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Hello Friends!

I’ve made a facebook page that will contain ONLY my photography. If you enjoy my photography, please drop by and “like” my page ❤

Jenny Laura Photography Facebook Page

And if you have not yet had a chance to stop by, please come check out my Etsy page:

Jenny Laura Photography Etsy Page

8×10’s going for $20

If you use the coupon code : MerryChristmas2013 you get FREE shipping.

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I’ve Reached the End of My Comfort Zone

life begins

I suffer from this little thing called “LOW SELF CONFIDENCE.”

I never truly feel like I am good enough.

Can’t help noticing that the most stable people seem to come from extremely supportive & close families

Well, where there is not a road, one must build one.

I’m in the process of building my road so to speak.

Deep down, I want to be a photographer

Taking pictures & blogging makes me feel happy

I just pre ordered an etsy layout, some 8 X 10 mailers, and business cards

If this doesn’t work, I tried

The most miserable thing is wondering…

Could I have done it? Was I good enough?

I’m at a point where I know nothing else is working

Time to try something I actually like

My work can be seen on:


Why Bloglovin

Hey Friends!


So, I’m really behind in technology as many of my friends would tell you. I seriously (not kidding) just got passed down my first cell phone WITHOUT buttons. You know the kind that has the touch screen? Yeah, you probably have one within arms reach right now I bet ha! The entire thing is totally new for me. The only difference between me and Judge Judy is that I do pump my own gas. Other than that, her and I could totally have dinner sometime!!!

Ok, so what I have learned about being behind in technology. When one does not know, one must find out.  I heard someone say on Shark Tank the other day on ABC that their father taught them “People are not entitled to anything. We must work hard to gain.”  AMEN

So in honor of that quote, I have been doing some investigating. I googled “how to promote your blog.”

I was first guided to this awesome list I recommend you check out :

95 Places to Submit and Promote your blog for Traffic and SEO

SO if 95 places seems a bit daunting, I will tell you about the one main one I focused on….


This page allows you to now only search through tons of blogs by category but also to link up your own!!!!

Linking up your blog is REALLY easy. This is coming from a girl who remember just got a buttonless phone!

Before I joined Bloglovin , they gave me option of signing up through my facebook.This is what I chose to do since it was easier than trying to recall another screen name and password. After joining and searching through some adds, I then discovered how to link my page up. You will find at the top of the Bloglovin page a picture icon that is your profile pic. Put your mouse up to it and a drop down bar will appear  that says Your Profile, Your Blog, etc. Click on “Your Blog” and click “Claim Blog.” In order to claim blog they are going to give you a small link to copy/paste into a new post in your blog. Keep this window open and on a separate page go to your blog and copy/paste link into new post. ( This is just to identify that it is YOUR BLOG that you are about to claim.)  Once you post link in your blog and posted, go back to the bloglovin page you kept open  and click claim blog. It is then linked in your profile.

My blog is linked up here:


Now, any blogs I follow through bloglovin have the opportunity to view and follow me back if they would like.

I found a great post by J9 Designs that explains why, out of MANY social networks (Twitter, Facebook , Google) , she chose Bloglovin.

It’s easy, free, and gives you more exposure. For me, it’s not so much about having a huge number of followers as it is me being able to “reach” more people. The more people, the more ideas and conversation. I appreciate ALL that visit my blog and find that being “followed” is the largest form of flattery.  ❤

Good Luck! I hope this helped some people 🙂

What I need to do more of…

There are several things that I need to do more of. Notice, I do not say “want” but NEED.  If something boosts my quality of life, then that is enough reason for me to do it more often. I figured I would make a list because me and my OCD self love things that are lined up.

  •  Need to clean more. (Take out trash, do dishes before they become a leaning tower)- I feel SO  much better emotionally if our house is clean 🙂
  • Read More (not talking about school books….)
  • Go to more art festivals- These are usually FREE and so much fun.
  • Enhance my creativity by a lot.  – I have a Pinterest and what not but how often do I make crafts???  I would say the last time I was around 6 years old!
  • Continue to set goals and look on the positive side of things. Glass is half full.
  • Write in new journal- I love writing and just finished my old journal. I can’t ever make time to write a page that isn’t homework anymore. I’m going to regret this one day if I don’t start again.
  • Find a church-I miss going to church. I need to stop making up excuses and just find one to attend.
  • Not spend so much time on facebook. I’m scared to know the percentage of my life spent reading pointless stuff
  • Drink more water- I’ve gotten away from this…
  • Unpack boxes that have sentimental stuff in them- I’ve had a lot I’ve kept “secure” in boxes for years. It’s time to break through that wall and take the stuff out
  • Go to the Zoo more! …how I ❤ animals
  • Finish these fall courses like a boss
  • Get back into yoga- one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever done
  • Go back to counseling- another thing I’ve gotten away from that really helps me feel emotionally and physically healthier
  • Start a collection again- I used to collect glass animals. Want to collect something else now hmmmm
  • Save up to get a really nice camera. I’ve wanted one my entire life. It’s time I do something about that.
  • Take a deep breath and realize I am not supposed to know all the answers right now



Pray for Phoebe Fair PLEASE and others I support


Tonight, a little girl named Phoebe Fair needs your support, thoughts, and prayers.  A cancerous brain tumor was found in her head when she was only 4 years old. She has three brothers and loving parents. It’s clear from her facebook page that she has a beautiful personality that shines when she smiles.  Upon viewing her page today, it appears that her battle may be close to ending.  She sleeps 95 % of the time and is hallucinating. Her dog lays with her as her parents keep the house as comfortable and peaceful as possible.  I cannot imagine what they are going through. Out of respect for them, I will not post their pictures on my page. But I encourage you to check out her facebook page here.  It’s clear from the last updated picture that they are really in need of thoughts at this time.

***UPDATE*** Phoebe Fair past away last night, on October 5th, in the comfort of her home with her family.  The Lord has received a beautiful angel into heaven. Thoughts going out to her family.

There are a few other people I continue to follow. I have been following Trip Halstead’s journey for a while now on facebook. His page can be located here.  A tree fell on trip when he was very young. Ever since that incident he has been battling heroically to regain the ability to move, swallow, and overall function again. Through physical therapy he has gradually begun to “come back.”  It’s clear that the reason he has come so far is because of the love and devotion from his two sweet parents.  When given the opportunity to go on a cruise that they went on last year (before the accident), they chose to still go despite the current difficulties of his condition.  They new he could still enjoy being there and that the trip would instill some form of normalcy.  ❤ I encourage you to follow and pray for Tripp’s continual recovery.

How I miss Corbin. I did not know this baby but I admired his extreme fight for survival through his facebook page here called ==>>> Team Corbin . He past away not that long ago from Trisomy 13. His parents were given the option of aborting him when they discovered he had the condition.  They were told he would be born dead and that there was no hope. Instead of giving up, crying, and obliging the doctors…his mother and father fought back. Against medical science and all odds, they held out faith he would live long enough to hear his cry. When his mother delivered, Corbin was alive and kicking.  Though he stayed in the hospital and had Trisomy 13, he got to smile, dance, and touch the lives of thousands of people all over the world. His mother celebrated each day he was alive with a card stating how many days old he was and a saying. Corbin’s mother has such a beautiful way of writing. If she wrote a book I would seriously buy it.  I continue to be on Team Corbin, support his parents, and celebrate his will to defy all odds with life.

The last one I would like to mention is ====> Support For Sophia .  She was born with many different medical conditions with the most prominent one being Kidney Failure. Even though she is a baby, she receives dialysis often. She is also often scene in pics as on oxygen.  She has large eyes and a precious face.  I cannot imagine how strong she has to be. Thankfully, it looks like she will be coming home soon. Her family is decorating her nursery as she continues to recover at the hospital.  Also, Sophia really appears to love owls. Her family said her name means “wise” and owls are wise…hence the relationship between the two 🙂 .  Whenever I see an owl now I think of her! I pray for her recovery and that she can one day have a transplant that will end the dialysis for her.

There are so many children on facebook and other social networking sites that have conditions & need to be supported.  I did not choose these children above. They more so chose me. One of them led to the other.  I wish I could add ALL pages that need help on my facebook but I sadly would have trouble keeping up with that many, working, and going to school. We can only do what we can so I continue to support these above children and raise awareness that there are others out there that would love to have their pages followed! If you would like to find me on facebook please add me ===> Jenny Laura. If you would like me to follow you in return please post below. ❤

I believe in the power of prayer

Hope everyone has a good night. Please take a moment to be thankful for all that you have in your life. And if you have nothing you can think of to be thankful for, remember you do have a life. Walking, talking, speaking, touching, feeling, eating, working, functioning, etc, are luxuries to many. If you can do all of those things, you are blessed.

Changes & Awesome “getting out of doghouse idea!” & link to Giveaways!!!

Hello Friends!

Hope everyone is having a great morning.  My Chihuahua (Daisy) has a cold right now so constant sneezing is taking place at my house! If you have never seen a sick Chihuahua just think of puss-n-boots from Shrek.  Daisy has that expression down pat!

PussInBoots1sick daisy

Hopefully she will feel better soon!

Some changes that I have made recently are that I (once again) deactivated my main facebook page. Don’t think this will effect anyone here because I never really gave that link out.  I feel like I’m an addict of facebook. I check it way too often, post about things that belong in a paper journal, and honestly revolve my life around what people are saying on there.  I do not blame facebook itself for this, I blame me. I have a problem regulating how much I sign on. I have decided that I am going to dedicate more time to my blog here at www.muffinsandmocha.com and on my photography page www.jennylauraphotography.com . I’m still on facebook here :https://www.facebook.com/jenny.fusco.902 but this is my photography page.  Everything posted on there can also be found on my main photography website. You are welcome to add both, either or, or neither. Just wanted to let you know 🙂

 Also, I found a fabulous idea, thanks to The Dating Divas, on how to “get out of the dog house.” ha!! Ladies, we all know we need this sometime and Lord knows the men need it.

Read the DIY ‘I’m Sorry Idea’ HERE . You really have to read it to appreciate how cute it is!! ❤

dog house

While you are there, I would encourage you to check out their Giveaways page! They have the coolest giveaways I have every seen. There was one to Disney World (expenses paid) with brand new camera that would be found in your hotel room. What!? haha That was a while back but they add stuff all the time. I believe right now they have a Cruiser Bike and an Ipad Mini giveway. Click HERE for that page!

Good luck!