Bella Diva Beads by Jennifer Lynch

One of the first things I noticed about Jennifer Lynch’s Etsy shop, Bella Diva Beads, was the beaded Christmas ornament.  The ornament was colorful, fun, and reminded me of something I could not put my finger on. I later found out though what it was! The inspiration for this ornament was actually belly dancing. The variety of color and beads in this shop are beautiful  Below is an Etsy feature on Bella Diva Beads. I hope you enjoy it and get a chance to stop in.


What is the name of your shop and the story behind it?
My Etsy shop, Bella Diva Beads, is something that was probably a long time coming. I have been beading for as long as I can remember, even if it was just pony beads and pipe cleaners in my childhood attempts! My shop includes more than just beadwork, though. I also create wire tree art in the form of pendants, free-standing miniature sculptures, and other home décor. I made the leap from designing for myself to selling my art because of a recent move and family crisis which left me wanting a job that offered more flexibility than my teaching career allowed. Also, I love making jewelry so much, and there’s only so many times you can give jewelry for holidays and birthdays before you have to find some other outlet for all of your creations!

When did your shop open?
I opened my shop toward the end of August, so I’m just celebrating one month of business.

What inspired you to create your art?
My inspiration is split, just like the items in my store. Bead work has always been a hobby of mine, encouraged by my mother, and I am particularly inspired by organic shapes and natural elements like pearls, silk, and gemstones. I began to be more serious about my beading after I decided to become a professional Middle Eastern/belly dance artist. I wanted to design and make my own costumes and jewelry, and things flowed from there. I rediscovered the hobby I had always enjoyed.
My wire trees have an entirely different backstory. Growing up, my dad worked for the local utilities company. In his office, he had a gorgeously life-like tree made of copper wire. I always admired it and years later tried my hand making my own. The leaves are my own addition– Dad’s miniature had bare branches– and I use slightly thinner wire, but I always come back to the same style I admired growing up. Who made Dad’s original tree? An artist with a beautiful studio and precise tools? Not exactly… It was made by utilities linemen on break. They used to pull old copper wire out of the scrap heap and sit and idly twist it into trees with their hands when they had a spare minute. People always compliment me on these trees and say things like, “It’s so delicate” or “it looks like something out of a fairy forest” and I thank them and smile because I imagine the dusty workingmen sitting in the shade of their heavy machinery twisting these with their bare hands as they escaped the southern heat for a few minutes. I make my trees their way– with only a pair of wire cutters and my bare hands.

Were you self taught or did you learn from someone?
I am primarily a self-taught artist. This Etsy shop has led me into another self-taught endeavor—trying to figure out product photography and marketing. Turns out that that is a lot harder than jewelry making! As I’ve grown as an artist over the years, I’ve made up some basic rules for myself when beading:
1. Choose the right thread. Color, material, weight, everything. Without the right foundation, the rest of the work is nothing. Just ask the leaning tower of Pisa.
2. Hide the thread! Even if you choose thread that is perfect, no one wants to see it protruding from the lovely beadwork. In the beading world, I’m convinced it’s like having your underwear showing.
3. Always use three knots where one would suffice.
4. Pick beautiful materials, but also make sure to pick ones that will stand the test of time!

What goals do you have for your shop over the next year?
My goal is to have 150 items listed by the end of the calendar year and to make at least two sales a week. My items are labor intensive to make and I’m a new shop, so I’m trying to be realistic for my goals.

Do you have any advice for new Etsy shop owners?
As a new owner myself, I hardly feel qualified to give advice to new Etsy artists, except maybe to say, “Keep trying!” That’s the advice I’m trying to take for myself right now. 🙂

Watercolor Wildlife Prints- By Sarah MacDonald

I love when I am looking through shops and something really catches my eye. When I came to Into The Wilds, by Sarah MacDonald, I found the art to be very unique. She sells watercolor prints, made up of colors and vines, of all different wildlife animals. I can see these prints being used in a nursery, children’s room, given as a shower gift, wall art for animal facilities, or gifted to an animal lover.

Below are questions I asked Sarah MacDonald about her shop and passion. I hope you enjoy. Please come back and visit me for more up and coming Etsy features!

Etsy Features

Why did you choose your shop name?

I wanted something that represented myself and my art. I felt it was whimsical, like something from a fairy tale, and I am a bit of a whimsical person myself. More than anything though is that it ties into my inspiration and art! I grew up and live in the countryside of Canada and have always loved nature, with a big backyard of fields and forest I am always seeing animals big and small and love it, I enjoy going into the wilds and wanted others to get that from my shop.

When did your store open?

While my store technically opened on August 2013 under the name SarahMacStudios but it wasn’t working, it made two sales in two years and I wasn’t enjoying myself. In August 2015 I changed my shop name to ‘IntoTheWilds’ and had a new focus with my watercolor art.

What do you sell?

I sell watercolor art, postcards and prints. Its a bit hard to describe my style because it isn’t any conventional type of art! The feature of my art is animal silhouettes, mostly wild animals like bears and wolves, but it is more than just a silhouette, within is winding vines and vibrant flowers. There are a few of my photographs from my previous shop uo too, along with my little book of poetry ‘Small Town Wilds’ but the focus is on my watercolor art.

How did you learn to make the art in your shop?

Trial and error, and persistence… lots of persistence! I taught myself how to paint and it did not go well at all, I kept experimenting with styles and techniques, trying to follow tutorials and how to books but it got me nowhere… so I just stopped being so formal about it, threw away the books and just painted! Next thing I knew I found my own style and niche, and am loving the experience!

What is something unique about your art?

These are no ordinary silhouettes! I take hours and hours to carefully paint vines and flowers that end up creating the overall silhouette. I try to carefully consider the placement of each flower and leaf, thinking about what will draw in the eye, create a sense of movement and interest. It ends up making for something completely unique!

Explain a few things that inspire you

My own backyard is a fount of inspiration, with a big field surrounded by forests there is always inspiration lurking. We have wild apple trees that tend to draw all sorts of animals, bears and deer in particular like to munch on them!

Which leads me to my next source of inspiration, wild animals. Some nights I fall asleep to the yip of coyotes or the howl of wolves, snowy owls have passed through along with sandhill cranes, we’ve even started seeing elk just munching on leaves. Most of the silhouettes I paint are inspired directly from my observations of them, and the colors are drawn from the natural world and my impression of what color best represents each animal.

What is a challenge you have faced and how have you overcome it?

I am my own worst challenge, constantly doubting myself. I didn’t think what I was doing was all that great, I just did a few paintings for myself because I couldn’t find what I wanted out there and then people saw it and liked it. I kept thinking ‘what can a person without any art education do?’ and putting myself down. After making a few more paintings for local people and seeing how much they genuinely liked them I had to stop myself. I liked them myself, I enjoyed painting them and other people were responding well to them so what was I doing being so negative?! After making my first etsy sale I felt even better, I still have those moments of self doubt and likely always will, its just how I am, but at least I can feel proud of myself and what I am creating!

Can you give new Etsy sellers some advice?

Be persistent! It helps to keep making and creating even if no one is looking or buying. I know it can be discouraging but eventually people will find you, and when they do you’ll have a wealth of items to offer them!

More importunely though, have fun and enjoy what you are doing! It can’t just be about money, you need to enjoy yourself and enjoy creating. I know I wasn’t enjoying myself the first time around and I am sure that is a big part of why my initial shop failed. After a month IntoTheWilds already beat my previous store in sales an income, and of course, fun!

Lastly, make use of the etsy community. The forums, teams and wealth of information out there is VERY beneficial and helpful! Read up on the guidebooks, ask questions and take part in discussions, join a team and be a part of the community – you will learn a lot this way!

Please visit Sarah MacDonald’s shop by clicking —> IntoTheWilds

Two new bows and new Etsy shop


I loved the above quote 🙂


I made these two bows tonight. I’m getting better at it 🙂

I am going to open a new Etsy shop and add things other than just photography.  One really nice thing about items made of fabric and ribbon is that they are LIGHT (aka low shipping!!)  I will post the link on here when I open the new shop.

I have also started a new book called One Child by Torey Hayden. I just happened to see it at Goodwill.  It is about a special ed teacher, her class, and her one in particularly challenging child. This child was abused and abandoned. She did not cry, always acted out, and normally refused to speak. This is a TRUE STORY.  I am on Chapter 3 but already recommend it!!! It is intense!

“Like” my Facebook Page Please <3

Hello Friends!

I’ve made a facebook page that will contain ONLY my photography. If you enjoy my photography, please drop by and “like” my page ❤

Jenny Laura Photography Facebook Page

And if you have not yet had a chance to stop by, please come check out my Etsy page:

Jenny Laura Photography Etsy Page

8×10’s going for $20

If you use the coupon code : MerryChristmas2013 you get FREE shipping.

Thank you for your continued support!

Chinese Tea Pot- Still Life Photography


Chinese Tea Party <<<—- for sale in Etsy Shop

You know, one of the great things about unpacking boxes is that you tend to find things you had forgotten about or thought you lost.  I honestly did not know where my Chinese tea set was.  And when I say Chinese, I don’t mean because it has a “made in china” stamp on it. 🙂  My brother, Dalton, majored in Chinese. He actually went to China and brought me back an authentic tea set.  At the time, I don’t think I really appreciated how truly beautiful the set it. Until I “refound” it! I took lots of photos of the set but this one was my favorite. The way the seller packed it is really gorgeous with this silky gold material.  I look forward to one day my child having tea parties with this set. ❤

Wanted to share it with you!

Grand Opening of my Etsy Photography Shop

Hello Friends!

I’m excited to announce that I just opened my first Etsy photography shop. I’m REALLY bad with figuring things out so take it from me, Etsy is very user friendly. It took some time uploading 20 of my pictures though with the information 🙂 . It’s so amazing getting to see my work online. Even if I don’t sell anything, I’m still proud that I did it! Etsy charges 20 cents per item that you sell a month. So I listed 20 items = $4! Not bad! If I sell an item (aka photograph in my case), they take I believe 3.4 percent of sale price.


As a “sale” or “test run”  I’m asking

$25 per 8×10

$5 shipping for US

$10 shipping for Canada

$15 shipping for anywhere else (fingers crossed I don’t get anyone in Ethiopia wanting 50 prints) hahaha jk

Anyway, the link to my Etsy page is:

Jenny Laura Pictures

Unfortunately, “Jenny Laura Photography” was too long of a name for Etsy to accept. So, I got as close to the name as I could. My banner still says Jenny Laura Photography though, as this is what I have been and will be calling my business.

If anyone sees a picture not listed in the shop on Jenny Laura Photography Blog that they would like to purchase, just let me know. It’s very simple to add pictures!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me, motivated me, and pushed me to do this. ❤

New Header!

I just got my new header in today! Jamie from Fresh Lavender Design on Etsy made it for me !  She has extremely affordable prices in her shop, will give you revisions to final product, and stays in contact. Jamie also makes pre made Etsy layouts, headers for anything, and premade logos.  For a bit more, she can also create something custom for you!  I will definitely be ordering from her again!

Hope you guys like the new header!

This doesn’t go without saying how thankful I am for Amy from Lucky Wreck for my last lovely banner.

She VOLUNTEERED to make me one and never asked for anything in return. I continue to

be grateful to her for that!

Features Page & Update

Hello! Hope everyone is having a nice night ❤

For some reason I am wide awake.  Think of an owl after they have had a cup of coffee. 🙂

owl 2

 Anyway, I wanted to let yall know I have added a FEATURES page to my account. All of the shops, businesses, or people I promote will be located here. That way, if you see something you would like to return to you can easily do so now by just clicking on that page for a list! I hope this helps and is convenient for everyone. I just have to say one more time how much I enjoyed doing those Etsy features! I’m looking forward to doing something like that again in the near future.

My courses for my final semester at my community college have begun. 3 more classes left. I’m taking Critical Thinking, Abnormal Psychology, and Western Civ. For those who think this class load looks easy let me please remind you that I have taken and lived to tell: Statistics, 2 Sciences with Labs, a computer class, several English classes, Western Civ part 1, amongst many others. I am still a bit insecure with the exact direction I’m going in. I know that I would really get a lot out of helping people who have been through trauma in a counselor type setting. I just applied last night to Columbia College. It’s an online college that has excellent tuition prices. Because it’s “private” there is a one price fits everyone kind of thing. The only difference is online is a bit more expensive than in person. However, when you are going for a Bachelor’s degree and online classes are the price of in state classes it’s definitely something to consider!!!! They offer a bachelors of Human Services which I’m very interested in doing. We will see what happens. I originally applied to UCF (University of Central Florida) but after a lot of stress and phone calls they still have not received all my transcripts. Their out-of-state prices are unbelievable too. I think it’s like $700 per credit hour or something extremely high.  Money is really not everything.  Getting a good education, in my opinion, is the most important thing a person can do for themselves.  Technically, if you start and run your own successful business that is wonderful!! However, being a daughter of someone who did something similar with no degree to fall back on… I personally have decided to take a different road. Having a stay at home business would be awesome but at the same time, I just want to make sure as a plan B that I have other options.

For anyone interested in checking out Columbia College and their tuition click here . They have several campuses in different states. I know they will have one in Orlando so if I move close to there I will just take classes at the school.


I will end this with saying that my heart goes out to Oklahoma tonight. There are children who do not get to be tucked into bed and dropped off at school tomorrow. I’m a Christian though and believe that they are being surrounded by love right now as are the others who died from the F5 tornado that hit the elementary school.  Hug your Husband’s tonight. There was a mans body that was found today. He was seperated from his wife while trying to escape from the tornado that was 2 miles wide I believe they said. Whenever we have a bad day we must look around us and remember what we DO have. If your reading this, you have your LIFE tonight.

Etsy Feature #6

Good Morning Friends! This is the 6th and final Etsy Feature that I will be posting in this series. I did think that there were 7 but I only got 6 questionnaires back. I’ve really enjoyed posting about these great shops and meeting the people who own them. I find start-up businesses to be so inspiring. I will soon be doing a post on creativity so I encourage you to check back! I know many of us are only able to draw stick figures or crayon drawings.  Due to this, we translate it into the fact that we are not creative people. However, that is actually FALSE. There are many ways to be creative.  These shops represent a few of the millions of ways to show creativity!

** REALLY QUICKLY PLEASE NOTE that there is no bias in any of these shops I chose. I have never ordered from any of them and only recently discovered them when I posted an article about wanting to do an Etsy Feature.  Thank you for everyone who participated. If this has been an enjoyable experience (which I hope it has!) I will be doing another one in the future!**

Meet Shannon Johnston, owner and creator of Phresh Threadz, from Minnesota!  Shannon personally designs and creates all of her Bohemian/Gypsy/Hippie style clothing and jewelry in her shop.  I can say that personally, I would wear many things from her store! The prints and color combinations she uses in her clothes are beautiful.  The way her clothing is cut too really compliments a person’s body.  I’ve never been one for short skirts. When I saw her knee-length skirts I fell in love! Phresh Threadz is affordably prices and would most likely appeal to teens and adults. The kids are not forgotten though!! Shannon also has a childrens line of clothing and jewelry in her store: Phresh Kidz.<3  Below is an interview with Shannon about her journey and advice as an entrepreneur. I hope you enjoy!


When did your shop open:

I first opened my shop in February of 2011, but didn’t really start working with it until the end of 2011/beginning of 2012.

What is the name of your shop AND the story behind the name:
I actually have 2 shops now, this one PhreshThreadz that I opened in 2011 and my new shop PhreshKidz that I just opened in January. There’s not much of a story behind the name, I just wanted something that was unique but still related to what I do, something that people could remember (though I’m not sure how easy that is with the spelling). For the second shop I decided to stick with the Ph and z in the spelling as part of my branding.

What do you sell:
I sell bohemian, hippie and gypsy style clothing, bags, jewelry and other accessories.

What item is your best seller:
Most of my work is OOAK, so I’ve only had a couple of items sell more than once, that was a couple of necklaces.… (sold more off Etsy)…
Other wise, my skirts and crossbody bags have done pretty well too.

What inspired you to start selling:
My sister inspired me to open my shop. I had been making things for myself and friends and family for a while, and she had told me about Etsy and that she thought it would be a perfect fit for what I do. So after checking out the site and some convincing from friends and family I decided to go for it. Like I had said, that first year I wasn’t too serious about it, but once I started to really work on my shop and get to know the community on Etsy I had so much fun with it that even though it is a lot of work, it’s fun work that for the most part I don’t mind doing.

What motivates you:
My biggest motivators are my two kids, I have a 9 year old daughter and an almost 4 year old son. I find kids to be super inspiring because their imaginations are not yet limited by what society claims to be impossible or incorrect or irregular, they are so much more open to new and different ideas and viewpoints than adults.

Any advice that you have for new sellers on Etsy:
My advice to new sellers on Etsy would be to really do your research before opening up shop. I have wished so many times that I would have had a business plan and goals and a much better understanding of selling online and SEO and all the important details that go along with it before I had opened up shop. It is much more time consuming and difficult to go back and change

Other information you would like to add about your shop if any:

I just recently started a blog myself and would love it if you could include a link to it along with my shop link.

Etsy Feature #5

Let me introduce you to Etsy Feature #5 today!!  Delilah from Cropwell, Alabama has a shop called Delilah Kaye.  She sells handmade rag quilts that come in many different beautiful colors. I’ve personally always been a fan of pastels. I see that she incorporates these and many other colors into the quilts!  They have a Shabby Chic feel to them, which I love. The patterns are really beautiful and perfect for children’s rooms.  Having seen a rag quilt before, I can tell you that they are very sturdy and will most likely last you a long time compared with the average $50 blanket from the store. Delilah Kaye‘s store is not only directed towards children. The rag quilts are also made to fit : Twin, Full, Queen, and King bedding as well. Below is a short interview with Delilah, discussing her shop, tips, and experience. I encourage you to check out her shop Delilah Kaye!


When did your shop open:
I opened my shop in 2010. I started selling quilts a little over a year ago. I started off selling chicken suits as Halloween costumes.

What is the name of your shop AND the story behind the name:
My shop name is DelilahKaye. It is my given name. I started out as a buyer only and switched over to seller account…the name just stuck 🙂

What do you sell:
I sell handmade rag quilts ranging in size from toddler to a king size. I also still sell the chicken costumes around Halloween.

Which item is your best seller:
So far my king size quilts have been my best seller. The most popular fabric line has been Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry.

What inspired you to start selling:
I kinda just started selling on a whim. I honestly didn’t think anyone would be interested in buying my items. I have been pleasantly surprised. I absolutely love what I do and I really enjoy making my customers happy.

What motivates you:
My main motivation is my husband and 2 children, Jaimee 4 and Jagger 2. Having this shop has enabled me to be home with my children more. I worked 3rd shift for about 7 years. With this income I was able to take a lower paying job with better hours. I hope for this shop to be my only full time job one day. I’m slowly getting there 🙂

Any advice that you have for new sellers on Etsy:
Do what you love and love what you do. Read up on SEO, pictures, tags, descriptions and Etsy’s policies. Be PATIENT….very patient and don’t give up. It’s hard starting out.

Etsy Feature #4

Good Morning ! Today is Etsy Feature #4 ❤ This one is for the women who love all natural lip gloss and body products.  Angel & Mike from California are owners of the store Reveille Reveille. Please read their interview below to find out what these words mean! What stood out to me about their products is that they have an eye-catching logo and unique flavors for their products. A few of these examples are: Chai Tea, Chocolate Bacon, and Vanilla Buttercream.  Herbal Bath Tea and Whipped Body Butter is also among their variety of products offered in the store. I encourage you to check them Reveille Reveille out!  A picture and short interview about the shop, it’s name, and tips on starting an Etsy business are below.

ATTENTION FRIENDS: Reveille Reveille has graciously offered all of my followers a 10% off Discount Code! Discount Code: MUFFINMOCHA

Thanks Reveille Reveille!

lip gloss

When did your shop open:
March 19th 2013, the day after our 5 year anniversary ^_^  we were trying to open it on our anniversary as a way to celebrate, but according to Etsy time it was the next day already, so now we celebrate 4 days – Mike’s birthday is the 16th, St. Patty’s Day is the 17th, our anniversary is the 18th, and the day we opened shop – the 19th!

What is the name of your shop AND the story behind the name: The name of our shop is Reveille Reveille (Rev-UH-Lee Rev-UH-Lee) which means Wake up! Wake up! in French, however in the Navy, Reveille is a wake up call early in the morning to motivate the sailors to get out of racks. We choose the name because it is Navy themed, in which we have many wonderful memories and it is also where we met each other : ) Basically what we wanted was to have a name that reflect us as a couple and Reveille Reveille was perfect!

What do you sell:
We sell handcrafted bath and body products made with natural ingredients, such as whipped sugar scrub, whipped body butter, solid lotion bars, bubbling bath bombs, and lip balm.

What item is your best seller:
By far, it is the lip balm – especially the Juicy Watermelon flavor.

What inspired you to start selling:
We wanted to share our love of coconut oil with everyone, so we decided to start a shop selling some products that contained coconut oil, the ideas started flowing once we figured out our starter ingredient.

What motivates you:
Our family, they kept telling us we could do it and we finally took the leap and went for it. They get just as excited as we do when anything new happens with the shop.

Any advice that you have for new sellers on Etsy:
Join teams!! Join all kinds of teams and get a wide spectrum of people to bounce ideas off of and play promotional games with. It is lots of fun, you meet some awesome people, it makes the days go by faster, AND they help promote your shop!

Getting back into Photography

Tropical Daisy 2013

Tropical Daisy ❤

Hello Friends!

I’m realizing that I need to return to my photography roots. I’ve really missed taking pictures and have used every excuse in the book to not pursue it.  Isn’t it crazy how we tend to run or make excuses about things we love? Anyway, today a few things happened. I went to Walmart and purchased a new charger for my Panasonic digital camera (not a DSLR sadly),  purchased an SD card uploader, got a notebook to keep track of expenses and tips, and went to GoDaddy and purchased a name for my potential business/hobby.  I mainly wanted to get it because was having a 97 cent sale on all .com domain names earlier today. If you want to check they may still be having it! Also, I didn’t want anyone to take the name.  I’m not ready to share it because it’s not even a website yet but it’s something I’m going to work on building up over time. I’ve also been looking at pre made logos (because their cheaper) on Etsy to potentially use. There are a lot of good ones. If you are looking for a logo within the price ranges of $10-$25 check out and type in “logos” or “photography logos.”  You will get tons and tons of options. There are also people who make original one of a kind (OOAK) logos. Be prepared though to pay between $100-$400.  Before buying ANYTHING always check people’s feedback.

I keep telling myself I’m not very good at taking pictures. I have a good friend that REALLY takes good pictures.  She has that natural talent and vision that makes you stop and go “wow.”  She knows who she is and that I ❤ love her & her work greatly.   However, after thinking about it the past week or so I’ve realized that everyone has a different vision.  I will never take pictures like her, or other people, because I’m not them. I see the world differently.  After reviewing Etsy and the things that are sold on there, I feel much more confident about my potential photography skills ! 😉

So happy it’s Friday!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Please stay tuned for Etsy Feature #3 tomorrow.

Etsy Feature # 2

Today I am going to introduce you to my 2nd Etsy feature! Tracy, from England, is the owner and creator of Chasing The Crayon.  Her work stood out to be because it is incredibly unique and creative.  I personally have a hard time drawing a bird much less a vast assortment of characters! I love that her inspiration comes from fairy tales that many of us grew up on! Tracy’s use of color in the prints is very good.  Though the animals might be complete opposite species in the pictures, they seem to all belong together! Below is an example of a piece of art from Chasing The Crayon and a short interview from the artist! Enjoy ❤


When did your shop open:  May 2010

What is the name of your shop AND the story behind the name:  ChasingtheCrayon. I wanted something unusual and spent a while playing around with ways of incorporating the word Crayon into a catchy sounding name. ChasingtheCrayon popped into my head and I was happy.

What do you sell: I sell my illustrations, which I would describe as an assortment of eccentric individuals in a variety of guises; playful, humorous and a touch surreal. They feature on archival prints, in two sizes, A4 and A3, on greeting cards, postcards and badges. I work mainly in pencil and watercolour with a dash of collage. My inspiration comes from stories, poems and very tall tales, from choice finds in second hand bookshops or on colourful flea market stalls.

What item is your best seller: I have two prints that are bestsellers; an illustration that features a gang of Woodland Creatures, a big ol bear, a badger, fox, deer, hare and two tiny birds, all off on a grand day out. The second features a bear, deer and fox hiding up trees.

What inspired you to start selling: I found that although I like working to a commissioned brief, what I really like is creating my own ideas and images. I realised that producing them as prints and cards and selling them meant that this was a viable way to work
What motivates you:  I have to draw, everyday. I couldn’t do anything else.

Any advice that you have for new sellers on Etsy: Be prepared to work hard at your shop. Have great pictures, relevant tags, make treasuries, don’t fret too much during the slow times, most of all..enjoy yourself!

Etsy Feature #1

Originally, I was going to be doing all of these features on ONE post. However, it would be difficult to read because the post would be so long. 🙂 I have seven people in all that I have decided on.  I judged for creativity, uniqueness, talent, beauty, and my own personal interest. ❤ Again, thank you for everyone who participated  (50 plus people).  It was really hard choosing just 7 shops. As you may notice, this number grew from 3 to 7! I could not just choose 3 ! Impossible!

The 1st shop I would like to introduce you to is The Realm Collectibles . The shop owner is Rachael Magnuson from Austin, Minnesota.  When I was looking through shops that entered this one caught my eye because of what I call an “Old Fashioned Telephone.”  The actual name is “Antique Western Electric Ringer Box and Kellogg 1908 Candlestick Telephone.  This telephone transports you back in time, making you feel as if you were in an old movie! There are many other beautiful antiques on her page that I encourage you to check out . Below is an interview with Rachel about her shop, advice, and motivations.

Old Phone

When did your shop open:
September 19th, 2012

What is the name of your shop AND the story behind the name:
The Realm Collectibles came to me in a dream, and it reflects the inner geek / nerd in myself and my husband. We are HUGE fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Gaming (Dungeons and Dragons, Everquest, Magic the Gathering). The Realm Collectibles was chosen because when we first started selling online, we sold Magic the Gathering on Ebay.

What do you sell:
Vintage and Antique Items of all kinds: Depression Glass, Toys, Elegant Glassware, Kitchen Items, Place Settings. We’d love to sell more toys and collectibles, but we are limited to what we can find in abundance here in the midwest.

What item is your best seller:
Avon Cape Cod Glassware

What inspired you to start selling:
We have always been collectors vintage toys and unique items. We decided to start selling vintage for a living once the economy went south and my husbands work hours got cut severely. There was also quite a bit of inspiration from the TV Show American Pickers.

What motivates you:
Our 4 beautiful children. We work hard every day to put food on the table and give them the things they need…and sometimes the things they want too!

Any advice that you have for new sellers on Etsy:
Pictures are key!!! Good pictures are very important when selling online. You need capture the essence of the item and photograph it well. The saying “A picture is worth 1000 words” is the honest truth!

Titles, description, and tags are also VERY important. You want to accurately describe the item so customers know 100% what to expect. Smart tags and titles allow your items to be found here on Etsy, and elsewhere on the web.

Etsy Feature Update

Thank you to the MASSIVE response I got to that post. I was truly shocked. I believe I had around 50 entries wanting to be featured~ ! I loved the energy from the Etsy forum and getting to view all of the shops. ❤ I saw some beautiful jewelry, scarfs, blankets, baby decorations, art, antiques, and much more! Originally, I was just going to feature three shops. However, after further consideration I decided to feature 6 shops in my post.  The 6 shops chosen have been emailed a set of questions to answer for the post. It will be posted once everyone’s answers are in. If you were not contacted, please know how much I appreciate you allowing me to view your shop. There were several shops that I added to “my favorites” that I am going to consider doing an additional feature in the future for.

Etsy 2

Just so everyone knows, I did get a chance to visit ALL shops who entered today.  Therefore, everyone got a fair chance.

Anyone and everyone who owns an etsy shop, has creative ideas, and goes for a career that makes them happy- I just want you to know how much I admire your passion! Even if you are not making a lot (or any) money yet, do not give up. I’ve always found the quote “things get worse before they get better” to be the words of truth.

Got an Etsy Business? POST!

Hello Friends!

Hope the weather is nice where you are like it is here in Virginia today! ❤ I was thinking the other day that I would like to feature 3 people who have an Etsy store.  I’m interested about people who create their own products, how they started up their business, what motivates them, and advice they would give those wanting to do something similar.


If you have a business that you would like to be featured on my page please post below about it and your email address.  If I choose your product, I will email you a small list of interview questions and post (if you desire) picture(s) of product (s) you sell. I cannot guarantee that this will bring you business but I can say that any type of social media is productive to drawing customers to your website.

All of the features will be together on ONE post. Almost like a blog party 🙂 If I get several responses then I may consider doing more than 3 features.  This is completely FREE. I just enjoy appreciating extremely creative people and learning about how entrepreneurs started their business. I’ve toyed with the idea of selling photography on Etsy on the side. I am hoping this will give me some insight on how it’s done! 🙂

The three people I choose will be picked by myself in no particular order.  I will review ALL posts and put up 3 features that I personally find unique and contrasting from each other. ❤


The things people will try to sell never stops amazing me and cracking me up!! I found a page that I got a kick out of. Wanted to share. Freaky things like chocolate zombie baby heads and teddy bear tails for sale. It REALLY makes you wonder if these people are serious or just testing the insanity of humans. My favorite has to be the photograph of some horses in the backyard with trash/dishes covering the kitchen sink. $50 for that masterpiece. hahahahah  Check the items out>>>>>>> here!


Ouch Pouch Pinterest Idea

Ok so we all know my obsession with Pinterest! I loved this easy idea though that I think would really come in handy to those who are caregivers or daycare workers

Let me introduce you to the..

Ouch Pouch

ouch pouch

This idea can be found on Cutest Little Things blog here

If you get a small bag/makeup pouch you can fill it with things like band aids, chapstick, sunscreen, and maybe a lollipop or two! We all have those moments where are are like shoot! I left it at home!

This prevents that from happening.

I would carry one in my car or in my purse so that I could have one at all times. I’m sure there are many Ouch! moments where these are lifesavers.

If you would prefer to purchase a stylish pouch please check out Pillow Sew Cute on Etsy! Prices range from $8.95 tp $15 on average.

ouch pouch

Also, there is a pouch that says EPI PEN on it as well! I encourage you to check these out! ❤




Chartreuse is an American based soy candle company that offers luxurious hand poured candles at affordable prices, ranging between $14-$20+. The company was created this year (January 2013) by its owner Annie Orrill. The candle pictured above is Vanilla + Amber + Vetiver. This scent is the most company’s most popular. It’s essential that Chartreuse customers know that all of the candles that Chartreuse sells are:

Eco Friendly

Food Grade-Kosher

Hypo Allergenic



Vegan friendly

Alcohol free

What makes Chartreuse unique is that the candles they sell are triple scented to give off a cold and hot scent throw. All scents are created exclusively by the Chartreuse candle company. The burn time can last up to 70 hours for a 10 oz candle and up to 100 hours for a 16 oz candle. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricane seasons the burn time is extremely important! I myself have experienced several power outages where it seemed like my candles were not going to hold up until the lights came back on! 🙂 I’m so thankful to hear that there are candles out there that last a while.

Chartreuse ships to both the U.S. and the U.K.

Currently, Chartreuse is based solely online.

Their online store/website is located here

Also, check them out on their other social network sites:





SALE: If purchasing two candles through Chartreuse’s Etsy page here use the coupon code: SHIP2FREE . This code provides customers with free shipping of 2+ candles.

Thanks for looking!! I did feature a candle company called Melt not too long ago. However, please note that this company ONLY shipped to the U.K. I wanted to put a U.S. company out there that the majority of my readers could have the opportunity to experience ❤