FREE PRINT DOWNLOAD from Trendy Peas! “You are my Sunshine”

It’s been a while since I have done a free print download ! I woke up this morning to see that the lovely artist I used to work for had posted a free one.  Patchi of Trendy Peas is sharing her ” You Are My Sunshine Print” with you 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

You Are My Sunshine Free Download



*FREE* Printable Forms for us childcare providers that are exhausted

Hello Friends!


If you are like me, you are struggling severely with organization!  I am sure many of us babysit or do some form of childcare every once in a while.  I’ve been wanting to write out a contract to keep my clients organized but  never have the time between school and life.  Well I say that but honestly I kind of blank out when it comes to what to put on contracts 🙂 . Instead, I’ve been trying to cram information parents tell me to remember in my brain.  This is fine if we are talking one child, but not so fine when you take care of several different ones.   I found a really great site called The Day Care Lady .  If you scroll to the bottom of the page here you will see Forms A- E, forms F thru J, and so on. Click on these and there is a list of alphabetical order forms that can be printed and given to clients! SUPER helpful.  The forms have everything from About your child, Emergency forms, Daily reports, Diaper Changing Record, and tons more. Had to share with you! I would like to believe I can remember everything but am really scared of that day that I forget to ask about a child’s allergies or an emergency does happen and I cannot find the contact info a parent left kind of thing. It’s never happened but I don’t ever want it to either! Also, the site offers free printable Calendar sheets by month here .<3

FREE Modern Nursery Fox Wall Art – 8 X 10 – by Trendy Peas!

I have a special free printable tonight! I just saw that Patchi and Raquel, owners of Trendy Peas, are offering a FREE fox printable from their new wall art designs! When I was a nanny I personally worked for Patchi. I saw Raquel too on a daily basis. I cannot express how kind and talented both of these women are. The entire family is amazing and I feel so blessed to have gotten to work for them. Hoping to do a feature on Trendy Peas in the near future if they are up for it! Their wall art & mobiles are located in many different stores.

For now though, please check out their website and download the fox 8 x 10 nursery printable 🙂


click here for the webpage———> Trendy Peas Fox Printable

Scroll down to bottom of page where fox printable is and click on the image (above)


60 Cent MICKEY MOUSE Cookie Cutter w/ FREE shipping!

Hey Guys! So let’s just say it is rare to see anything anymore under $1 ! I found this on pinterest and realized it’s actually true. You can get a

60 cent

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter with


shipping at Amazon! The link and pic are below ❤ Grab yours before these sell out 🙂


Click here —–> Amazon Cookie Cutter

I do not get any credit for you clicking that link haha I just wanted to pass it on for those of us who have kids or whom are big kids themselves (aka me!)