Ok so I just found the most awesome thing ever! Does anyone remember Dunk A Roos?! If not here is a blast from the past:

dunk a roos

Here is the recipe for Dunk A Roo dip that I found on Facebook!


1 box funfetti cake mix (DO NOT add the ingredients that you usually would to actually make the cake – you need just the mix)
2 cups plain (or vanilla) yogurt
1/2 container of cool whip.
Serve with animal crackers or graham crackers.

I’m assuming you just mix those three ingredients together and voila! Can’t wait to make this for girls night sometime. If I decide to make it tonight I will def take a picture of it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wanted to share!!


Jello Frosting

jello frosting

Jello Frosting

I really want to try this! It’sย a much healthier way to make frostsing โค especially if you use Splenda/Sugar mix. If anyone tres this le m know how it turns out. Littledelightscakes blog has lip licking recipe hereย .

Apple Fritters

I have never made anything fried before! However, these Apple Fritters looked AMAZING.ย  I’m so tempted to try them just so I can say I have made them! They definitely look like something you get at the fair ๐Ÿ™‚

Go to Use Real Butter’s blog to see recipe here

Scroll down on the page. Initially you will see the pic of a dog haha but it’s right under that. If anyone tries these lmk how they are ๐Ÿ™‚ย  The recipe looks much more healthy than I would have imagined it to be. โค

apple fritters

Apple Treat EASY

apple dessert

Click on pic to make bigger! Looks SO simple and yummy. Nothing like a warm apple with cinnomon on it!

Original idea comes from Win, Lose, or Blog ‘s page

Their Guilt Free Banana Icecream (with ONLY ingredient being bananas!!) can be found here as well

Two Peas and Their Pod used same recipe but added peanut butter! OMG YUM!ย  Their page can be found here

I’m looking forward to trying both!

Quick Cinnamon Apple Tart

I was watching Ten Dollar Dinners on the Food Network today. I watched Melissa D’Arabian put together an easy and delicious looking Cinnamon Apple Tart.ย  Recipe can be found:


Quick Cinnamon Apple Tart

The crust was homemade too!

Flour, Salt, and Sugar is all that makes up the crust ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m guessing you could use a pre made baking crust (?)

I do not have a food processor so I’m wondering if just a hand mixer can be used…anyone know?

This was a four out of five-star recipe

Worth a Shot!

Love making things I’ve never tried before.

Picture above found hereย along with bio on her life.

It was interesting to get to know a few facts behind the chef such as:

“Raised by a single mother who was putting herself through college and medical school, Melissa grew up in Tucson, Ariz., with a
coupon-cutter mentality and on a shoestring budget in a humble home where waste
was frowned upon”

“She could never have guessed that a home video of her making yogurt โ€” a simple
yet successful strategy that saved Melissa more than $1,000 a year โ€” to share
with local moms would also be her ticket to the newest chapter in her career and
life path.”