DIY Kids Garden-Does your child LOVE flowers?

I just came across the sweetest  summer project idea on Pinterest! I would have never thought to make a”child’s garden” but it makes so much sense!

Does your child love to pick flowers?

Do they enjoy having a space of their very own?

Do you want to teach them about responsibility and nature at the same time?

childs garden

Check out how to make an easy, simple, and affordable child’s garden at >>>The Simple Sister’s Blog (K.I.S.S)  .  I do not have children but this idea is definitely something I would use if I did! I  I agree with the blog when it says that you should let your child choose whatever flowers they would like to put in their garden. It makes it feel more special. Adding vegetables is also a great idea !


mini pizzas


pinterest idea found here

super easy! I’ve never thought of doing pizzas that way though. There are no instructions on website pic is attatched to but the ones on pinterest say:

“Mini Tortilla Crust Pizzas…cut out circle shapes with a can, press into a muffin tin, add sauce if you desire, cheese & pepperoni…bake until the cheese is melted & they are hot clear through.  Great little party appetizers!!”

Child Safety Bracelet

You can’t keep kids safe enough anymore! I found a really cute, easy, and useful idea for kids that will be traveling through an airport or place where they have potential to wander off. I may have my child one day wear one around her ankle at ALL times!!


I’m sure you can get beads and string at your local craft store.

Just put your phone number (with area code) on the bracelet in case of emergency.

It will help children remember their number or stand out to those who may find your child and are unsure how to find the parents.

Best of all, it can be made into a little boy or little girl theme! The kids could pick out the charms on it depending on what they like.

Also, you could put your child’s allergy, blood type, etc on this type of bracelet. The possibilities are endless.

Wanted to pass on! 🙂

idea found on

It was not connected to someones blog.

Crockpot Chicken Chili

chunky chicken chili

Wanted to share what I am going to be making next week! You have to love the crock pot! Slow Cooker Chunky Chicken Chili EVERY Kraft recipe I have made has been really amazing.  You can also tweak ingredients to make more healthy when needed. I love the crockpot and how fast it is to make a meal. Fingers crossed this recipe will turn out like the other ones I have tried!


Also on the grocery list…

Greek Yogurt

String Cheese



fruit cups


 So today was eventful ! I made chicken salad, stuffed peppers, and easy Christmas pretzel treats that were delish!!!! Pictures below



I did a blog about these pretzel treats and how to make them a few days ago! I also have them in my APPROVED RECIPES section at the top of my page so please check that out.

Here is my Chicken Salad. This is so good I can literally eat it right out of the bowl.


num num num

Ok and because I was feeling extremely adventerous…that and my husband and I need dinner tonight lol I made some stuffed peppers!



YUM! I can’t wait to eat these tonight ❤

Again, all recipes can be found in my APPROVED RECIPE section. After I try the stuffed peppers I will add them in there. I have to try and like the food before I add them 🙂 However, I have no doubts these will be fantastic. I love how colorful and Christmasy they look!