One of these days when I get some time and money I want to do some crafts with Modge Podge! I looked up a few that I think look super easy & creative.


Simple Canvas Print

FOR DIY click here

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Decorating a Picture Box

For DIY instructions click here

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Mod Podge Suitcase

This picture did not come with instructions or a link but I would assume that you would mod podge inside of suit case and then use scrapbook paper with designs to press down into suitcase. Covering with another layer of Mod Podge. Cool Idea!


Library Table

For DIY Click Here

Thank You Too Much Time!

Going with this same idea, I’ve also seen pics of people using a map for a table top (just cutting to fit to size of table), scrapbook paper, music note sheets,ticket stubs, etc!


For the kids: Mod Podge Rocks

The DIY can be found here

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Mod Podge Blocks

The DIY can be found here

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For those of you who do not know what Mod Podge is…here is a picture! It can be found at Michaels or a local craft store. Also, can be purchased online.

Mod Podge

And if you are not lazy like me 🙂 and want to make your own Mod Podge from scratch, check out DIY below

mod podge DIY

I hope you enjoy!!!

Affordable Photo Display

As many know, I’ve gotten back into photography. I have taken many shots that I would love to blow up into a 8 x 10.  My question is though, then what do I do with the prints. Here are some ideas below of AFFORDABLE photo displays! Hope these help!

clipboard frame

Clip Board Frames can be fount at :

Katie Pegher Blog

cute frame

12 Affordable Tricks to Originally Bring Photography Into Your Home

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