I used filters on these pictures below because the light was not very good today 😦 I still like how they turned out though!





Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here


Wish you were here, wish you could see this place
Wish you were near, I wish I could touch your face

Wish You Were Here 2

The weather’s nice, it’s paradise
It’s summertime all year and there’s some folks we know
They say, “Hello, I miss you so, wish you were here”


Wish you were here

-Mark Willis

Pictures by me

I continue to miss you every day Becky.

More Camera Experimenting- FALL





Also, a friend recommended the Chai Latte at Starbucks with some  pumpkin flavoring in it. I totally got it  and it was delish. I got a medium and asked for 2 pumps of pumpkin flavoring. However, I will ask for one pump next time because that pumpkin chai latte was SWEEEEET! Yum though!!

Oh and a lady outside Starbucks comes up to me and asks if I am a photographer. My response: Why yes, yes I am. Here is a business card.  NOT…it was more like well I’m trying to be. I could not have sounded any more dumb. I was just not expecting someone to ask me that now or at any point really ha. So she is all, oh! well my friend is a photographer (good for your friend for being a “real” photographer) and she found this really cool picture the other day of a girl with a camera tattoo. (Just what I’ve been waiting all day to see…….)   She then gets her iphone and searches for it to show me. She then presents me with a girl who had a camera (only) tattooed on her underarm. It’s held up to her face as if she is taking a picture.  My response: wow that is awesome! I love that idea. (damn my southern manners). In all honesty, I thought it was plain tacky. But yeah…..to each his/her own.

It gives me hope that maybe, somewhere in there, I do have a bit more creativity than other people  🙂

pumpkin chai