FREE PRINT DOWNLOAD from Trendy Peas! “You are my Sunshine”

It’s been a while since I have done a free print download ! I woke up this morning to see that the lovely artist I used to work for had posted a free one.  Patchi of Trendy Peas is sharing her ” You Are My Sunshine Print” with you 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

You Are My Sunshine Free Download


*FREE* Printable Forms for us childcare providers that are exhausted

Hello Friends!


If you are like me, you are struggling severely with organization!  I am sure many of us babysit or do some form of childcare every once in a while.  I’ve been wanting to write out a contract to keep my clients organized but  never have the time between school and life.  Well I say that but honestly I kind of blank out when it comes to what to put on contracts 🙂 . Instead, I’ve been trying to cram information parents tell me to remember in my brain.  This is fine if we are talking one child, but not so fine when you take care of several different ones.   I found a really great site called The Day Care Lady .  If you scroll to the bottom of the page here you will see Forms A- E, forms F thru J, and so on. Click on these and there is a list of alphabetical order forms that can be printed and given to clients! SUPER helpful.  The forms have everything from About your child, Emergency forms, Daily reports, Diaper Changing Record, and tons more. Had to share with you! I would like to believe I can remember everything but am really scared of that day that I forget to ask about a child’s allergies or an emergency does happen and I cannot find the contact info a parent left kind of thing. It’s never happened but I don’t ever want it to either! Also, the site offers free printable Calendar sheets by month here .<3

FREE Modern Nursery Fox Wall Art – 8 X 10 – by Trendy Peas!

I have a special free printable tonight! I just saw that Patchi and Raquel, owners of Trendy Peas, are offering a FREE fox printable from their new wall art designs! When I was a nanny I personally worked for Patchi. I saw Raquel too on a daily basis. I cannot express how kind and talented both of these women are. The entire family is amazing and I feel so blessed to have gotten to work for them. Hoping to do a feature on Trendy Peas in the near future if they are up for it! Their wall art & mobiles are located in many different stores.

For now though, please check out their website and download the fox 8 x 10 nursery printable 🙂


click here for the webpage———> Trendy Peas Fox Printable

Scroll down to bottom of page where fox printable is and click on the image (above)


60 Cent MICKEY MOUSE Cookie Cutter w/ FREE shipping!

Hey Guys! So let’s just say it is rare to see anything anymore under $1 ! I found this on pinterest and realized it’s actually true. You can get a

60 cent

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter with


shipping at Amazon! The link and pic are below ❤ Grab yours before these sell out 🙂


Click here —–> Amazon Cookie Cutter

I do not get any credit for you clicking that link haha I just wanted to pass it on for those of us who have kids or whom are big kids themselves (aka me!)

Announcing The Happy Note a Day Challenge – Win $50 to!

Check out this link! All you have to do is sign up, write a “happy note” a day, take a picture of the notes or post a note on the link below each time you write one (at least 8 times), and get registered to win a $50 gift card! ❤ I had to pass this on! Compliments of the happsters!

Announcing The Happy Note a Day Challenge – Win $50 to!.

Got an Etsy Business? POST!

Hello Friends!

Hope the weather is nice where you are like it is here in Virginia today! ❤ I was thinking the other day that I would like to feature 3 people who have an Etsy store.  I’m interested about people who create their own products, how they started up their business, what motivates them, and advice they would give those wanting to do something similar.


If you have a business that you would like to be featured on my page please post below about it and your email address.  If I choose your product, I will email you a small list of interview questions and post (if you desire) picture(s) of product (s) you sell. I cannot guarantee that this will bring you business but I can say that any type of social media is productive to drawing customers to your website.

All of the features will be together on ONE post. Almost like a blog party 🙂 If I get several responses then I may consider doing more than 3 features.  This is completely FREE. I just enjoy appreciating extremely creative people and learning about how entrepreneurs started their business. I’ve toyed with the idea of selling photography on Etsy on the side. I am hoping this will give me some insight on how it’s done! 🙂

The three people I choose will be picked by myself in no particular order.  I will review ALL posts and put up 3 features that I personally find unique and contrasting from each other. ❤

Do you have a collection ?

Hello Friends!

I was looking around at blogs the other day and came upon Erica’s RubberDuckyCopywriter’s blog.  I love that she gives out FREE writing advice but even more so, I think it’s so cool that she has a rubber ducky collection!! I remember when I was younger I used to collect glass animals. I would love to start a different type of collection. Do you have one ? Check our Erica’s collection below ! There is a story behind each rubber duck!


Click ===> The Flock

Last Call For Blog Party & Giveaway

Last Call to join the Polar Bear Plunge blog party!! It ends TONIGHT AT 5 PM

polar bear plunge

$10 Amazon GC will be given away

All you have to do is :


EMAIL ME @  PICTURE,  QUOTE, RECIPE, CRAFT, POEM, ETC that has to do with winter 🙂

Your entered to win a $10 GC TONIGHT!


IF you have a pic of you doing an actual polar bear plunge send it to me ! This will get your name entered TWICE.


Polar Bear Plunge Giveaway REMINDER!

polar bear plunge

Hey Friends!

This is just a reminder that the polar bear plunge blog party and giveaway will be ending THIS coming Sunday at 5 PM. It’s so simple to enter & you have a chance at a $10 Amazon gift card! If you love to read this is an awesome opportunity to get a free book on muffinsandmocha 🙂 or whatever else you may like.

Again, all you have to do is :

1. Follow Me

2. Email me at  and send me something having to do with winter. It can be a poem, picture, quote, recipe, etc. I just ask that it is your original work or that you have permission to submit it by creator.

3. Title email : Blog Party

And that’s it! Winner will be contacted and emailed GC Sunday Night!

I don’t have too many people that have entered so far so your shot at the GC is really good 🙂 If people enjoy this I will do another one in the future. Good luck !

Coast to Coast

I saw this link from Mouthwatering Morsels page and realized I must share it too! This is so cool. Whispering Sweet Nothing’s blog has aa map on it with bloggers who live in different parts of the US. You can click on the different states to see who is there. ALSO, you can add yourself to this map if you so choose!! Definitely check it out here! It’s a free way to put your blog out there and get to know others who have a passion for writing too.

coast to coast

Liebster Award, Printable, and Craft!

Liebster Award

Today I received the Liebster Award from mouthwateringmorsel aka Melissa. Thank You! I love reading her blog because I feel as if I really know her by the pictures, food, and posts on her page. ❤ I have not yet received this award yet and it continues to be an honour to have a follower appreciate the things I write about. I will do a post involving the questions that come with this etc tomorrow. 🙂 Thank you again.

So, that being a very nice start to the day..the day did go a bit downhill. You know something that frustrates me about is the reliability of the people on there. Here is my thing, if you post something in the FREE section you have the choice to say “i’m not holding for anyone, first come first served”. However, when I schedule a time to pick up an item from you, allot time to do this, and give you a ring before I head over (with no answer) this is VERY frustrating and disappointing.  I was supposed to pick up a FREE shelf today and had planned to go after work. Called person who would not pick up so I ended up having to drive home to email them. Like an hour later they email me and tell me that a woman who had emailed them “first” ended up showing up and that they were sorry shelf was gone. Really? 😦 Super bummed

I ended up going to Cracker Barrel with my husband though and getting scrambled eggs w/cheese and 3 pecan pancakes with syrup and turkey sausage. OH. MY. GOD. If you have never gone to cracker barrel like …go now!!! Still to this day the most amazing breakfast.  It holds fold memories though because we would always stop at cracker barrels when traveling when I was younger. Thankful that it’s something that is still around. I was kind of put off when checking out though. My husband was refusing to let me pay the bill so I called him a “pain in the ass”. God forbid I say the word ass in a restaurant. The girl at the register got all embarrassed and was like this is a family restaurant and said we say things like that through text not out loud. Umm excuse me? I told her and I kid you not that it’s good I was not in there much because I would be getting thrown out. I hate how people your age feel they have the authority to correct you!

Ok so I know I’ve done a lot of printables lately but yeah here is just one more ha.. Loved it because it’s so colorful and festive looking. It’s something that is important for everyone to remember “Live a Colorful Life” :

Live a Colorful Life

And can be downloaded from EverythingEtsy for free here 

Another really cute project I did this week was of this craft below. I will upload the pic of our “exact” craft next week but this is the one that was on that I followed. It could not have been easier. Seriously, get a sheet of paper and draw out the face like below (could use a googly eye for more personality) and the body.  Then, go outside with your child and collect some leaves! Glue these down to cover up the “body”. I just used plain white Elmer’s glue and it worked fine! Leaves outside where I am are nice and dark and dead looking haha so this is perfect. Also, I cut the entire thing out. Then got blue sheet of construction paper. I cut a small strip of green construction paper and glued it to the bottom of the blue sheet to make “grass”. Then I glued the hedgehog on top of the grass. I also cut out a yellow sun to put in the corner. Super Cute!! His mom about died when she say it ❤ Ok so two reasons im telling you step by step. One, The DIY website Krokotak is in a foreign language lol and two I wanted to explain how I did the scenery. If you would like to see the step by step pics go to Krokotak . Again, it is NOT in English. However, this is so super easy you really don’t need many instructions 🙂


Alright well this is my post for the day! Hope you enjoy. Thank you to my followers who continue to support me and keep my moral up. Love you guys. ❤

FREE State Printables! Colorful & Cute


I found  free State Printables from Q.A Design ! Though they are all pictured above “together” they are actually individual downloads so you can dowload your state, states you have loved, states you have visited, etc. Below states are list of states that can be clicked on and dowloaded. Hope you enjoy! Love these! Link is here

9 B’s FREE Printable~! Black & White. AND one for the kids!

9 bs

This is a really cute FREE printable that is going in my bathroom. Going to get a frame from the dollar tree and stick it on up there! This one also does not use up all your colored ink haha so another plus~!

Download from keylimedigitaldesigns blog here

I also just came across a CUTE one for the kids! Recommended that this is printed on card stock for more durability. This printable is absolutely free of course!


These alphabet printables can be found here at thehandmadehome.

Just pic whichever letter you want on the page and download it! There is also a link at the top for other printables that they offer. I believe their is one a month.

Free Wall Art Printables for Kitchen – thanks big d and me!

The blog shared some free printables which I discovered tonight! wanted to pass along to those of us who love free things we can print off and put in a $1 store frame!

“If You Want Breakfast In Bed, Sleep In The Kitchen”   – haha I love this! can be found here

“You Can’t Buy Happiness But You Can Buy Ice Cream And That’s Kind Of The Same Thing” – Truth! can be found here

“Olive You” – Creative & Sweet! found here

“Give Thanks” – found here

There are a few others. They  can be found on this page here

Easy DIY on how to place frames in any space by using newspaper here

Just wanted to share 🙂 She has other REALLY cute ones that I believe she found on . The ones I could track down were sold my Graphic Anthology here .  Cute but sadly not free haha!  this is a pic of the finished wall in her kitchen

kitchen wall art reveal

FREE recipe cards. Printables!

I recently posted a coffee mug DIY below from Love Grows blog. I realized though that they also offer FREE printable recipe cards on their website! I’m definitely book marking this page. Can’t beat free, cute, and colorful!

Go here if interested in printing off the FREE recipe cards, compliments Love Grows!

They also offer wedding “save the date” cards and stationary

For those interested in that page click here

Possible Giveaway! Let’s have fun with this. What would you be enticed to win?

Hey guys,

I have never done a giveaway before but I have seen others on youtube do them and thought it looked like a lot of fun!

Trying to figure out what would be more fun:

contests (need ideas)….

whoever reaches my 100th follower on here first

allowing people to post about their latest act of kindness (I believe people with kind hearts should be randomly rewarded throughout their life.)

Also, let’s talk prizes!

 Here are some ideas:

starbucks GC

Barnes&Noble GC

cooking book

Baking Related

Random Surprise

Anyone have any other good giveaway ideas? Unfortunately, I am not doing makeup etc because I do not feel it represents my blog, is a bit pricey, and reflected towards the majority of women. (sorry guys lol) .  I feel both sexes should get to partake in the fun.

 So anyway this is just a brainstorm blog.  Hoping to get feedback or other good ideas from people that would be interested being involved or have done a giveaways themselves before!