CALL Santa & Leave Voicemail


First and foremost, I apologize to the person that I first dialed in Brunswick, GA when I dialed a 912 area code on accident.

So heads up, Santa is not (yet) in GA hahaha

You seriously get Santa’s voicemail and can leave him a message.

I can see kids loving this.

Is it wrong that I’m 25 and was tempted to leave him one?


Ok so I just found the most awesome thing ever! Does anyone remember Dunk A Roos?! If not here is a blast from the past:

dunk a roos

Here is the recipe for Dunk A Roo dip that I found on Facebook!


1 box funfetti cake mix (DO NOT add the ingredients that you usually would to actually make the cake – you need just the mix)
2 cups plain (or vanilla) yogurt
1/2 container of cool whip.
Serve with animal crackers or graham crackers.

I’m assuming you just mix those three ingredients together and voila! Can’t wait to make this for girls night sometime. If I decide to make it tonight I will def take a picture of it. ūüôā Wanted to share!!

Etsy Feature #6

Good Morning Friends! This is the 6th and final Etsy Feature that I will be posting in this series. I did think that there were 7 but I only got 6 questionnaires back. I’ve really enjoyed posting about these great shops and meeting the people who own them. I find start-up businesses to be so inspiring. I will soon be doing a post on creativity so I encourage you to check back! I know many of us are only able to draw stick figures or crayon drawings.¬† Due to this, we translate it into the fact that we are not creative people. However, that is actually FALSE. There are many ways to be creative.¬† These shops represent a few of the millions of ways to show creativity!

** REALLY QUICKLY PLEASE NOTE that there is no bias in any of these shops I chose. I have never ordered from any of them and only recently discovered them when I posted an article about wanting to do an Etsy Feature.  Thank you for everyone who participated. If this has been an enjoyable experience (which I hope it has!) I will be doing another one in the future!**

Meet Shannon Johnston, owner and creator of Phresh¬†Threadz, from Minnesota!¬† Shannon personally designs and creates all of her Bohemian/Gypsy/Hippie style clothing and jewelry in her shop.¬† I can say that personally, I would wear many things from her store! The prints¬†and color combinations she uses in her clothes are beautiful.¬† The way her clothing is cut too really compliments a person’s body.¬† I’ve never been one for short skirts. When I saw her knee-length skirts I fell in love! Phresh¬†Threadz¬†is affordably prices and would most likely appeal to teens and adults. The kids are not forgotten though!! Shannon also has a childrens line of clothing and jewelry in her store: Phresh Kidz.<3¬† Below is an interview with Shannon about her journey and advice as an entrepreneur. I hope you enjoy!


When did your shop open:

I first opened my shop in February of 2011, but didn’t really start working with it until the end of 2011/beginning of 2012.

What is the name of your shop AND the story behind the name:
I actually have 2 shops now, this one PhreshThreadz that I opened in 2011 and my new shop PhreshKidz that I just opened in January. There’s not much of a story behind the name, I just wanted something that was unique but still related to what I do, something that people could remember (though I’m not sure how easy that is with the spelling). For the second shop I decided to stick with the Ph and z in the spelling as part of my branding.

What do you sell:
I sell bohemian, hippie and gypsy style clothing, bags, jewelry and other accessories.

What item is your best seller:
Most of my work is OOAK, so I’ve only had a couple of items sell more than once, that was a couple of necklaces.… (sold more off Etsy)…
Other wise, my skirts and crossbody bags have done pretty well too.

What inspired you to start selling:
My sister inspired me to open my shop. I had been making things for myself and friends and family for a while, and she had told me about Etsy and that she thought it would be a perfect fit for what I do. So after checking out the site and some convincing from friends and family I decided to go for it. Like I had said, that first year I wasn’t too serious about it, but once I started to really work on my shop and get to know the community on Etsy I had so much fun with it that even though it is a lot of work, it’s fun work that for the most part I don’t mind doing.

What motivates you:
My biggest motivators are my two kids, I have a 9 year old daughter and an almost 4 year old son. I find kids to be super inspiring because their imaginations are not yet limited by what society claims to be impossible or incorrect or irregular, they are so much more open to new and different ideas and viewpoints than adults.

Any advice that you have for new sellers on Etsy:
My advice to new sellers on Etsy would be to really do your research before opening up shop. I have wished so many times that I would have had a business plan and goals and a much better understanding of selling online and SEO and all the important details that go along with it before I had opened up shop. It is much more time consuming and difficult to go back and change

Other information you would like to add about your shop if any:

I just recently started a blog myself and would love it if you could include a link to it along with my shop link.

DIY Kids Garden-Does your child LOVE flowers?

I just came across the sweetest¬† summer project idea on Pinterest! I would have never thought to make a”child’s garden” but it makes so much sense!

Does your child love to pick flowers?

Do they enjoy having a space of their very own?

Do you want to teach them about responsibility and nature at the same time?

childs garden

Check out how to make an easy, simple, and affordable child’s garden at >>>The Simple Sister’s Blog (K.I.S.S)¬† .¬† I do not have children but this idea is definitely something I would use if I did! I¬† I agree with the blog when it says that you should let your child choose whatever flowers they would like to put in their garden. It makes it feel more special. Adding vegetables is also a great idea !

Ouch Pouch Pinterest Idea

Ok so we all know my obsession with Pinterest! I loved this easy idea though that I think would really come in handy to those who are caregivers or daycare workers

Let me introduce you to the..

Ouch Pouch

ouch pouch

This idea can be found on Cutest Little Things blog here

If you get a small bag/makeup pouch you can fill it with things like band aids, chapstick, sunscreen, and maybe a lollipop or two! We all have those moments where are are like shoot! I left it at home!

This prevents that from happening.

I would carry one in my car or in my purse so that I could have one at all times. I’m sure there are many Ouch! moments where these are lifesavers.

If you would prefer to purchase a stylish pouch please check out Pillow Sew Cute on Etsy! Prices range from $8.95 tp $15 on average.

ouch pouch

Also, there is a pouch that says EPI PEN on it as well! I encourage you to check these out! ‚̧

15 Things to Do with Kool-Aid!

scented sand

I had NO idea there was so much one can do with those little 20 cent Kool Aid packets! I’ve honestly stayed away from them because of the high sugar and the fact that I normally associated them with a fruit drink haha! Come to find out..thanks to Momma’s Fun World Blog that Kool Aid can assist you in¬†making:

  • scented play dough
  • colored rice
  • scented color glue
  • scented sand
  • coloured pasta
  • paints
  • etc!

To find otu how check out Momma’s Fun World page here¬†. Though I don’t have kids, this makes me wish I did so I could try some of these cool ideas!

9 B’s FREE Printable~! Black & White. AND one for the kids!

9 bs

This is a really cute FREE printable that is going in my bathroom. Going to get a frame from the dollar tree and stick it on up there! This one also does not use up all your colored ink haha so another plus~!

Download from keylimedigitaldesigns blog here

I also just came across a CUTE one for the kids! Recommended that this is printed on card stock for more durability. This printable is absolutely free of course!


These alphabet printables can be found here at thehandmadehome.

Just pic whichever letter you want on the page and download it! There is also a link at the top for other printables that they offer. I believe their is one a month.

Mixing Color Craft & Book!

This past week, ,the child I am a nanny for and I have been reading the book called “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Walsh¬†. If you need a good one on colors and mixing colors to make other colors check this book out! Extremely durable and hard back:


mouse paint

Amazon sells it here  USED starting at 1 cent! Ok, so to go along with our book I wanted us to do an activity that involves learning to mix colors. On wikihow there is a page that explains the basic  food coloring  colors and amount that needs to be mixed to make different colors. My idea is to just get some water bottles with tops and do basic colors by squirting food colouring in them and shaking them up. Then, to add more food coloring to each one to create different colors. I hope it works!

I also found a really cute 1st grader (or other age group) printable FREE craft that on WhatATeacherWants page here . It’s Valentines AND about mixing colors. You print off the page with the several hearts that touch. There is a place to paste colored¬†construction papper on each one. Where the hearts actually touch/combine you put the color as if they were mixed.¬† Sorry hard to explain but really simpe! def check out! Below is the pic I found on that linked to the teacher page: