The Massive Road Trip

From December 30th 2014-January 2nd 2015 I got the opportunity to finally take four days off of work. So of course, I put my feet up, drank coffee, and had a movie marathon. NOT. hahah! I have been wanting to travel for a while and go see a good friend in Ohio named Sam.

Traveling up there I got to go through several different states.  Starting in SC I drove through NC, TN, KY, and OH.  It was so much fun!!! I loved TN and all the mountains that were surrounding me.  For the FIRST time I:

-Drove through a mountain tunnel (and experienced my radio shutting off in it…creepy!)

– Pulled over to the side of major high ways to take pictures

-took a selfie of me and my dog (Daisy) in front of the mountains in KY

-I turned 27! And was told I am getting old (Thanks Flor lol)

I wanted to share some of the photographs I took along the way with you!!! ❤


Miamisburg, OH


Daisy and I wearing matching hoodies (completely un planned!!)


Sam and My cup from Spencers in OH!


I turned 27!


Sam took me to a park and just let me take pictures!!!


That is all for now! I have a lot more to edit ! ❤ Hope everyone had a save New Years and that 2015 is amazing. Oh and my facebook status on Dec 31, 2014 for my New Years resolution was:

December 31, 2014 at 11:13pm ·

 My new years resolution is to: Love myself a great deal more. Every year I make resolutions to make myself “better.” This year, I am reversing that. My goal is to not only feel but absolutely know that I am enough. And to believe with all my that one day someone will agree with that.

Bark At The Park!!!

Today, my husband, 2 chihuahuas, and I went to Bark At The Park in Chesapeake, VA. It’s similar to Paws For A  Cause which was located in Newport News, VA. Basically, it’s similar to an art festival where people set up tents to promote their products such as dog food, vets, boutiques, etc. It seriously was so much fun ❤ I took a few pictures to share with you of our dogs!!!

Bark at Park

Bark at Park

police car

Awesome police car out there!! Notice all the ribbons lining the bottom of the car. It supported literally every cause that there is. LOVED


Daisy and Duke!!

Nick wasn’t sure about putting the blue fluffy bow thing on Duke but when it was offered for free he said that since Duke was already struggling with his sexuality, it was ok to go ahead and put a bow on him LOL

cute bark at park

Daisy made a VERY LARGE friend 🙂

Duke in a bag Bark In The Park 2013

Duke chilled out in our promotional bag for a great portion of the event. hahaha


We picked them up a few toys, a few bandanas, and a magnet for my car that said “Wag for Awareness” ❤

FREE things

All of this was FREE. Free shirts, hats, bones, sample dog food, dog ids, magnets, scoops, Frisbees, license plate tag thing, etc!

Mongolian Food

We ended the day with some Mongolian Food. YUM 🙂

Neptune Festival

Today my husband and I drove down to Virginia Beach to go to the Neptune Festival. It was a lot of fun! They have vendors and artists from all over the place! I ended up getting this beautiful photography print below. It was quite expensive but I have a thing for gorgeous beach photography!!  The photographer, Chris Doherty,  also pointed out that if you look up in the clouds above the turtle that there is a cloud that looks just like a turtle. Unsure if you can tell in this pic but I do see it and think it’s so cool! This may sound dumb but I believe in signs and feel that this could be a turtle that passed away that the baby turtle is related to that is encouraging him on into the water.  What looks like a short distance for us is such a long travel for that little turtle. ❤ Slow and steady wins the race!

You can find Chris Doherty’s Photography at

Or follow him on facebook!


I also came across some really cool cups. They are below:

cup 3

cup 2

My husband ended up with a Clemson one 🙂

You can find these cups at

There were a few other places that I want to check back when I get a bit more money! One was Fantasy Forest that sells pretty lighthouses that actually light up. Robert Wieand makes the lighthouses and then puts white Christmas lights inside of them.  I’m not a lighthouse collector but as soon as I saw his I really wanted one! They seemed to be in the range of $60-$75 for the large ones. The website given on his card seems to be down but he can be emailed at His store is located out of Ruskin, FL.  The website is stated as Hopefully it will be back up soon!

A closer up look of what it looked like today:


Today has compelled me to try to think of creative things I could make! There were animals and planes made out of coke cans, Flower pot things made out of old tires, different designs made out of tools and car parts, beautiful paintings & photography, antique jewelry, fish prints, leather journals, cowboy/cowgirl hats, etc.  I would so love to be part of a festival like the one I went to today 🙂 ❤

Have a great night and Lord help us. Tomorrow is Monday.

Color Vibe and Color Me Rad 5 k

I’m considering walking my first 5 K! The Color Vibe is a run/walk that will be here in Chespapeake, VA on July 20th. It gives me plenty of time to work up to walking 3 miles. As much as I would love to run it, I know better than pushing my body that hard.  I always seem to get injured when I try to run…even if it’s just short distances. It could be because I just weigh to much at this point to run. I need to research this! Check back on Wednesdays for my Weight Loss Journal. I will try to put some information on running in the upcoming one.  Also, if you would like to check and see if the Color Vibe will be in your area go >>>> here

color vibe

A very similar race is called Color Me Rad . This website is worth checking out as well to see if it is coming to your area! I believe both entry fees are around 40 dollars per person. I know that sounds high but in the long run I think it’s worth it for the motivation you have in the months before the actual run and then the atmosphere at the run when colors are everywhere!!  Color Me Rad can be found >>>>>here

color me rad

Liebster Award, Printable, and Craft!

Liebster Award

Today I received the Liebster Award from mouthwateringmorsel aka Melissa. Thank You! I love reading her blog because I feel as if I really know her by the pictures, food, and posts on her page. ❤ I have not yet received this award yet and it continues to be an honour to have a follower appreciate the things I write about. I will do a post involving the questions that come with this etc tomorrow. 🙂 Thank you again.

So, that being a very nice start to the day..the day did go a bit downhill. You know something that frustrates me about is the reliability of the people on there. Here is my thing, if you post something in the FREE section you have the choice to say “i’m not holding for anyone, first come first served”. However, when I schedule a time to pick up an item from you, allot time to do this, and give you a ring before I head over (with no answer) this is VERY frustrating and disappointing.  I was supposed to pick up a FREE shelf today and had planned to go after work. Called person who would not pick up so I ended up having to drive home to email them. Like an hour later they email me and tell me that a woman who had emailed them “first” ended up showing up and that they were sorry shelf was gone. Really? 😦 Super bummed

I ended up going to Cracker Barrel with my husband though and getting scrambled eggs w/cheese and 3 pecan pancakes with syrup and turkey sausage. OH. MY. GOD. If you have never gone to cracker barrel like …go now!!! Still to this day the most amazing breakfast.  It holds fold memories though because we would always stop at cracker barrels when traveling when I was younger. Thankful that it’s something that is still around. I was kind of put off when checking out though. My husband was refusing to let me pay the bill so I called him a “pain in the ass”. God forbid I say the word ass in a restaurant. The girl at the register got all embarrassed and was like this is a family restaurant and said we say things like that through text not out loud. Umm excuse me? I told her and I kid you not that it’s good I was not in there much because I would be getting thrown out. I hate how people your age feel they have the authority to correct you!

Ok so I know I’ve done a lot of printables lately but yeah here is just one more ha.. Loved it because it’s so colorful and festive looking. It’s something that is important for everyone to remember “Live a Colorful Life” :

Live a Colorful Life

And can be downloaded from EverythingEtsy for free here 

Another really cute project I did this week was of this craft below. I will upload the pic of our “exact” craft next week but this is the one that was on that I followed. It could not have been easier. Seriously, get a sheet of paper and draw out the face like below (could use a googly eye for more personality) and the body.  Then, go outside with your child and collect some leaves! Glue these down to cover up the “body”. I just used plain white Elmer’s glue and it worked fine! Leaves outside where I am are nice and dark and dead looking haha so this is perfect. Also, I cut the entire thing out. Then got blue sheet of construction paper. I cut a small strip of green construction paper and glued it to the bottom of the blue sheet to make “grass”. Then I glued the hedgehog on top of the grass. I also cut out a yellow sun to put in the corner. Super Cute!! His mom about died when she say it ❤ Ok so two reasons im telling you step by step. One, The DIY website Krokotak is in a foreign language lol and two I wanted to explain how I did the scenery. If you would like to see the step by step pics go to Krokotak . Again, it is NOT in English. However, this is so super easy you really don’t need many instructions 🙂


Alright well this is my post for the day! Hope you enjoy. Thank you to my followers who continue to support me and keep my moral up. Love you guys. ❤

15 Things to Do with Kool-Aid!

scented sand

I had NO idea there was so much one can do with those little 20 cent Kool Aid packets! I’ve honestly stayed away from them because of the high sugar and the fact that I normally associated them with a fruit drink haha! Come to find out..thanks to Momma’s Fun World Blog that Kool Aid can assist you in making:

  • scented play dough
  • colored rice
  • scented color glue
  • scented sand
  • coloured pasta
  • paints
  • etc!

To find otu how check out Momma’s Fun World page here . Though I don’t have kids, this makes me wish I did so I could try some of these cool ideas!