Mini Pine Cone

This is very random but I found this little pinecone on the ground. Had to take a picture 🙂 I love little things!


Also, a tree that for some reason reminded me of somewhere Winnie the Pooh would have lived.

I know, I am such a big kid!



Becky’s Light. Piano Pictures. RIP

On Sunday July 28th 2013 my sister died of a heart attack. She had been battling breast cancer and other types of medical problems for years. She was however, determined to not let anyone know how she suffered. I admire her beauty, determination, sacrifice, and passionate love for her children. I adored her as a sister and never believed it was possible that someone like her could ever die. These past few days have been the hardest I’ve ever experienced. I thought a really painful breakup was as hard as things get. I was wrong. Cherish your sister. Love your sister. Communicate how much she means to you. I found this piano the night Becky died. I had no idea she was dying while I was getting the piano. Maybe some think this is silly but I believe things happen for a reason. That maybe I was led to this piano to bring me comfort during her loss.



I will miss you Becky. I loved you so much more than you ever knew.  Though I am devastated right now I promise you that I will find ways to celebrate your life. I feel that this piano is a small step in that direction.


Thank you guys all so much for the support ❤ I put on my facebook status that today is the first time in a while that I went to bed before 12 AM and woke up before 12 PM. The death of someone you love just completely knocks the energy out of you. Both physically and emotionally. I’ve never felt pain like that before and to be honest with you would prefer to die myself before I feel it again.  I am a Christian though and believe that my sister is now somewhere that does not have pain. She is loved, accepted, and peaceful.  It’s nice to know I have friends who are behind me here on wordpress. And by friends I do not mean blogger friends, I mean FRIENDS. Thanks so much for the messages. Hopefully soon I will be up to making more posts again.

~ with love M&M

Pleasant Purple


“Pleasant Purple”

Taken July 18, 2013

I saw these flowers in bloom and thought that they were really beautiful and vibrant with color. Wanted to share this with you! I was actually going to a clients house but was early. I discovered a few plants in the area which I stopped to converse with 🙂

When it rains I feel……


My small vent for today is that I went to get with my girls to walk and it rained. 😦 We still walked despite the “mist” and hardly being able to look out of our eyes.  When I arrived there I had what was almost a completely flat tire. After walking, AAA  is called because my car for some reason did not come with a car jack and towing kit (OF COURSE) . It takes the guy  an hour if not more to get there and the AAA guy doesn’t arrive with or have  knowledge that we even needed a car jack. He was not friendly and didn’t want to be bothered with calling his shop to find one.  Later he was reported for the awful experience. Air is put into my tires and my husband follows me home. Deciding I have a few bucks in my account we go to Subway. After making our sandwiches my card does not go through. F*&%  !!! My awesome husband puts it on his card thank God.

I swear…..when it rains, it pours.

On the bright side, I got on the elliptical tonight. I’ve upped it 5 minutes so now I do it for 25 minutes straight. It does not sound like much but I have to move up slowly. My husband asked if I had lost weight tonight 🙂

The Bachelor Group

friends 2013

Just a pic of my friends and I ! We are the “Bachelor Group” because every week we get together, drink wine, and watch the Bachelor together religiously haha. Priscilla’s daughter, Madison, had her 1st birthday party today. It was really cute to see her dig into her cake and get excited over the big balloons. The theme was cupcakes. Who doesn’t love cupcakes!