My Chihuahua ate a Chocolate Santa


Melody wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and to all, a good night ❤


Daisy is like Swiper the sneaky fox from Blues Clues! She decided to open one of her presents a day early on Christmas Eve. She was so adorable doing it that i just let her have at it. I tried to assist her but she did not want help unwrapping her gift haha! She almost even ate the pack of coupons that came with it!!


Just to show my dog is made of nails, on Christmas Eve night she sneaked one of my chocolate santas that was on the bed (my bed), unwrapped it from its wrapper without making a sound, and devoured the santa.  I just about lost it. It was a larger piece of milk chocolate so I grabbed my roommate. Her, her gf, me, and Daisy spent the next thirty mins in the bathroom trying to get her to throw it up. We used peroxide which is what they use in the ER to get dogs to throw up. This of course did NOTHING other than make daisy burp like crazy. Despite the panic, she turned out to be just fine.  Maria, my roommates gf, stated that Daisy reined from Mexicans (she is Mexican herself) and that they are tough so she would survive!! hahaha! Then she confirmed she was Mexican by stating, “remember, they are on the Taco Bell Commercials~!.” hahahah


I got up at 5:15 AM this morning and left work around 7 PM. This was a long day at the Kennels.  I am convinced only Kennel Techs and gas station associates work on Christmas!! Tonight, if you wanted to eat out, your ONLY option was the Waffle House in a not so safe area.  :p

I hope everyone had a really nice, safe, and happy holiday!


Things That Drive Me CRAZY

This has not been the most positive of days. OK, if I am being honest, the past few days have been rough.  Work has been exhausting, drama has been draining, and I’ve just started feeling all the way around BURNED OUT.  It’s important to be positive but at the same time, it’s also just as essential to be human and feel negative emotions (hence this post).

So here is a list so I can get it out and vent…  If I am lucky, I will help someone out there feel less alone.


1. I AM BROKE ALL THE TIME.  You know those books that explain how to save money or cut cost…. yeah I can’t possible decrease anything any more.  I pay one set fee for rent/electric/and water combined.  My dog eats less than 1/2 cup a day (tiny chihuahua) so cheap food. I hardly ever have money for enough food to last me till the next pay check. I’m too tired to cook. Have not gone “shopping” in more years than I can count.  I can’t figure out how to financially make it. I don’t understand how people do it, I really don’t.


2.  DRAMA.  I cannot stand working with people who I know talk or say things about me or my team in the office.  I understand wanting to talk or having an opinion. But it’s really not professional to talk about anyone within a business setting.  I don’t want to know at any point what people think about me or my work ethic. All that matters to me is that I feel confident that I’m doing the best job I can do. I work full time (sometimes over time), do physical work constantly, and am always exhausted.  I don’t need high school crap on top of it…. Why can’t everyone just be professional and get along as a team? We don’t have to like each other, but functioning together would be awesome.


3. WATCHING PEOPLE GO BACK TO THEIR X’s. I’m unsure if this is a jealousy thing or a confusing thing for me. People often come to me to advise them during their break up.  They explain how unhealthy and painful the relationship was. Then, after often only a short period, they get right back into that relationship. I can’t fault them because I’ve done the exact same thing!! I ended up marrying a man that broke off our engagement right before actually getting married.  It just looks different to be on the other side of the coin.  I struggle with the temptation to fall right back into old habits too.  I miss and will probably always love my X.  I don’t just hall off and marry someone for the hell of it. Seeing people get back with theirs make me wish I could in a way (even though I know it would not be healthy).  However, at the same time, I also feel drained from trying to be there for people and help them while seeing them revert right back to the same situation. It makes me want to scream ::DO YOU HAVE AN ADDICTION TO BEING MISERABLE?::  It’s confusing…..


4. DATING.  OK, this is just not going well. I tried dating one guy from church. I am sure he is a truly nice guy but after one date, I realized I had never been so uninterested in dating someone in my entire life.  I like extremely respectful men that do not expect something on the first date (no matter what kind of relationship I am looking for). I truly this other guy at first that took me on a few dates. But then he did the whole “I don’t think you are ready for this” thing which of course totally crushed me. I sobbed in his car and told him how he was wrong (he wasn’t). But of course in the moment you don’t realize it. We were just at different places.  DATING IS STRESSFUL. And bottom line is… though I hate being alone… I don’t know what I want. And until I do, I should not be with anyone.

So yeah anyway….that is my rant for tonight.  🙂

Hilariously Horrible

Today has been one of those days that was so horrible, one almost has to laugh.

#1. Go to doctors appointment to find out I have a $89 copay. Where the fuck did that come from? They run my debit and of course, I don’t have that much money in my account. So I go to call Nick to try and get him to transfer some money…


#2. Go out to car to retrieve phone. Left the damn phone at home. Get in car and speed home to try and get ahold of him before appointment.

#3. He’s at training and doesn’t even get the message for like the next 8 hours.


#4. Cancel appointment, and go to Starbucks. A guy that works there has  clearly been enjoying the attention that consists of our conversations while I drink coffee. Today, I observed him getting really uncomfortable when a customer walked in and then out with their order. Not really paying attention, he later tells me that the guy that came in is someone he is still really into. That this guy has come to his house for a date in the past and he cooked him dinner. Explaining how everything was perfect but… I kind of dazed off after those few sentences. Is this really happening? Are you seriously gay? Are you kidding me?   (nothing against gay people at all. I just really thought he was straight so it was a shock).


#5. In an effort to try to make friends that have something in common with me, I ask the guy who prints my photography if he would ever want to hang out. I feel like very few of my friends adore urban photography, as I do.  I just would like to do some things “I” enjoy. I received a very kind email back pretty much kindly declining due to being busy, having a girlfriend, and a son.


#6.  A counselor in the meantime  has been trying to return my call all day. He feels he can help me with all I am going through (if he only knew). When I finally call him back I find out that I would have to pay a copay upfront of $85 and insurance would reimburse me a lot of it.  He kindly knocked price down to $50 a session when he heard dead silence on the other end of the phone. If only he knew that this is what I spend on groceries a week……


Yeah…. I’m going to bed NOW to prevent anything else from possibly  happening.

MEMO: Let’s Keep Shaving Ladies

Hey Guys

Well I keep seeing posts like this below on facebook:

lets keep shaving ladies

As much as I wish we all had laser surgery and could throw away our razors…. let’s not do it just because it’s fall or a cold season. Especially not if we have a significant other in our life! I can almost guarantee you that they will not be down with “no shave fall.”  Imagine being a guy and sleeping next to what feels like guy legs haha.


And who wants to feel prickles when their legs brush?


Just saying……..

Not all fads are cool 🙂

Pound Puppy

Ok, so you know those commercials of pound puppies on tv that make you want to cry. The ones where the dogs face is SO sad that you feel the need to rush out and adopt the entire shelter?

Well, apparently, Daisy has been watching these commercials and has used them strategically.

She now puts on a “I need a home, I need food, I need love…” face while we eat our dinner. She has found that it’s most affective when she has her nose pushed as far through the bars as she can get it and both paws are pressed against the door.

I had to show a couple pics because it is THAT hilarious

Pitiful Daisy 2 Pitifful Daisy

*NOTICE* her food and water bowl on BOTH sides of her.

Give it up Daisy, no one is buying

Daisy Ordered Chicken Nuggets

So after a long day at the vet getting groomed, Daisy, my chihuahua, requested some Chicken Nuggets.  haha well what actually happened is that I thought she was in need of a surprise so we made a detour through McDonalds and got a Chicken Nuggets off the dollar menu. She was kind enough to share with her brother Duke. ❤ What can I say…


Daisy with nuggets 2013

Daisy eat nugget 2013

Duke eat nugget 2013

Communication Between a Man and a Woman

For my Creative Thinking Class we were asked to watch this 15 minute video on Communication Between a Man and a Woman by Richard Campanaro.   I honestly thought it was going to be boring before I even started it.  It’s just been one of those days. Anyway, it turned out to be really funny and relatable.  I completely agree with what Richard says about listening and how men process information vs. women. If you are married, dating, or were once involved in a serious relationship I would be interested to see if you agree with this video! Please post about it and share with me or a funny story you may have about your significant others “listening” abilities. From my experience of having a husband and watching my friends relationships, I feel certain that men as a whole want to “fix” things as opposed to just listening to them.  Check out the video so that you will know you are not alone in thinking this!


Richard Campanaro: Communication Between a Man and a Woman

Update: many people on my discussion board felt the man in this video came across as sexist. If you feel so, please feel free to state this as well!! I am open to both positive and negative feedback. I don’t always see things as other people do. It did not occur to me that he may have been stereotyping women because I was focused on the main point he was trying to get across…


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!

Notice that mothers is in italics.  Not everyone is blessed with a mother who is kind, understanding, and protective.  I see a lot of quotes saying “home is where mom is.” As sweet as this sounds, please remember that today many people are hurting from the lack of “home” in their life.  Without going into detail, I applaud all the mothers who sacrifice on a daily basis for their children. The ones that know that being a mom is not always about being a friend.  And especially the ones who, regardless of the circumstances, put their children first.

These are for the mothers….

roses 1

And this is for those of us who experience acid reflux when seeing the balloons, cards, and Happy Mother’s Day things everywhere today:



The things people will try to sell never stops amazing me and cracking me up!! I found a page that I got a kick out of. Wanted to share. Freaky things like chocolate zombie baby heads and teddy bear tails for sale. It REALLY makes you wonder if these people are serious or just testing the insanity of humans. My favorite has to be the photograph of some horses in the backyard with trash/dishes covering the kitchen sink. $50 for that masterpiece. hahahahah  Check the items out>>>>>>> here!


Need a massage? No need to spend money. Hire Daisy!

So I just got done working out on the elliptical and am sitting on the lazy boy chair. Daisy, my chihuahua, just jumped onto the arm of the chair and stood on her hind legs to reach my back. She then proceeded to lick it with a very warm tongue. I must admit that this felt quite relaxing ! Daisy is also famous for prancing back and forth on people by tapping her legs in rhythm against unusual spots like their head. Maybe she thinks this will stimulate intellectual development?

Just saying if you want to save some money…….

Daisy currently has open availability.

 Call 1-800-daisy-massage to book reservations

daisy 2013 snow

It COULD Be Worse…

Whenever life seems like it could not get any worse, often we are sent a message from above (or wherever you feel it comes) to let us know that we are wrong, it COULD in fact be worse. Sitting at the pharmacy waiting on medicine I found myself next to a shelf with male urinals, a  neck brace, a walker basket, amongst other items. Thank you Lord for sending me a sign that all hope is not lost…yet. I do so appreciate those signs.

Jenny haha

Yes, my friends, it COULD be worse !

Dog Shame

I submitted Daisy’s picture to and it was posted today. She is on the second page. If you click and school down you will see a lil brown chihuahua 🙂 That would be Daisy! seriously, if you need a good laugh just scroll through those pictures. It’s amazing some of the things dogs will do. I love the one about the dog having a trash party and drinking beer plus listerine plus I believe it was hotdogs. He then through up. I would throw up too! I saw another good one about a dog that eats remote controls.  hahah!

I’ve now got everyones Christmas present either in the mail or ready to deliver to them. Thank God. Anyone else feel like this Christmas has been super EXPENSIVE. Even when you do DIY things it still takes money.  I must admit many of the gifts I got people this year were from Goodwill. However, they were good condition things. I would not buy someone something that looked used because that’s about as exciting as not even getting a gift!

I continue to miss Kiwi very much. She was my baby girl. It’s hard to do what is right as opposed to what is selfish sometimes. We found her a good home where she can have a ton of attention.  It’s attention we honestly just did not have the time to give her. Letting go of anything you love though is incredibly hard.

I keep forgetting tomorrow is supposed to be the end of the world. I feel like I need to write this on my calender 🙂

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My dogs discovered one of their Christmas presents a bit EARLY.  Clearly, they enjoyed it. It WAS a stuffed hamburger that squeaked. The stocking was also discovered as well by Roxy and Daisy. Roxy kept trying to pull the stocking off. It makes sense what looks more tantalizing to a dog than a long sock stuffed with treates!? 🙂

           ROXY IN ACTION


                                                                                                                    KIWI IN ACTION