One Year Blogiversary… Thank you to my followers

I just got a Happy Anniversary update from wordpress saying that a year ago today I began this blog. Wanted to do a shout out to my followers who make my page what it is.  The support, advice, and endless motivation has kept me coming back here for the past year. Though I have taken a break here and there, I’ve always returned because I missed sharing my life and reading about others.

In the past, I tried to narrow my blog down to have more specific content. There are those people with art blogs, DIY blogs, cooking blogs, etc. The fact that mine is a vast variety felt a bit out of place in the blog world.  However, I have fast come to realize that this blog is who I am. It’s not meant to be contained, shortened, or edited.  It’s a journal of my life but more specifically, my journey.

Thank you for joining me on it.  The road is much less lonely when people walk beside you.  ❤


And this is random but another craft I want to try is Yarn Wrapped Bottle Craft! Check it out at Craft and Creativity!


South Carolina Art – Pinterest Inspired


So I am posting a lot today guys. Sorry, bear with me! This is probably last photo for today.  I have seen state drawings/paintings on pinterest before and wanted to try making one.  I used a small canvas from Michaels, some paint, mod podge, decorative paper, and a paint brush!! If you want to do it the easy way, just print out the outline of your state (or whichever state you choose). Cut it out. Then trace it with pencil onto the canvas.  Personally, I did mine from eye because I did not have a printer. Other way is PROBABLY EASIER! haha. Once you have your state outline on canvas, use paint to carefully paint around the outside of it. I recommend working from the inside out. Want to make sure you don’t get paint inside your state 🙂 .  I picked up a multi pack of all different sized paint brushes from Michaels for I believe $4.99! Totally worth it! You will notice I have words inside my state and notes inside my moon and star. I used mod podge and decorative paper for this. Basically, while your paint is drying around your state, cut up little squares/shapes of decorative paper.  (You can even use magazine paper!) Once you are SURE your paint on canvas is dry, add a little heart to where you live on your state <3.  Following this, use a paint brush to fill in your state with mod podge. Use cut up paper to fill in your state. This will take some patience. If something isn’t sticking, just add more mod podge. As I was working, I was also painting mod podge OVER the paper to get it to stay down.  It looks white but dries clear so don’t worry!!!!! This is how mine turned out below : )

**And if you see what looks to be an outline of a bigger moon going the other way, you are right! I found out that a crescent moon is very hard to draw symmetrical. I also, according to my husband, had the moon “facing the wrong way.” So me, being my OCD self, tore my original moon off and spent a good hour trying to cut a moon that we both agreed upon looked better. hahaha I do not recommend this unless you have a beer with you . My frustration level was quite high!**

Jenny Art

Pinterest DIY Photo Craft


DIY Mod Podge Photo Frames

Hello Friends 🙂

I found this idea on Pinterest. Unfortunately, it was not linked to a website so I have no idea of knowing who actually came up with this. Thought it was cute though! Below is what was stated on the “pin” about how to make these….

“Just print off any picture you want, then spray paint a piece of wood black, cut the picture to match the size of the wood. Using Mod podge coat the wood then lay the picture on top. Once it has dried thoroughly, use sandpaper to rough up the edges, then put a layer of mod podge over the picture. paint some eye hooks and use pretty ribbon as a hanger and voila”

Why Bloglovin

Hey Friends!


So, I’m really behind in technology as many of my friends would tell you. I seriously (not kidding) just got passed down my first cell phone WITHOUT buttons. You know the kind that has the touch screen? Yeah, you probably have one within arms reach right now I bet ha! The entire thing is totally new for me. The only difference between me and Judge Judy is that I do pump my own gas. Other than that, her and I could totally have dinner sometime!!!

Ok, so what I have learned about being behind in technology. When one does not know, one must find out.  I heard someone say on Shark Tank the other day on ABC that their father taught them “People are not entitled to anything. We must work hard to gain.”  AMEN

So in honor of that quote, I have been doing some investigating. I googled “how to promote your blog.”

I was first guided to this awesome list I recommend you check out :

95 Places to Submit and Promote your blog for Traffic and SEO

SO if 95 places seems a bit daunting, I will tell you about the one main one I focused on….


This page allows you to now only search through tons of blogs by category but also to link up your own!!!!

Linking up your blog is REALLY easy. This is coming from a girl who remember just got a buttonless phone!

Before I joined Bloglovin , they gave me option of signing up through my facebook.This is what I chose to do since it was easier than trying to recall another screen name and password. After joining and searching through some adds, I then discovered how to link my page up. You will find at the top of the Bloglovin page a picture icon that is your profile pic. Put your mouse up to it and a drop down bar will appear  that says Your Profile, Your Blog, etc. Click on “Your Blog” and click “Claim Blog.” In order to claim blog they are going to give you a small link to copy/paste into a new post in your blog. Keep this window open and on a separate page go to your blog and copy/paste link into new post. ( This is just to identify that it is YOUR BLOG that you are about to claim.)  Once you post link in your blog and posted, go back to the bloglovin page you kept open  and click claim blog. It is then linked in your profile.

My blog is linked up here:

Now, any blogs I follow through bloglovin have the opportunity to view and follow me back if they would like.

I found a great post by J9 Designs that explains why, out of MANY social networks (Twitter, Facebook , Google) , she chose Bloglovin.

It’s easy, free, and gives you more exposure. For me, it’s not so much about having a huge number of followers as it is me being able to “reach” more people. The more people, the more ideas and conversation. I appreciate ALL that visit my blog and find that being “followed” is the largest form of flattery.  ❤

Good Luck! I hope this helped some people 🙂

Keeping Fall Alive

Who doesn’t love fall with all of the beautiful colored leaves? I know I do! The weather is also beautiful.  Even though we are leaning towards winter now, there is still time to save a few leaves! I found on Mommy Savers that I would be interested to give a try! It’s called

fall leaves

How to Preserve Fall Leaves

I encourage you to check out the tutorial —> here

Let me know how it goes!

Sillhouette Canvas


So I finished my Sillhouette Canvas tonight 😉 I started it last night. I think it turned out pretty good. It took a lot of patience but then again, I haven’t painted since I was LITTLE! I hate to say I forgot to paint…but yeah haha. I had moments where I was wishing I had an eraser. I found some cool Modge Podge Sheets that had notes on them at Michaels. I used the same concept that Tater Tots & Jello used but also gave it my own spin by using words as my stencil and Modge Podge paper (instead of magazine paper). Everything else was the same though !  I would recommend getting a multipack of different sized paint brushes… I got mine at Michaels for $4.99 I believe. It just helps to have different sizes if you are outlining a stencil. There may be some small areas that you would need a tiny brush for and then some larger areas that a bigger brush may come more in handy.

Here is a pic of some of the supplies I used….


Not pictured are the black paint and canvas.

So here is me working on it….

jenny art

And here is how it turned out!


*AFFORDABLE* Mod Podge Sillhouette Canvas

Hello Guys!

sillhouette craft

So after finishing my Book Wreath craft, I have decided to try another. I was pleased with the outcome of making the Book Wreath and am extremely happy to have something “I” made hanging on the wall 🙂 .  I went to Pinterest and decided to google “adult crafts.”  God knew that I am pushing it a little too far with the word ADULT hahaha. A craft came up called Mod Podge Silhouette Canvas that BOTH kids and adults can do. Or, they can do them together!! I am not typing out instructions as this was not my idea. I’m the first one to raise my hand and say that errr I’m not that good at coming up with ideas :(. I love it though that I can try other peoples! Thank you to Tater Tots & Jello for coming up with           =====>    Mod Podge Silhouette Canvas !!!

I’ve been wanting to work with Mod Podge! There is a great tutorial on Tater Tots & Jello’s webpage with pictures and such. I noticed a few people in the questions section were asking what to do with the mod podge as it is not quite clear in tutorial when, where, and how much to put on canvas.

This was the response to one of the questions:

“We Mod Podged below to stick it down and then again on top.

I just traced the stencil.  I painted along the pencil lines.  If you’re going to sand, stain, splatter, etc. you won’t even notice the imperfections.”

Another question was referring to how to get a monogram to put onto the canvas. The person was a novice crafter and trying to think of a way to put her own design/letter onto the canvas. 

This was the response:

“I would try getting on the computer and find a font you like, then type whatever letter you want, enlarge it to however big, and print. Then it’s just a matter of cutting it out, then proceeding with your canvas. “

Good Luck! I’m sure ALL supplies can be found at Michaels and anywhere that magazines can be found! 🙂 Michael’s ALWAYS has coupons on their page or in the paper that are 40-50% off!! Currently, there is a 40 % one on their page here: Michael’s  . Have fun saving money and doing art!

Affordable & Easy Tree Art

Tree 1

I saw this craft on pinterest and thought it looked so easy and cute!!! Unfortunately, there was no website connected with this picture. However, it seems pretty self exclamatory to me! 🙂 You would need paint (any colors you want), glue, and some multi colored sequins.  Depending on age of the child, you may have to draw outline of the tree but they can use their finger to do the “flowers” or “leaves” ! Parents can dab on some glue and children can just sprinkle the sequins around. I am going to keep this idea! You could also do different seasons with this picture! The above could be summer, for fall you could use fall colors for the leaves, and so on!



Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!

Notice that mothers is in italics.  Not everyone is blessed with a mother who is kind, understanding, and protective.  I see a lot of quotes saying “home is where mom is.” As sweet as this sounds, please remember that today many people are hurting from the lack of “home” in their life.  Without going into detail, I applaud all the mothers who sacrifice on a daily basis for their children. The ones that know that being a mom is not always about being a friend.  And especially the ones who, regardless of the circumstances, put their children first.

These are for the mothers….

roses 1

And this is for those of us who experience acid reflux when seeing the balloons, cards, and Happy Mother’s Day things everywhere today:


DIY Modern Country Frames!

I  found a really cute DIY on Pinterest! I love anything that reminds me of the country! It’s hilarious because I did not grow up on a farm.  I can’t say this craft is “easy” because it does involve tools haha but if you know how to work them (or have a husband who does 😉 ) check this out at >>>>> It’s Over Flowing.


country picture

Ouch Pouch Pinterest Idea

Ok so we all know my obsession with Pinterest! I loved this easy idea though that I think would really come in handy to those who are caregivers or daycare workers

Let me introduce you to the..

Ouch Pouch

ouch pouch

This idea can be found on Cutest Little Things blog here

If you get a small bag/makeup pouch you can fill it with things like band aids, chapstick, sunscreen, and maybe a lollipop or two! We all have those moments where are are like shoot! I left it at home!

This prevents that from happening.

I would carry one in my car or in my purse so that I could have one at all times. I’m sure there are many Ouch! moments where these are lifesavers.

If you would prefer to purchase a stylish pouch please check out Pillow Sew Cute on Etsy! Prices range from $8.95 tp $15 on average.

ouch pouch

Also, there is a pouch that says EPI PEN on it as well! I encourage you to check these out! ❤

Personalize Your Frame with Book Pages

Sorry friends that I have been away for a few days. A lot has been going on with school (reports ick) and family drama (once again ick!). If you did not see it feel free to check out the post titled “Depression” on my page.  I do want to post some DIY stuff for yall today!


Personalized Frame

I found this cool idea of adding  book pages behind a large frame in Show And Tell’s blog! Beth chose to use pages that had alphabet on them, however, you could use any type pages you wanted. For a child’s room you could use pages directly out of a children’s book! If you don’t want to tear pages out I highly recommend going to Goodwill or other thrift store. Their children’s books are usually 50 cents to $1.00.  Take a moment to flip through and look at the illustrations.  This is a perfect example of never judge a book by its cover!!

This DIY with photographs of the project can be found here


Recipe Fail and Do You Have Grocery Saving Tips?

Ok so I just made a recipe off pinterest. It was called “Pumpkin Pie Yogurt” and looked like this:

pumpkin fail

However, it tasted like this:

cat throw up

Does anyone else have this frustration with Pinterest? Don’t get me wrong I love the website and they can’t know which recipes are good and bad on there but damn… thank goodness that recipe did not cost me much money~!  It was bitter…so much so that I tried adding some splenda to it which made it have a weird after taste. Definitely NOT sweet and NOT like pumpkin pie! It went in my FAILED RECIPES folder 😦  Not all the recipes on my page I have tried yet. If you try something and it is not good PLEASE let me know!

Oh and if you like to get a laugh out of ideas that have FAILED check out: (fail etsy products)

This squiggle drawing below is going for $3o on Etsy!!!! There are 7 in the series….all altered lines that are a bit different than the last. For those interested there is an option to purchase the whole set hahhahahahahahahah

I’m sorry…. if this works muchos props to that person. Seriously im about to get my sharpie and make some designs with little dots and put that shit up ASAP on etsy.

art (fail pinterest ideas)

So we went to Walmart, land of the slow and inconsiderate people that like to stop their buggies in the middle of an aisle as they stare off into space or have a conversation.  Anyway, they have the cheapest stuff where I live. My husband and I get enough for two recipes, a few snacks, fruit, OJ…his total is in the $60’s and mind in the $50’s . We try to split the bill up so it’s not so expensive. It’s around $11o for us to eat for one week..for 2 people. Does this seem expensive? How much do YOU spend on groceries a week if you don’t mind me asking? I know people are doing all this stuff with coupons and I will use one here and there but I have certain brands I like..and generally..healthy food coupons do not exist. Or maybe I am just not finding them if they do!?

Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Cake

I was looking through pinterest pictures and came upon an AMAZING looking Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish Cake!  I wish I could post a pic but it will not dowload onto wordpress. The recipe and picture can be found at A Hint Of Honey’s blog here

Note this is NOT a diet or healthy recipe. It’s just one of those ones that I must save because it looks too yummy to be true!

Recipes For The Week

I feel bad I didn’t get to blog yesterday! In all fairness, I did try before I punched a button on my computer that disconnected the internet lol. Being exhausted, I figured the internet had just gone out. After a lot of twisting and unplugging of wires this morning I discovered that the whole reason there was no internet was because of me ! 🙂 Anyway, I’m back. Wanted to share the recipes I am making this week:


This is a pumpkin dip by the sixsistersstuff that can be found here . It looks amazing and I cannot wiat to try it! I’m going to serve with apples and graham crackers on “Bachelor Night” with the girls.

Will be picking up a bottle of Mascato as well!

barefoot mascato

Also, for dinner I’m making

chicken parmesan

by Kraft. The Chicken Parmesan recipe can be found here

and for the broccoli

Amateur Gourmet had a wonderful recipe for broccoli that can be found here! I apologize I previously linked a different recipe that I plan to try when I have a steamer 🙂 This recipe just requires popping it in the oven.


12 Things Happy People Do Differently

I found this list on and agree with each of the points on it! I’m honestly trying to become a happier person. I let depression weigh me down a lot more than it should  Stress negatively impacts our quality of life by creating havoc on our health, emotional stability, etc. I’m going to be trying to post points on positive things as well as stress relievers in the future.  Do not get me wrong… I’m grateful for my life, friends, blogging, husband, dogs, being in college, etc. However, just because there are positive things in ones life does NOT make them a HAPPY person who knows how to deal with life in a POSITIVE way.  I feel like how we respond and look at life is a learned process. Some of us, were given the gift of having stable parents who helped ensure endless security amongst other needed traits. While others of us were kind of thrown out into adulthood like a pack of meat to wolves. I’m having to learn how balance my life and make my way. It starts today. Please click on pic below to enlarge 🙂

happy people

pic was linked to this page here

$3 Fitness Motivation For Visual People

Hello! If you are a visual person like me and need to SEE things to get motivated then this is a really cool idea. I found it on pinterest! So this is the idea…. I want to make a “Pounds to Lose and Pounds Lost” jar. When I lose a pound I will move a stone into the pounds lost jar but if I gain I will move it back. If I get a certain amount of stones (say maybe 10) into lost pounds jar I will come up with a reward for myself!! cool idea huh? You can get jars and stones at the dollar tree so seriously this idea could cost you 3 bucks! If you have a lot of weight to lose you could have each stone represent 5 pounds or 10 pounds as opposed to one pound. If your like me though and wanna see a lot of stones in that pounds lost I would recommend having each one represent a pound! 🙂

pounds to lose

On a random side note I just watched Ice Age Continental Drift. HILARIOUS. I liked it much better than the last one that came out. Totally recommend if you need a good movie to make you smile.

If you want to check out the awesome blog that this was on go to Fit Girls Martini

Sprinkle Candles and a Detox Bath

Ok so I know weird combination! However, the two ideas I found today were sprinkle candles and how to make a detox bath. I must share both!


Sprinkle Candles

These are pretty self explanatory



Tea Lights


How To:

Put some sprinkles in a  small votive. Fill about half way

Set the candle on top of sprinkles

light it

voila! Great for Birthday Parties!! so inexpensive.

-Photograph from Pinterest

detox bath

Detox Bath

1. Run a hot bath. It opens pores and prepares body for  cleansing.

2. Add three pints of hydrogen peroxide (3%). This oxygenates the body and helps purge toxins. It’s also antibacterial and antiviral.

3. Add two ounces of ground ginger, a natural anti-inflammatory that increases blood circulation and helps promote the elimination of toxins through sweat.

4. Soak for about 30 minutes.

5. Drink lots of water; You need to replenish what’s being pulled out of your system.

The Detox Bath tutorial was found on: Beauty Bets blog which can be found here

For all of us that are getting sick right now, this type of bath may be worth a shot!!