My Chihuahua ate a Chocolate Santa


Melody wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and to all, a good night ❤


Daisy is like Swiper the sneaky fox from Blues Clues! She decided to open one of her presents a day early on Christmas Eve. She was so adorable doing it that i just let her have at it. I tried to assist her but she did not want help unwrapping her gift haha! She almost even ate the pack of coupons that came with it!!


Just to show my dog is made of nails, on Christmas Eve night she sneaked one of my chocolate santas that was on the bed (my bed), unwrapped it from its wrapper without making a sound, and devoured the santa.  I just about lost it. It was a larger piece of milk chocolate so I grabbed my roommate. Her, her gf, me, and Daisy spent the next thirty mins in the bathroom trying to get her to throw it up. We used peroxide which is what they use in the ER to get dogs to throw up. This of course did NOTHING other than make daisy burp like crazy. Despite the panic, she turned out to be just fine.  Maria, my roommates gf, stated that Daisy reined from Mexicans (she is Mexican herself) and that they are tough so she would survive!! hahaha! Then she confirmed she was Mexican by stating, “remember, they are on the Taco Bell Commercials~!.” hahahah


I got up at 5:15 AM this morning and left work around 7 PM. This was a long day at the Kennels.  I am convinced only Kennel Techs and gas station associates work on Christmas!! Tonight, if you wanted to eat out, your ONLY option was the Waffle House in a not so safe area.  :p

I hope everyone had a really nice, safe, and happy holiday!



Christmas is a Time to Drink

Last night, my friend and I watched Elf and Four Christmases while drinking red wine out of plastic cups. She had a beautiful little tree up in her apartment with red and gold ornaments. We both gave each other a gift. Hers to me was a cross stitched “I am only me when I am with you” in a flower frame. A very cool present that I know took her a lot of time. Mine to her was a small tin of hot chocolate, coffee mug, and some mini marshmallows. Together, we created, what felt like for a minute, an actual happy Christmas night.

I am so thankful to have a friend that understands the meaning of SURVIVNG CHRISTMAS

Four Christmases

She drank wine out of her cup and then straight out of the bottle, a trademark of hers 🙂 Calling herself a “functioning alcoholic.” I sipped at my glass while laughing hysterically as Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn tried to survive their dysfunctional families during the holidays.

four christmases 2

I just got done painting my nails a shade of purple that has never been seen before at this jolly happy time of year.

Wishing there were gift certificates under the tree for tattoo and piercing shops.

Oh well, there is always next year ❤



Mini Update to my Followers


Hey Guys!

Sorry it’s been slow lately!

I have been finishing up the semester which I FINALLY finished yesterday.

Social Ethic, Intro to Psychology, and Human Services COMPLETE

I can hear the chorus of Hallelujah from heaven!

STILL recovering from bronchitis. I have one of those immune systems where if I catch something, I mine as well go ahead and check into the intensive care unit!

Looks like I will be spending a few days in Palm Coast, Florida for Christmas with my husbands family. Hello Tropical Weather!

Hoping everyone is having a lovely Holiday ❤

Also, below is a link to a youtube video sharing how to make Photo Coasters. I can’t wait to try this, as it looks SO easy. ❤

Photo Coasters

Holidays Have Always Been Hard

For those of us who deal with family issues or have lost someone that will not be here this holiday, I want you to know my heart is with you. For as long as I can remember, I looked on as other families had their holidays and turned green with envy. Especially the friends that could not hang out on the holiday because they were going to be with their families. I hated them for it because I envied their lives. The love and security they must feel with their parents and siblings.  Where as, my mother told me there was no Santa Clause before I even had a chance to believe. She didn’t want to “lie” to me. There went the magic of Christmas when your realize your parent is giving you gifts and to not bother wishing because it will not be under that damn tree. Not to mention the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, …..

Anyway, back on point. This Thanksgiving and Christmas I am dealing with my sister not being here.  Last Christmas, I sent her some Bath & Body Works items. I remember how thankful she was and how she explained they were sitting in her bathroom for her to look at. She told me they were so pretty that she was afraid to use them.  Her and I understood struggle and what it was to appreciate little things like gifts we rarely got. I also sent her daughter something last year for Christmas. I believe she told me it was one of the only gifts her daughter got and how much it meant.

I miss you so much Becky….. so much…

I want to go to Bath and Body Works to shop for you

One of my friends who I am not mentioning by name, is going to be struggling through tomorrow with me in a different way. Her and I may both be having a beer or 5.

Holidays are just hard.

I know this is a downer blog but it’s also a “real” one. I’m not saying to not enjoy the holidays. I am merely implying that if you have a house where your entire family gets together, reminisces, and celebrates…. BE THANKFUL. There are people all over the world, and maybe even some of your own friends, hurting on the holidays.

A few Christmas Ideas for Adults & Kids …. since a few snowflakes fell


Good morning 🙂

It’s a nice freezing day here in Chesapeake, VA. Well, not literally FREEZING, but cold enough to where I am wishing I invested in that nice soft coat last time I was at the mall! Yesterday, we had a few snowflakes come down. My husband saw the first snowflake and goes: There’s a snowflake, it’s coming down!!! It was pretty hilarious! People in Virginia get like this (as they do in SC too) when it snows…


Since everything is in boxes right now, I can’t exactly do a craft 😦 or cook for that matter. We literally needed a pot the other day and had to open a box to get to one.

NOTE TO SELF: Pack cooking items on the last day!!!!

I did see a few cute Christmas ideas on facebook the other day. In honor of the few snowflakes that decided to make an appearance, I will post the ideas below. But true Christmas ideas will not be coming until after Thanksgiving haha. Though no Christmas tree is up at my house….I must admit the Christmas wreath I made is. 🙂


You don’t really need instructions with this one 🙂 if you love mickey then this would be an easy (and cute!) gift to give for Christmas.

Needed: White buttons

Red Ornament (if a child is doing it I would recommend a plastic ornament)

Permanent marker

hot glue and/or some form of super glue

Instructions: Basically, it looks like you use the permanent marker to draw and fill in a circle around the top of the ornament. Then, using the glue, paste on the buttons. Voila.

*I would check at $1 Tree for an ornament!*


The above is another cute idea! Something very easy and affordable.  A lot of people do the whole “Elf on the Shelf” idea so you could tie this into that. You could have your elf appear with a little baggie that has these “seeds” in it that he brought from the North Pole! Then, plant them in the sugar, and have candy canes appear the next day ❤

Lastly, I found some Rudolph Pancakes!!! This is totally for adults AND kids because I am making these this year. This is happening haha.

rudolph pancakes

There was no recipe attached on pinterest but this is pretty self explanatory. Get some pancake mix ( and any ingredients that the box says needs to go with the mix), whip cream, blueberries (eyes), Cherry (nose), and Bacon (antlers). Then just make small and large pancakes for the nose and face. SO ADORABLE.

Just a few ideas!