good and bad on there but damn… thank goodness that recipe did not cost me much money~!  It was bitter…so much so that I tried adding some splenda to it which made it have a weird after taste. Definitely NOT sweet and NOT like pumpkin pie! It went in my FAILED RECIPES folder 😦  Not all the recipes on my page I have tried yet. If you try something and it is not good PLEASE let me know!

Oh and if you like to get a laugh out of ideas that have FAILED check out: (fail etsy products)

This squiggle drawing below is going for $3o on Etsy!!!! There are 7 in the series….all altered lines that are a bit different than the last. For those interested there is an option to purchase the whole set hahhahahahahahahah

I’m sorry…. if this works muchos props to that person. Seriously im about to get my sharpie and make some designs with little dots and put that shit up ASAP on etsy.

art (fail pinterest ideas)

So we went to Walmart, land of the slow and inconsiderate people that like to stop their buggies in the middle of an aisle as they stare off into space or have a conversation.  Anyway, they have the cheapest stuff where I live. My husband and I get enough for two recipes, a few snacks, fruit, OJ…his total is in the $60’s and mind in the $50’s . We try to split the bill up so it’s not so expensive. It’s around $11o for us to eat for one week..for 2 people. Does this seem expensive? How much do YOU spend on groceries a week if you don’t mind me asking? I know people are doing all this stuff with coupons and I will use one here and there but I have certain brands I like..and generally..healthy food coupons do not exist. Or maybe I am just not finding them if they do!?

Glitter Candles

I found a great blog with cheap DIY projects (along with recipes and other fun stuff) called AlotOnYourPlate .  One of the ideas I really liked was the

“Glitter Candles”

Glitter Candles

This idea was originally from Martha Stewart. Her DIY can be found here  . Scroll down towards bottom of the page. There is like 3 easy steps! I’m sure you can get these candles at the dollar tree! Supet cute for parties or just to add some color to a room!