Random Facts About Me & Russian Tampons

There is nothing like being sick and wide awake at 4:30 AM!

Decided to share with you guys a few things about me that you may not know ūüôā

(((Takes several minutes to think if there is anything that interesting to tell….)))

When I was little, it was discovered I had lost more than half my hearing due to ear infections. I had to go through speech therapy. To this day, I struggle with hearing.

I want to get a tattoo sleeve on my right arm

One of my legs is shorter than the other. Hence why the beam was very hard in gymnastics!

When I get sick, I often stay sick so long that I loose my job

I get complimented the most on my thick hair and sense of humor

My birthday is the very last day of the year: December 31

I enjoy reading my followers blogs about as much as I enjoy blogging myself!

I’m extremely stubborn & talk back too much

I drink socially but have come to realize I only like beer.  Only kinds I drink: Coors, Samuel Adams, Corona

I’ve never re read a book. Ever.

The only things I finish are journals. One day when I am like 90 I will re read them and smile at my extreme immaturity of my 20’s.

Non denominational Christian

My American brother majored in Chinese

Have seen Sugar Land, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift…etc in concert

My schooling consists of being in college online over the past 5 years

Neither parent is in my life

Favorite subject remains French. I only remember J’adore la plage

Favorite Movie: Fly Away Home, 10 Things I Hate About You, Knocked Up, Juno, The Holiday….

I absolutely refuse to watch: HORROR

Favorite Food: Popcorn & Peanut Butter (but not together!)

Counseling is one of the best things that ever happened to me

That’s all I can think of momentarily that you may not know from looking at my posts on here. Obviously I love crafts, cooking, and complaining ūüôā

Hope you guys are having a wonderful night. And if you are sick, imagine me holding my Tylenol bottle in the air going : CHEERS!

Completely random but I just came across (who the hell knows how) a Russian Tampax Add. And I thought it was supposed to make us women want to buy tampons to look like the happy dancing girls in the commercials. This takes the word want and turns it into the word NEED quickly!

Russian Tampon Commercial


One Year Blogiversary… Thank you to my followers

I just got a Happy Anniversary update from wordpress saying that a year ago today I began this blog. Wanted to do a shout out to my¬†followers who make my page what it is.¬† The support, advice, and endless motivation has kept me coming back here for the past year. Though I have taken a break here and there, I’ve always returned because I missed sharing my life and reading about others.

In¬†the past, I tried to narrow my blog down to have more specific content. There are those people with art blogs, DIY blogs, cooking blogs, etc. The fact that mine is a vast variety felt a bit out of place in the blog world.¬† However, I have fast come to realize that this blog is who I am. It’s not meant to be contained, shortened, or edited.¬† It’s a journal of my life but more specifically, my journey.

Thank you for joining me on it.¬†¬†The road is much less lonely when people walk beside you. ¬†‚̧


And this is random but another craft I want to try is Yarn Wrapped Bottle Craft! Check it out at Craft and Creativity!


Coffee High Causes New Blog Ideas

Ok so I had 1 cup of Folgers coffee several hours ago. All I have to say is….



I am wide awake at 3:20  in the morning listening to Pandora and surfing the web!

I actually feel like I could get on the elliptical in correspondence with the other two things.

If only I wasn’t sick, ¬†some major multitasking would be happening at this moment.

So, while my wired self has been online, I came across a domain name I really liked.¬† I don’t think I’ve seen, until tonight, a ONE WORD domain name.¬† I mean they are all taken. You know how the T REX went extinct a while back…well think of any domain one word names as a T REX.

I found one though…

And as soon as I saw it I panicked and couldn’t get to my debit card fast enough to buy it.

It’s the word “Breathe”.ws

Breathing is something I need to do a lot more of. It helps me relax and calms my always concerned mind.

So what am I going to do with that web address?

Why Bloglovin

Hey Friends!


So, I’m really behind in technology as many of my friends would tell you. I seriously (not kidding) just got passed down my first cell phone WITHOUT buttons. You know the kind that has the touch screen? Yeah, you probably have one within arms reach right now I bet ha! The entire thing is totally new for me. The only difference between me and Judge Judy is that I do pump my own gas. Other than that, her and I could totally have dinner sometime!!!

Ok, so what I have learned about being behind in technology. When one does not know, one must find out.¬† I heard someone say on Shark Tank the other day on ABC that their father taught them “People are not entitled to anything. We must work hard to gain.”¬† AMEN

So in honor of that quote, I have been doing some investigating. I googled “how to promote your blog.”

I was first guided to this awesome list I recommend you check out :

95 Places to Submit and Promote your blog for Traffic and SEO

SO if 95 places seems a bit daunting, I will tell you about the one main one I focused on….


This page allows you to now only search through tons of blogs by category but also to link up your own!!!!

Linking up your blog is REALLY easy. This is coming from a girl who remember just got a buttonless phone!

Before I joined¬†Bloglovin , they gave me option of signing up through my facebook.This is what I chose to do since it was easier than¬†trying to recall another screen name and password. After joining and searching through some adds, I then discovered how to link my page up. You will find at the top of the Bloglovin page a picture icon that is your profile pic. Put your mouse up to it and a drop down bar will appear ¬†that says Your Profile, Your Blog, etc. Click on “Your Blog” and click “Claim Blog.” In order to claim blog they are going to give you a small link to copy/paste into a new post in your blog. Keep this window open and on a separate page go to your blog and copy/paste link into new post. (¬†This is just to identify that it is¬†YOUR BLOG that you are about to claim.) ¬†Once you post link in your blog and posted, go back to the bloglovin page you kept open¬†¬†and click claim blog. It is then linked in your profile.

My blog is linked up here:


Now, any blogs I follow through bloglovin have the opportunity to view and follow me back if they would like.

I found a great post by J9 Designs that explains why, out of MANY social networks (Twitter, Facebook , Google) , she chose Bloglovin.

It’s easy, free, and gives you more exposure. For me, it’s not so much about having a huge number of followers as it is me being able to “reach” more people. The more people, the more ideas and conversation. I appreciate ALL that visit my blog and find that being “followed” is the largest form of flattery.¬† ‚̧

Good Luck! I hope this helped some people ūüôā

Too Much Summer Vacation

So I’m procrastinating my Western Civ power points momentarily. Can anyone honestly blame me? You know that awful feeling you used to get as a kid when the doctor stuck the tongue depressor on your tongue? That is how History feels to me!! It makes me want to GAG.

Moving on, so sorry I have not blogged in several days. This vacation has become too much vacation in a matter of days.¬† We were supposed to be in¬†Florida like 5 days so that my husband could take his test. However, the testing has ended up lasting longer than we had thought. Part 2 of his test will be in a matter of days so there was no point to drive back to VA. Don’t get me wrong, I love Florida. My husband’s family has actually been really nice to us with giving us a place to stay and food to eat. COMPLETELY BROKE = US. Thank god for sandwiches right!

The upside is that I’ve taken a lot of great photos since being here. There is nothing like vacationing near the water. I know some people swear by the mountains being the best but I must object. It’s OCEAN 100 %¬† for me ‚̧ I got to visit Blufton, SC where my grandparents vacation a few days ago. If you have never been to Blufton, SC I hope that at some point in your life you get to go! It’s a small, cute, country beach town.¬† You can take your boat out, walk to the little beach, or just look through the art/antique shops.¬† My husband put in an application there just to see what happens.¬† It’s always good to keep your options open! While in Blufton¬†I got to go tubing for the first time. SO much fun but I learned that I had nooo upper body strength. If you go tubing just know that getting into the tube from the boat is MUCH easier than pulling yourself back up on it from the ocean. Or you can do what I did and add a twist to it. I am not kidding this actually happened: I jump onto the tube from the boat first (it’s a double seater). So thankful I did not turn the tube over I start getting myself situated. All I remember is my husband saying here I go, there being a large thump on the float, and me flying up into the air. I had a life jacket on thank goodness (because I can hardly swim) but landed face first in the water. My entire body actually went under the water, life-preserver¬†and all!! hahahahahah Talk about getting some water up your ears! Also thankful he was my husband and not a first date type of situation ūüôā

Sorry for not doing a Wednesday Weight Loss blog ūüė¶ things have been hectic with traveling! I will this upcoming week. I’m proud of myself because I’ve been trying really hard to eat well, go on walks, and tonight I did the bicycle here for 30 minutes.¬† My chihuahua can walk a good 1.5 miles now without being carried ‚̧ Things are moving in the right direction!

Hope everyone is well. Post more photos soon. Thanks for hanging in there with me!!


Attention Loyal Followers: Compliments Page

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have just created a page for “Compliments.”¬†It’s located¬†>>> here .If you have a positive statement that you would like to share about my webpage please email me at muffinsandmocha@hotmail.com or post below.¬†Please provide a link to your webpage as well.¬†I’ve had many people tell me great things about my webpage but have never thought to add a page where I can have a collection of compliments. It’s always nice to hear and/or read over them because it keeps me motivated. Thank you to EVERYONE who has made this blog worth coming to every day.¬† A special shout out to the followers who not only visit but take the time to comment, ask questions, and participate in any blog events I’ve had. ‚̧

Please understand that by contacting me or posting below, you are agreeing to have your statement published on my webpage.¬† I retain the right to publish a portion of your comment if I choose to do so. However, I will never add words or change any part of your statement around. The¬†compliments which are posted are decided upon by myself.¬† Statements like “I love your webpage.”¬† are wonderful but a little short and non descriptive for what I’m looking for. If you enjoy coming here, feel motivated, or whatever other reason please express to me why you feel that way! I encourage you to add anything you would like too.

Clicking on the STARS or LIKE button on the compliments page is greatly helpful as well!

Many thanks in advance for the endless support.


To My Followers

Hello Followers (aka Friends) ūüôā

Hope yall are having a wonderful day today! I just wanted to send a quick message out to let you know that this past week has been really hard for me medically so I have fallen behind with “adding” people who have added me as friends amongst other things.¬† If you are interested in me checking out your page please just post a message below! Also, please include a bit about your page and what you enjoy posting about. ¬†I love adding new people but sometimes life gets in the way of having the time to do this. Trying to catch up!¬† Thanks in advance!

puppy thanks