Please help Pregnant Traveling Military Wife That had EVERYTHING stolen


I had a different post planned for today but have changed my mind. I just came upon “The Kim Recovery Fund” that explained how a woman named Kim, who was traveling from Florida to VA, had her U-Haul and Truck stolen while she was inside her hotel. She literally had packed her life into her U-Haul to relocate HERE (where I live!) to Hampton Roads in VA to be with her husband.  Upon going into a hotel in NC with her pajamas and toothbrush, she had planned on hitting the road early the next morning. When she walked out of her hotel, she found her truck and U-Haul gone.  Can you imagine how terrifying that would be? Police were able to locate both the U-Haul and truck but both had been burnt  to a crisp. The only thing that survived was her fathers urn.  I know this is a legitimate story because I watched her interviewed and story about the crime on That page can he found here.  Any form of donation can be made here:

The Kim Recovery Fund

Even if you could just share this blog, I would highly appreciate. In all actuality, this could have been any of us. She was an innocent victim. In the same situation, I would hope people would reach out to me. I do not know her, but I want to help her ❤ .

I pray for this family and that they can slowly put the pieces of their lives back together again.

Blog Help Wanted!

Hey Guys!

So I need advice on how to do something.  A few years ago, my extent of knowledge on blogging was myspace and facebook.  That was pretty much it. If you had asked me how to buy a .com website I think I would have spit my coffee everywhere in a fit of laughter. When I say I had NO IDEA about anything website wise, I really mean that! Since beginning this blog, I at very least have discovered how to buy my own domain name, have giveaways/blog parties, edit and post pics within my blog, write features, and gain many loved followers.  However, I would still really like to get to have more control over my blog. I’ve tried googling this but I can’t figure out how exactly to switch my website (the free version) to a paid version or have a host that would allow me to edit/add to my page. I’m seeing lots of great looking blogs with social media buttons at the top, BlogHer (and other) promotional adds on the side, etc. The free version of wordpress though will not allow me to do any of this.  They do have layouts you can buy but…no offense to wordpress…but they are not exactly what I am looking for.  I just have a certain way I want my page to look.  I need advice about how to do this and also referrals of people that could do it for me. I am willing to pay someone (ideally a web design student or person asking affordable rate) for helping me with this!! I am also willing to work with someone who just needs a great reference on their resume and is willing to do this for me just for experience sake.  I’m looking at all options but am open to discussing it~!  I would just REALLY like all my material from wordpress to come with me when I switch into a different layout situation.

If anyone has advice about how to do this I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!


Pray for Phoebe Fair PLEASE and others I support


Tonight, a little girl named Phoebe Fair needs your support, thoughts, and prayers.  A cancerous brain tumor was found in her head when she was only 4 years old. She has three brothers and loving parents. It’s clear from her facebook page that she has a beautiful personality that shines when she smiles.  Upon viewing her page today, it appears that her battle may be close to ending.  She sleeps 95 % of the time and is hallucinating. Her dog lays with her as her parents keep the house as comfortable and peaceful as possible.  I cannot imagine what they are going through. Out of respect for them, I will not post their pictures on my page. But I encourage you to check out her facebook page here.  It’s clear from the last updated picture that they are really in need of thoughts at this time.

***UPDATE*** Phoebe Fair past away last night, on October 5th, in the comfort of her home with her family.  The Lord has received a beautiful angel into heaven. Thoughts going out to her family.

There are a few other people I continue to follow. I have been following Trip Halstead’s journey for a while now on facebook. His page can be located here.  A tree fell on trip when he was very young. Ever since that incident he has been battling heroically to regain the ability to move, swallow, and overall function again. Through physical therapy he has gradually begun to “come back.”  It’s clear that the reason he has come so far is because of the love and devotion from his two sweet parents.  When given the opportunity to go on a cruise that they went on last year (before the accident), they chose to still go despite the current difficulties of his condition.  They new he could still enjoy being there and that the trip would instill some form of normalcy.  ❤ I encourage you to follow and pray for Tripp’s continual recovery.

How I miss Corbin. I did not know this baby but I admired his extreme fight for survival through his facebook page here called ==>>> Team Corbin . He past away not that long ago from Trisomy 13. His parents were given the option of aborting him when they discovered he had the condition.  They were told he would be born dead and that there was no hope. Instead of giving up, crying, and obliging the doctors…his mother and father fought back. Against medical science and all odds, they held out faith he would live long enough to hear his cry. When his mother delivered, Corbin was alive and kicking.  Though he stayed in the hospital and had Trisomy 13, he got to smile, dance, and touch the lives of thousands of people all over the world. His mother celebrated each day he was alive with a card stating how many days old he was and a saying. Corbin’s mother has such a beautiful way of writing. If she wrote a book I would seriously buy it.  I continue to be on Team Corbin, support his parents, and celebrate his will to defy all odds with life.

The last one I would like to mention is ====> Support For Sophia .  She was born with many different medical conditions with the most prominent one being Kidney Failure. Even though she is a baby, she receives dialysis often. She is also often scene in pics as on oxygen.  She has large eyes and a precious face.  I cannot imagine how strong she has to be. Thankfully, it looks like she will be coming home soon. Her family is decorating her nursery as she continues to recover at the hospital.  Also, Sophia really appears to love owls. Her family said her name means “wise” and owls are wise…hence the relationship between the two 🙂 .  Whenever I see an owl now I think of her! I pray for her recovery and that she can one day have a transplant that will end the dialysis for her.

There are so many children on facebook and other social networking sites that have conditions & need to be supported.  I did not choose these children above. They more so chose me. One of them led to the other.  I wish I could add ALL pages that need help on my facebook but I sadly would have trouble keeping up with that many, working, and going to school. We can only do what we can so I continue to support these above children and raise awareness that there are others out there that would love to have their pages followed! If you would like to find me on facebook please add me ===> Jenny Laura. If you would like me to follow you in return please post below. ❤

I believe in the power of prayer

Hope everyone has a good night. Please take a moment to be thankful for all that you have in your life. And if you have nothing you can think of to be thankful for, remember you do have a life. Walking, talking, speaking, touching, feeling, eating, working, functioning, etc, are luxuries to many. If you can do all of those things, you are blessed.

Cutest LITTLE Car…

I’ve always really loved “little” things. I came across this picture of the tiniest car I’ve ever seen. No idea what it is. Would be awesome if it was called the “Bubble” or something haha. Had to share it…

cute car

Speaking of cars, I will soon be car shopping again. Turns out the 2001 Pontiac Sunfire I bought for 2600 is a PIECE OF CRAP. It needs fuel pump and serpentine belt tensioner. We are out of money. So frustrated by car shopping. Every time I go I get taken advantage of 😦

What car do YOU recommend and why?

Calling ALL Computer Geeks


Please know when I say “computer geeks” I am not saying this in a negative way! God knows this world would be LOST without yall to help with technology! ❤ So I need some help. I am a 25 year old college student that knows *NOTHING* about computers. All I know is that my laptop has literally fallen apart and is on it’s knees (notice I did not say legs because those have already gone lol).

Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse

Here is what I need to figure out! …What brand is better and WHY?










If I am looking for a 6-8 GB computer what is a reasonable amount to pay? Or do you feel it’s more affordable to buy a 4 GB computer and add GB to it (for 4 gigs it’s like $50 at Best Buy).

Should I buy Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013? The newer version is more expensive by $30 but unsure if it’s worth it?

Would you prefer a laptop or a All in one desktop set up? Which is the better buy?

HELP!! ❤

Muchos Appreciation

How To Get Nominated For A Blog Award (on my page)


I thought I would make a post about how to get nominated for an award on my page.  I remember when I first started I wondered about how to get nominated.  Now, some people don’t take these blog awards very seriously or participate in general. That is fine because it’s a personal choice. But this post is for those that do participate, find putting a blog award on their page fun, and feel motivated by their readers who take the time to give the nomination. Personally, I love to be nominated! I find it flattering & fun. So here we go…..


How to get  *noticed* on Muffins & Mocha

  • Use my first name when you post on my page or refer to me
  • Comment on articles occasionally or often
  • Offer Advice
  • Click the “Like” button or  Stars at the bottom of my posts
  • Nominate my page for an award
  • Share my posts with others
  • Compliment or give constructive criticism
  • Participate in Blog Parties or Giveaways

I also want to say that, from my heart, I appreciate each and every follower that I have.  Having a blog would not be this much fun without you guys.  There is also such a wide variety of blogs following me! I love the diversity and interest people have taken in Muffins & Mocha! As much as I wish there were time in my day to visit everyone’s page, there sadly is not.  I want to give all those that follow me a chance at awards but to do so I need my lovely followers to read the above and help me with this goal.  Again, any of the above stands out.

If you see the same people getting continuously nominated for different awards I want you to know that it’s not because I am trying to play “favorites.” It’s due to the fact that these blogger friends have fit some or all of the above “How to get noticed on Muffins & Mocha” list. Occasionally, I will choose a new follower or a great blog I’ve checked out to give an award too. But just to make it easier for everyone, I thought I would post this too so that everyone has a better chance.

Have a great day ! ❤

I can’t figure out a career (massive vent)

I know some people have wanted to be a police officer or fire fighter ever since they were little. There are many people who have “always known” what they want to go into. That is totally awesome but I want you to know that if you are one of those people, I envy the crap out of you.  I am really struggling with what to do with my life.  Every time I try out a certain career I HATE it. Here are just a FEW I’ve tried:



Dog Grooming

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Work

Teaching Assistant

Notice, all of these jobs are extremely low paying.  Who knows if I would still be at one of them today if I could have made it to a manager type position and made over 10,000 bucks a year. I could not support myself off of those jobs than I could fit my entire fist in my mouth. Just saying.

So now, I am married and don’t “qualify” for my grant anymore because apparently my husband and I make too much money. hahahahahaha. I can’t afford socks. It’s rare I get a new bottle of shampoo. Getting an ice cream is a TREAT. Yet, I can’t qualify to get any assistance with college REALLY.

This leaves me to resort to the dreaded word:


I will be graduating this summer with an Associate of Science in Social Sciences. I’ve been working years on this degree so to stop now would be insane. All I have to do is make it through the summer semester. However, what job is really going to pay me more JUST because I have an Associates of Science? I didn’t even specialize in anything because I felt the Bachelors was the way to go.

Now I am faced with many colleges contacting me, wanting money, and saying they are the best place to get a Bachelors. Application fees alone have literally maxed out my credit card.  I’ve finally been accepted into a college but I am most likely looking at 25,000 if not more to get my Bachelors.


I don’t even feel confident in the direction I’m going in right now.

People say take time to figure out what you want your major to be. Well I’ve been thinking about it, changing my mind, and second guessing myself for the past 4 plus years.

I’m 25 now. Most people have great jobs. I can’t seem to make bird shit.

Without getting into great detail, I do not have any immediate family member to call for advice about education. I do not have anyone knowledgeable about scholarships or how they work. Colleges I ask for help seem to want to rush me in and out of their office, not realizing the extent of help I need. Then again, I guess they are not there to assist me with figuring out my life.

Has anyone been faced with these things? Anyone feel really torn about their career right now? Anyone love their career? I don’t know what I need. Motivation or a slap in the face.

If I could TRY OUT the career I wanted to go into I would feel much better. Right now I am about to major in Human Services.  I find the books interesting and can really relate to the conditions and trauma that many of the people I work with have faced. However, this may be a very bad thing. Do I want to relive certain painful parts of my life by listening to others go through similar situations. Yes, it helps them to listen and that would be nice knowing  I could help others. But could I really leave all of that heavy knowledge that people put on me at the door. I go to counseling and I really open up to my counselor. When I come out of there, I feel lighter. Like I’ve lost weight. But what I’ve really done is paid my counselor to take on the burden of my problems. Personally, I can’t imagine carrying around anymore emotional weight from anyone else. And yet I am going into Human Services?! 😦

Sorry for this massive vent. I’m just feeling all the way around frustrated and panicked. If anyone has any advice please feel free to post below ❤

Thank you in advance

Sea World Internship Advice

sea world

Hello Friends,

I need some advice. I’ve been thinking of doing an internship to add to my resume. While visiting Palm Coast, Florida I thought of doing an internship with Sea World. I didn’t even know if they offered the program. They actually do! If you are a student, with a 3.0 or above and have completed two semesters of college you are eligible to apply for it.  I did decide to apply on a whim, not knowing if they would actually ever call me. I would say two days later they did call. Excitedly, I answered the persons questions about myself and my school.  She was very positive and upbeat.  I schedule an “on the phone interview” with a 2nd person.

Now, my applying to this internship was completely based off of my husband getting a job in a certain area of Florida.  Unfortunately, between the first call and the second call, he realized he did not get the position he was hoping for in the area near Orlando. Knowing this I debated about what to do. The 2nd call came today and I decided to do the on the phone interview as if nothing had changed. I’m unsure why, I just felt led to do it. Everything went as well as can be expected for a phone call type interview where you don’t know what questions are going to be asked.

I’m now really trying to figure out what to do. I don’t know why I didn’t tell them my husband didn’t get the job or that I would not be living in the area…..

I guess my question is, it’s a 3 month internship.  Do you feel that for a short period of time, this would be worth driving a long way to get too? We will be in Florida definitely but I do not think we will live around Orlando like planned. 😦 There is potential that I could be located an hour or so away from it though. Am I being crazy?

I’ve never gotten to do any kind of internship and feel so bummed to think of taking the Sea World one off the table when I may actually get it…… help…. ❤

Follow The Leader…or not

Hello Friends,


I have a few “follower” questions which I am hoping you can help me out with.  I’m curious to know..

  • Do  you “follow” everyone who follows you?
  • If so, why or why not?
  • What about someones blog makes you want to “follow” them through EMAIL?


Here is my thing, I have many people who follow me (which I love!).   I always try to follow people back unless something seems off about their blog or blog picture.  I’m sure you know what I am referring too….those profile pictures that look like the person just got out of a prison camp haha. Anyway,  lately I’ve been wanting to get more involved with my follower’s blogs. However, I have followed so many people out of respect for them following me, that I’m having a hard time finding the blogs that I legitmately followed because we shared something. Whether it be a mutual understanding, hobbies, photography, DIY, motivation, past hardships, etc.

I know the great majority of us want followers! 🙂 But at the end of the day, do we want a high number of followers who don’t all participate in our blog (or read it for that matter), or a lower number of people who do take the time to stop by and say hi or browse through our material every now and then.   Here is my thing, I’m all about following people & following them back! If I’m being honest here though, I don’t foresee myself setting aside 20 minutes of my day to read about (example) comics, star wars, animated characters, etc.  It’s not because I don’t appreciate your writing! It’s just that we are humans and by nature we are attracted to things that we personally find appealing.

The following people through email thing is something I’m considering cutting back on as well. I hate to say this, but to follow you through email I literally need to know you by first name and have a desire to know what’s happening on your page before I go to bed. I know I set this bar really high but again, I follow a lot of blogs and cannot do the same through email. I would be SWAMPED with updates. If only I had more time to read everything! 😦  Anyone else feel this frustration?

So friends….hoping you can help me out with these questions above!  Thanks in advance.  ❤






Finding Yourself

me 3

If your feeling lost, confused, or just having a lack of identity know that you are not alone!

I spent much of my childhood going through emotional ordeals as a result of not having a father …and at many times not having a mother that was psychologically able to be there.  Due to this, I feel like  I lost a lot of those prime years where we figure out who we are, self confidence, what love is, who’s worth protecting, how to walk away, etc.

I’m working with my counselor now on finding out who I am as a person. She had me make a collage of pictures on a canvas frame of things that I loved. I wanted to put my friends on it but she said no, only put things that apply to ME as a person. The point was to figure out who I am as a separate entity.  After finishing my collage, it felt good to look at something I created that was a part of me. I will take a picture and post below.  The collage may be a good idea for you too if you are visual, artsy, and just enjoy doing an affordable craft that teaches you something!

The more I learn about getting to know myself the more I will post on here and share it with you. ❤

Power Bar and Radio Questions


Ok, I am going to post a few random questions for yall this morning 🙂  And I say morning like it’s early because I really want to be in bed right now!


Is there a power bar/enery bar/protein bar in existence that TASTES edible. Maybe even good? I keep buying them, thinking the flavor sounds awesome, taking a bite, and wanting to throw up!! Like the famous “cookies and cream” flavor that sounds delish. It tastes more like cat shit to me when put into a power bar! Maybe I am not trying the right kinds. Help!!!


Over the past few days I’ve heard a couple of interestig questions put on the radio for listeners to respond too. I thought I would share them and see what yalls opinion was!

Scenerio 1 = A girl wants her mom to hire her to work for her mom’s business. The mom is considering it but the problem she feels is that her daughter has several facial piecings.  Her daughter is refusing to take these out. The mother does not know if she wants her business represented in this way.  Do you feel the mom should look past tattoos and hire her daughter or tell her she cannot hire her unless they are removed? Or do you fee it’s not good to hire your child to work for your business in general?

Scenerio 2 = A man is unhappily married. He is actually in love with his wife’s sister who is in fact unhappily married as well. He is pondering the idea of divorcing his wife and telling her sister how he really feels. He feels his wife would be A ok without him. What should he do?

Discuss 🙂 !



Ok so some of you might have noticed my “header” at the top of my blog for Muffins & Mocha is new! It’s a work in progress because it  has not been completely finished (considering the tag line is not in there yet) but I posted it to see anything should be added and if so what. I myself did not make this nor did I have any part other than telling the person who created it what I was looking for (colorful, fun font, flags) .  I really love it but wanted to get yalls opinion! Any advice? Anyone have a catchy tag tine?

I will be doing a full post about who made it, the experience, etc when all is said and done!

Do You Know Anyone Who Makes AFFORDABLE headers for WordPress?

Hello friends!

I’m looking for an affordable  header design, custom made, by yourself or someone you know. Can you help?

UPDATE AS OF 2/16/2013  I have an amazing blogging friend who is working on this with me.  I appreciate the response I have gotten about it!! If further assistance is needed on header I will definitely post here again! For right now, please keep the ideas of what you would like it to look like coming 🙂

I’m looking for an AFFORDABLE header created by someone who enjoys seeing all different types of visions for people’s pages.  The Muffins & Mocha header I have now as served its purpose but I think I’m ready to step it up a notch and do an actual design with my “Muffins & Mocha” name. Anyone interested or know someone who would be interested in helping? Also, please let me know either on here or through email how much would be charged to JUST make a header (not a full website layout or anything). Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

I would ideally like 3 choices to choose from when all is said and done with payment if possible ❤

I also would like the ability to work with you on what I feel should be edited if anything within reason.

Even if you think you can’t help… YOU CAN! Here is how:

When you envision Muffins & Mocha what type of design/logo/scenery do you imagine? Are you seeing a coffee shop, comfortable chairs in front of a fire place, an actual muffin and mocha, or something completely different?

Color Scheme: are you seeing nature colors? Bright vivid colors? Pastels?

Let me know! My page is incredibly special to me because it’s a part of who I am. Those that follow me inspire me to keep writing and keep me motivated. I would love yalls help. Truly. ❤


Children International – Sponsoring A Child

I wanted to take a minute to blog about sponsoring a child and the organization, Children International, that I go through to do it.  I have been sponsoring a 9-year-old girl named Rosemarie from the Philipines through their organization for the past 2 years.  If you go to their website, , you will be able to search by country, age, sex, etc and view literally hundreds of children that need sponsors.  How it works is that you get to choose “your” child.  Does that mean the donation of $25 a month will go into just their hands? NO. When a child becomes sponsored they begin to receive benefits from Children International which means: access to medical benefits, assistance with school, food help, and more than anything they receive hope.  These countries have very few resources and I’ve read stories that their parents often become delirious from hunger and desperation. 83 % of all donations go towards these  charitable programs  that the child you sponsor now has access to because of you.  The other 17% is for Administrative and Fundraising Expenses.  The Better Business Bureau approves them as well.

When sponsoring a child, one has the ability to write the child. Depending on the child’s age, either they will write back twice a year (if not more) or their family will write for them until they are of age to write.  I have many letters from Rosemarie over the years as she does from me as well.  When you choose a child, YOU will be their sponsor. So it’s not like you get a childs picture, decide to sponsor them, and then find out 4 other people are also sponsoring them. I do  know that they stand true to this because I have received a childs picture in the mail that I’ve tried to sponsor, however, by the time I called Children International the child had already been sponsored. So that’s another thing, if you choose a child off the website  then they are guaranteed to be “your” sponsored child. However, if you send off for information on a child that needs to be sponsored, you will receive a picture in the mail (which takes TIME).  You will then need to check and make sure that child is still available for sponsoring when you get their picture because they may have been on the website and already been chosen before you got your letter.

2010-11-19 2012-08-15

Rosemarie when I FIRST started sponsoring her (1st pic) and today (2nd pic)


Countries from which someone can choose to sponsor a child are :

  • Colombia
  • Honduras
  • Ecuador
  • India
  • Mexico
  • The Dominican Republic
  • The Philippines
  • Guatemala
  • Zambia

There is no limit to how many children you can sponsor that I know of!

There is NO obligation. Meaning if you sponsor a child for 4 months and cannot do it anymore, you will not get harassed or charged. Just let the organization know you need to discontinue it.  They send you a “bill” each month as a reminder of your sponsorship but you are not locked in and can stop at anytime.

Along with writing letters you can also send things to your child and visit your child if you choose to do so! The organization requires that you go through them for any visits. Meaning you set up a date, time, etc, and they will provide someone from their company to assist you with meeting your child and the entire experience in general.  The trip, hotel, food, etc is afforded by you.

Though I can only speak for myself, the experience with Children International has been extremely positive.  $25 a month can literally save a life! Rosemarie tells me that I am her inspiration to become a teacher. She is one of those kids that I feel confident is going to change the world one day. I know there are others out there though that just need a little help to be able to do it.



Getting Help

I just want to post a quick one this morning on something I feel that I’ve accomplished.  My entire life I’ve had counselors. Some have been nice while others quite judgemental and out there.  My very close friend and I were talking the other night and I admitted to her that I felt “I was getting worse”. My symptoms include:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • nightmares
  • racing heart
  • crying
  • anger
  • feeling numb (even towards people I love)
  • and on the worst days…a desire to keep going

She told me that I just needed to find a counselor that dealt with my specific condition. That they would be able to come up with alternative methods and help. I love her for knowing me and believing that there is hope for me. She knows who she is ❤

Today, I made the step and found the name of a counselor who specializes in PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I sent her an email and told the counselor exactly what was going on and what I needed help with.  It was going to let me know if she was interested in helping me. Within maybe 15 minutes I got a call back from a secretary said she had passed on my email to the counselor, it’s exactly the type of condition that they specialize in, and that they would like me to come in this weekend! I cannot tell you how relieved and thankful I am for this.  I honestly do not know what I am going to have to go through to get better but I know that at this point I would walk over hot coals barefoot.

I’m telling you all about this NOT to make you feel sorry for me but to let you know that “happy girls” have real world problems. My page is colorful and upbeat a lot of the time. And that IS part of who I am. But there is another part that is dark and sad.  A part that wants to let people know its OK to admit you are NOT OK. And that getting help is not something to be embarrassed about. In the beginning, sure it’s not fun to talk about your past with someone you do not know. But the trick is:

  1. Understand that there is always hope but one must ask for help FIRST.
  2. Write down some of the symptoms you are experiencing (depression, anger, violence, sadness, nightmares, nervous, etc) . For us visual learners this really helps us SEE and UNDERSTAND that we are not ok.
  3. Know that counseling is nothing to be ashamed of! Yes, people get paid to listen to your problems but they are professionals who are trained in stress management. They have ideas & an understanding that friends normally do not have.
  4. Find a counselor you can connect with be it male or female. If you don’t like the first one, there are thousands of others in your area! Keep trying. I went to my last one for probably a year plus before I realized I had gotten as much out of that relationship as I could.
  5. Give counseling a chance. Get through the first few sessions and then evaluate whether it’s benefiting you or not.
  6. If you need the emotional support, ask a friend/significant other/or spouse to come. If the answer is “no” from any of those three you need to re-evaluate the people in your life immediately.

For those who are curious about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder) I encourage you to check here for a full definition and examples. Here is a quick quote from the page :

“The traumatic events most often associated with PTSD for men are rape, combat exposure, childhood neglect, and childhood physical abuse.  The most traumatic events for women are rape, sexual molestation, physical attack, being threatened with a weapon, and childhood physical abuse.About 30 percent of the men and women who have spent time in war zones experience PTSD. An estimated 7.8 percent of Americans will experience PTSD at some point in their lives, with women (10.4%) twice as likely as men (5%) to develop PTSD.”

So hopefully later I will be posting a new recipe or idea! haha. For today though, it’s important for me to get across a very different point.

Questions for Journalists



I’ve been really pondering the idea lately of going into Journalism as opposed to Criminal Justice.  It’s so hard to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life you know what I mean?  I know that writing makes me happy and that I can reach other people by doing it.  I’ve always had this desire to help people out of hard situations.  I think it’s because I can relate in many ways to struggling a.k.a hitting rock bottom.

For those of you who are Journalists, have taken classes, or majored in journalism I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me:

1. What made you want to go into Journalism?

2. Have you been satisfied with your career since doing so?

3. Do you feel swallowed in debt?

4.How did you first go about finding someone and/or a company to write for?

5. Do you feel you have been able to write about topics that you have wanted to write about?

6. Have you pursued Photojournalism or just stuck with Journalism? Why or Why Not?

7. Looking back, any regrets about going into this field?

Thank you to any and all who read this and take the time to help me! I’ve found that the best thing to do when feeling lost is ask people who have been there before you.

LYTI.ORG I Want Your Stories!

I’ve posted about my website before but I am excited to report that I have gotten my first two pet stories for it. I will be writing the second one tonight.  It’s funny that both of my first two stories are on pit bulls 🙂 I know a lot of people fear pit bulls greatly. I’m not saying that there are not ones that are aggressive out there but I have honestly heard about some exceptional ones over the past few days.  Also, it’s important to remember that a huge part of aggression has to do with how you raise your dog. Any breed of dog will turn on you if you abuse it just as people will when they are abused.

If you know of a wonderful adoption agency (NO KILL ONLY) in your area please email me the link. I will make a page of different states and their adoption agencies.  It can be for any type of animal be it dog, cat, reptile, aquatic, exotic, etc.

Also, if you want to be involved in please get the word out there about this website. I love ideas from people of things to do and giveaways that would be fun. I would like a bit more of a following before I do a giveaway but hopefully that will happen soon!  If you have a pet that you would like me to write about please email me at  or follow me at with pictures AND story of your pet. I will summarize it and post it . NO spam please.

Thank you to all who have started to follow me on my blog! It’s wonderful to be able to write about things I am passionate about.