Skinny Taste Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili Healthy Recipe, Education Update, and New Job

This past week a few positive things have happened.

1. I finally got a full time Kennel Tech position at a Veterinary Office in Charleston, SC.  These type of positions have seriously been non existent.  A few weeks ago I got fed up from not getting any call backs from vet offices that I just started calling around to everyone I had previously applied too. By chance, this one place was actually hiring. They were able to look up my resume and I got a call back the same day for an interview. From there I did a job shadow, they called references, and ultimately offered me the job <3.  Full time. I work 4 days a week for about 9-10 hours a day. I wake up at 5:30 AM and am incredibly thankful that this job pulled through for me.


2. I called my grandfather, who has believed in me through it all, and asked for $50 to apply to The College of Charleston. He sent me a check for $100. He is amazing. Not because he sends me money but because he believes in me. He’s spent his whole life going without things because he appreciates what he has.  It’s because of this that he has been able to help me along. I applied for the Studio Art major. The fall semester does not even start until August. Still have to do my taxes, update my FAFSA, and get my transcripts in. But first step is applying, and that was done today !


4. I made a crock recipe that turned out good last week. It was another one from the SkinnyTaste website.


Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili

This was really good and very easy! I believe I cooked it 5 hours on high but went by all of the ingredients. I just got that boil in a bag 10 minute brown rice instead of white rice. Definitely try this out!

So that’s what is happening this week 🙂 Hope everyone is well !


10 minute Vegetarian Healthy Recipe : Spinach & Bean Wrap

Who likes Mexican?  (((((I’m raising hand and jumping up and down)))))

Unfortunately, Mexican is not always very healthy.

I found a recipe though for a healthy version of a bean burrito at SkinnyMs! Check it out below.  I will be making these in next few days 🙂

Love how the recipe substitutes the plain Greek yogurt for the sour cream.

For those of us too that have a hard time with sodium, I would highly recommend making brown rice as opposed to Mexican rice .

Let me know how it turns out!

Spinach & Bean Burrito Wrap

for other recipes from Skinnyms check out:

21 Clean Lunches that can be prepared under 10 minutes


Melt in your mouth Slow Cooker Pot Roast

I wanted to share this recipe I made a few days ago in my slow cooker. My husband said it was one of my best recipes yet. And he supposedly doesn’t like things made in the crockpot! haha!

pot roast

The link is here >>> Six Sisters Slow Cooker Pot Roast

I’ve posted their recipes before. This continues to be my absolute favorite site to get recipes off of!! EVERY one that I’ve tried has been amazing. Like lick the bowl amazing ❤

Hope you enjoy this! Put it in the crock pot in the morning and leave until dinner! I believe I cooked mine for 8 hours on LOW the entire time. Let me know if you try this and like it. Please rate it with the stars below and/or comment 🙂

What is a CHEAP (but healthy) recipe you know how to make?

Ok so we all know what it’s like to pop our head in our fridge to find 1/4 gallon of milk and a stick of butter left. Only to check back in 30 minutes to make sure nothing else has appeared. 🙂


I do this all the time!! We are going to the store today but there is a challenge….my husband and I are working with a very tight budget and needing to come up with some cheap recipes that are not completely horrible for you.  We are not on a diet but don’t want to live off pasta or frozen foods either!


Do you have any recommendations? I can easily search and find recipes online don’t get me wrong. But it HELPS to know that other people have tried it and not only did it work but they LIKED it ❤

Thanks for help!

Wednesday Weight Loss Journal

Hello Friends!

I’m happy to get this post to you in the morning this week as opposed to late at night 🙂 I’ve still been chugging away on the Elliptical. Currently my weight is 194.3.  It takes me a LONG time to lose weight but I know this will come off completely if I do not stop posting, keeping myself motivated, eating healthy, and exercising! I’ve realized that when I walk with friends (as opposed to the elliptical) I’m able to walk a longer distance because I’m talking and staying distracted. My body does not scream ENOUGH as fast. I highly recommend exercising with people if at all possible. But do not become so dependent on being with friends that you do not exercise if you can’t get with them. There needs to be an even balance.  If you love watching tv programs at night then tell yourself you can exercise BEFORE them or put the tv right in front of that elliptical, treadmill, bike, or other while you work out.  ❤


I wanted to touch on BREAKFAST today. My favorite meal of the day is, hands down, breakfast.  There is nothing I love more than cereal, scrambled eggs, or some oatmeal!  Everywhere I read it says that it is essential to NEVER skip breakfast because it will lead to over eating later in the day.  I completely agree with this. However, I feel that I am eating too much breakfast or that sometimes my breakfast is too heavy.  After doing some research, I feel led to promote a LIGHT breakfast. It’s recommended that breakfast is around 250 calories. An article on Real Age states   “When people ate things like eggs, sausage, cheese, marmalade, and butter for breakfast, they tended to overdo it.”  I’m not saying don’t eat these, but just be really careful about your portions. As for me, I tend to pour cereal into a Ziploc baggy when I go to work. I’m sure more than my estimation of a serving size is going into that bag! I’m going to become more aware and try things like spinach smoothies again.  Before you completely plug your nose and run for the hills, let me share some recipes I’ve researched with you! I’ve personally made spinach & fruit smoothies before. YES they are green. However, if you put fruit (especially a banana) with them then you should NOT taste any spinach.

spinach smoothie


Green Monster Spinach Smoothie

Dr. Oz’s Berry Strong Smoothie

Spinach Smoothie Recipes at Yummly

Have a Wonderful & Healthy Day!

-Muffins & Mocha



Color Vibe and Color Me Rad 5 k

I’m considering walking my first 5 K! The Color Vibe is a run/walk that will be here in Chespapeake, VA on July 20th. It gives me plenty of time to work up to walking 3 miles. As much as I would love to run it, I know better than pushing my body that hard.  I always seem to get injured when I try to run…even if it’s just short distances. It could be because I just weigh to much at this point to run. I need to research this! Check back on Wednesdays for my Weight Loss Journal. I will try to put some information on running in the upcoming one.  Also, if you would like to check and see if the Color Vibe will be in your area go >>>> here

color vibe

A very similar race is called Color Me Rad . This website is worth checking out as well to see if it is coming to your area! I believe both entry fees are around 40 dollars per person. I know that sounds high but in the long run I think it’s worth it for the motivation you have in the months before the actual run and then the atmosphere at the run when colors are everywhere!!  Color Me Rad can be found >>>>>here

color me rad

Breakfast Recipes under 350 Calories

I found some delicious looking breakfast recipes that I encourage you to check out below. Why you ask? Because BREAKFAST is the best meal of the entire day! (in my opinion 🙂 )

Cornflake Crusted Banana Stuffed French Toast

Recipe can be found >>> here on Self’s webpage

french toastCinnamon Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Recipe can be found>>> here


Apple Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal

Recipe can be found>>> here


ENJOY! and if you try anything please let me know how it turns out by leaving a comment ❤  All of these recipes are by SELF.