Project DIY Pet Bow Ties


My latest project has been learning to make dog bows that go on collars. I have decided that the market for pet products is pretty big! I see dogs coming into the kennel/vet office with bows, bow tie collars, and clothes. I figured that making a bow would be simple enough….

You know how you watch one of those youtube videos and say wow that looks easy. I could do that just as fast as they could. hahahahaha well let me tell you…. I have come to the assumption that either A. I make easy things really difficult OR B. The person in the youtube video is somehow magical at DIY.  The jury is still out on what the conclusion is. While we let them deliberate, I will go on to say that my bows are starting to look much better. If you had seen what my living room floor looked like a few hours ago, you would have raised your eyebrows.  There was hot glue, fabric, and more hot glue every where. It looked almost like an art box blew up.

It is still a work in progress but it is getting better.  To those interested in how to make them…. here is a youtube link to get you started:

DIY Dog Bow Ties 


Thank you to the people who read and supported my last post on depression. It is hard to share those kinds of moments with people. Those are dark moments that feel lonely and scary.  To get on a computer and share that level f feelings with the world is hard for even me (who shares about everything). I am still pondering the idea of getting the semicolon tattoo that represents depression awareness. For those interested, I posted an article a few days back about it or you can google project semicolon.

Hoping everyone is doing well 🙂


New Header!

I just got my new header in today! Jamie from Fresh Lavender Design on Etsy made it for me !  She has extremely affordable prices in her shop, will give you revisions to final product, and stays in contact. Jamie also makes pre made Etsy layouts, headers for anything, and premade logos.  For a bit more, she can also create something custom for you!  I will definitely be ordering from her again!

Hope you guys like the new header!

This doesn’t go without saying how thankful I am for Amy from Lucky Wreck for my last lovely banner.

She VOLUNTEERED to make me one and never asked for anything in return. I continue to

be grateful to her for that!

One Year Blogiversary… Thank you to my followers

I just got a Happy Anniversary update from wordpress saying that a year ago today I began this blog. Wanted to do a shout out to my followers who make my page what it is.  The support, advice, and endless motivation has kept me coming back here for the past year. Though I have taken a break here and there, I’ve always returned because I missed sharing my life and reading about others.

In the past, I tried to narrow my blog down to have more specific content. There are those people with art blogs, DIY blogs, cooking blogs, etc. The fact that mine is a vast variety felt a bit out of place in the blog world.  However, I have fast come to realize that this blog is who I am. It’s not meant to be contained, shortened, or edited.  It’s a journal of my life but more specifically, my journey.

Thank you for joining me on it.  The road is much less lonely when people walk beside you.  ❤


And this is random but another craft I want to try is Yarn Wrapped Bottle Craft! Check it out at Craft and Creativity!


South Carolina Art – Pinterest Inspired


So I am posting a lot today guys. Sorry, bear with me! This is probably last photo for today.  I have seen state drawings/paintings on pinterest before and wanted to try making one.  I used a small canvas from Michaels, some paint, mod podge, decorative paper, and a paint brush!! If you want to do it the easy way, just print out the outline of your state (or whichever state you choose). Cut it out. Then trace it with pencil onto the canvas.  Personally, I did mine from eye because I did not have a printer. Other way is PROBABLY EASIER! haha. Once you have your state outline on canvas, use paint to carefully paint around the outside of it. I recommend working from the inside out. Want to make sure you don’t get paint inside your state 🙂 .  I picked up a multi pack of all different sized paint brushes from Michaels for I believe $4.99! Totally worth it! You will notice I have words inside my state and notes inside my moon and star. I used mod podge and decorative paper for this. Basically, while your paint is drying around your state, cut up little squares/shapes of decorative paper.  (You can even use magazine paper!) Once you are SURE your paint on canvas is dry, add a little heart to where you live on your state <3.  Following this, use a paint brush to fill in your state with mod podge. Use cut up paper to fill in your state. This will take some patience. If something isn’t sticking, just add more mod podge. As I was working, I was also painting mod podge OVER the paper to get it to stay down.  It looks white but dries clear so don’t worry!!!!! This is how mine turned out below : )

**And if you see what looks to be an outline of a bigger moon going the other way, you are right! I found out that a crescent moon is very hard to draw symmetrical. I also, according to my husband, had the moon “facing the wrong way.” So me, being my OCD self, tore my original moon off and spent a good hour trying to cut a moon that we both agreed upon looked better. hahaha I do not recommend this unless you have a beer with you . My frustration level was quite high!**

Jenny Art

Pinterest DIY Photo Craft


DIY Mod Podge Photo Frames

Hello Friends 🙂

I found this idea on Pinterest. Unfortunately, it was not linked to a website so I have no idea of knowing who actually came up with this. Thought it was cute though! Below is what was stated on the “pin” about how to make these….

“Just print off any picture you want, then spray paint a piece of wood black, cut the picture to match the size of the wood. Using Mod podge coat the wood then lay the picture on top. Once it has dried thoroughly, use sandpaper to rough up the edges, then put a layer of mod podge over the picture. paint some eye hooks and use pretty ribbon as a hanger and voila”

A few Christmas Ideas for Adults & Kids …. since a few snowflakes fell


Good morning 🙂

It’s a nice freezing day here in Chesapeake, VA. Well, not literally FREEZING, but cold enough to where I am wishing I invested in that nice soft coat last time I was at the mall! Yesterday, we had a few snowflakes come down. My husband saw the first snowflake and goes: There’s a snowflake, it’s coming down!!! It was pretty hilarious! People in Virginia get like this (as they do in SC too) when it snows…


Since everything is in boxes right now, I can’t exactly do a craft 😦 or cook for that matter. We literally needed a pot the other day and had to open a box to get to one.

NOTE TO SELF: Pack cooking items on the last day!!!!

I did see a few cute Christmas ideas on facebook the other day. In honor of the few snowflakes that decided to make an appearance, I will post the ideas below. But true Christmas ideas will not be coming until after Thanksgiving haha. Though no Christmas tree is up at my house….I must admit the Christmas wreath I made is. 🙂


You don’t really need instructions with this one 🙂 if you love mickey then this would be an easy (and cute!) gift to give for Christmas.

Needed: White buttons

Red Ornament (if a child is doing it I would recommend a plastic ornament)

Permanent marker

hot glue and/or some form of super glue

Instructions: Basically, it looks like you use the permanent marker to draw and fill in a circle around the top of the ornament. Then, using the glue, paste on the buttons. Voila.

*I would check at $1 Tree for an ornament!*


The above is another cute idea! Something very easy and affordable.  A lot of people do the whole “Elf on the Shelf” idea so you could tie this into that. You could have your elf appear with a little baggie that has these “seeds” in it that he brought from the North Pole! Then, plant them in the sugar, and have candy canes appear the next day ❤

Lastly, I found some Rudolph Pancakes!!! This is totally for adults AND kids because I am making these this year. This is happening haha.

rudolph pancakes

There was no recipe attached on pinterest but this is pretty self explanatory. Get some pancake mix ( and any ingredients that the box says needs to go with the mix), whip cream, blueberries (eyes), Cherry (nose), and Bacon (antlers). Then just make small and large pancakes for the nose and face. SO ADORABLE.

Just a few ideas!

Starbucks Christmas Wreath (updated)

Hello Guys!

I spent the first part of today studying at Starbucks. I love the feeling of getting to grab one of the umbrella tables out front as soon as people leave it.  It makes me feel heroic haha~!  The drink I’ve gotten the past few days at starbucks is the Skinny Peppermint Mocha.  Well, what’s hilarious is that as soon as I get it, I drop about 6  Sweet N Low Packets into it haha. I would prob be better off just getting the sugar version! I guess psychologically a “skinny” drink sounds perfect to a woman.


My friend Lisa made this awesome looking Wreath below. She found it on Pinterest and went by what the picture looked like. I’m sure she had one of those moments (like I later had) where she felt like… this really didn’t come with any directions?? haha.  I hate when I find a great pic on pinterest but the link is just that… a PICTURE.  I need step by step, hold my hand, easy directions. Anyway, I decided to brave it since Lisa’s came out great.


Lisa’s page can be found here on facebook ❤

So I went to Michaels with the FULL intention of doing a all year round wreath. But of course, Michaels has to have Christmas stuff EVERYWHERE. I don’t even like Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving but when I went in that store…I was magically brainwashed by all the sparkles and holiday colors :). So my wreath turned into a Christmas Wreath! I did use the initial idea though! The wreath itself was cheap (under 6 bucks). The initial was under $3.  I also bought a few fake sparkly poinsettias and some leaves to glue on around them.  They sell the wood initials at Michaels but you can choose to paint them to if you want too (I did). I got the paint that was the closest to the Christmas Tree Green Color.


I let that dry while I used my hot glue gun to glue on some of the poinsettias. I will say, if you are like me, you will try to cut the flowers off their stems with a pair of scissors. Nope. There is a wire under the plastic so that will not work haha. I realized though you can just pull the flowers right off the stems .  The leaves that hung off the sides of my flower stems did not have a wire going through them so I could use a pair of scissors to just cut those off. I arranged the flowers and leaves around the wreath and then took my time just gluing them down. Not a process you want to rush, as glue guns are VERY hot. Once my letter was dry, I glued that down too! I was able to do this project in ONE night !

Here is how my wreath turned out below!

Wreath Nov 2013

I later however decided to get a different “F” and paint it light green. The dark green, though “Christmas Tree Green”, was way too dark. A friend suggested a lighter shade. I think it looks MUCH better (Below)

Wreath Nov 2013

I will later do a all year round wreath hopefully 🙂 If you prefer to try that here is a GREAT tutorial on how to make roses out of felt here at JanaesDayBeu Youtube Channel

Good luck and if you try this, please let me know how it worked out for you! 😉