Sunday News

Hey everyone!

So I’ve been really busy putting adds up on craigslist to try and get our house rented. My heart goes out to anyone trying to actually sell their house right now, as it feels like the market is made up of crickets. It’s been like complete silence for a while lol! Not that crickets are silent…but anyway! Today, I am going to go by Barnes & Noble to study my Psychology 201 and Social Ethics. I’ve made the decision to take a semester off of school to figure out what direction I am going in. Career wise, things have been getting foggyer for me. No idea if that is a word, but I just made it one.  I may do a future post on my blog about career challenges and decided which direction to go in based off of peoples advice who have “been there” before. One of the best things adults, especially young adults, need to hear is that they are not alone.  It feels incredibly lonely when everyone around you seems to have it together though.  However, we must remind ourselves that our social circle is EXTREMELY tiny compared to the billions of other people in this world.  It would be awesome to figure out a way to connect people that need advice to each other.  I think teachers, parents, and churches think that they are enough. And maybe for some people they are. But lets take a minute to really think about who has ALL three of those in their life. And the ones that do, are they expected to just use solei those recourses? It’s not fair…

Moving on to something else, as the above is an entire nother post…. if I get a chance today I’m going to go by Michaels and try that silhouette craft that I posted about earlier~ ! It looks fun so I am hoping that mine will turn out. I will report about how it went when I try it.  I’ve gotten away from the whole cooking thing lately. Which is why our freezer is probably packed with frozen foods! I feel so ick! It’s saying that if I do not make a healthy recipe soon, it’s going to abandon me 🙂

Alright well just wanted to drop in and give a bit of an update.  We do have a family coming to see the house today….yay! Again, fingers crossed and if you pray, please pray that we get this place sold by the end of November. I’m ready to go home and be with people I have not gotten to spend time with in YEARS.

Thank you all for following and being wonderful

Oh and I found this awesome sign that I want to buy ASAP


Can be purchased here —- > Laundry Sign


Relocating !


A mini update today 🙂 We found out this past weekend that Nick got an offer of employment from a company in SC. So we will be moving back to Charleston, SC. SO excited as I have wanted to go back for quite a while now. South Carolina is my home and Florida is Nick’s. In all fairness, he applied to Florida too and I told him whichever one we got I would support him.  Charleston, SC ended up beating Florida to the punch. It will be crazy to go back after 3 years and start all over there. In case you have not followed my story, I was thrown out of my house when I was 21 years old. For a while, I slept in my best friends room while continuing  to go to school online.  I then moved to VA to be with Nick, my boyfriend at the time. Eventually we got engaged and then it was decided to call the engagement off.  Back to SC I went into that same friends room. I slept my her bed and worked full-time (while still staying in school) until realizing I needed to return to VA.  My x fiancé and I decided to give it one more go which led to me being married.  I’ve stayed in school the entire time and got my Associate of Science here in VA.  For the first time, I worked at a vet hospital and have fallen in love with the environment (and animals).  I’ve made a few special friends here and have sadly lost a few as well.

Basically, I’m ready for a break.

I want to drive down to Folly Beach and just breathe.

I dearly miss the palmetto trees.

I know Charleston, SC can be a beautiful place and memory

Starting over is the answer.

And it’s time.

palmetto fountain

Neptune Festival

Today my husband and I drove down to Virginia Beach to go to the Neptune Festival. It was a lot of fun! They have vendors and artists from all over the place! I ended up getting this beautiful photography print below. It was quite expensive but I have a thing for gorgeous beach photography!!  The photographer, Chris Doherty,  also pointed out that if you look up in the clouds above the turtle that there is a cloud that looks just like a turtle. Unsure if you can tell in this pic but I do see it and think it’s so cool! This may sound dumb but I believe in signs and feel that this could be a turtle that passed away that the baby turtle is related to that is encouraging him on into the water.  What looks like a short distance for us is such a long travel for that little turtle. ❤ Slow and steady wins the race!

You can find Chris Doherty’s Photography at

Or follow him on facebook!


I also came across some really cool cups. They are below:

cup 3

cup 2

My husband ended up with a Clemson one 🙂

You can find these cups at

There were a few other places that I want to check back when I get a bit more money! One was Fantasy Forest that sells pretty lighthouses that actually light up. Robert Wieand makes the lighthouses and then puts white Christmas lights inside of them.  I’m not a lighthouse collector but as soon as I saw his I really wanted one! They seemed to be in the range of $60-$75 for the large ones. The website given on his card seems to be down but he can be emailed at His store is located out of Ruskin, FL.  The website is stated as Hopefully it will be back up soon!

A closer up look of what it looked like today:


Today has compelled me to try to think of creative things I could make! There were animals and planes made out of coke cans, Flower pot things made out of old tires, different designs made out of tools and car parts, beautiful paintings & photography, antique jewelry, fish prints, leather journals, cowboy/cowgirl hats, etc.  I would so love to be part of a festival like the one I went to today 🙂 ❤

Have a great night and Lord help us. Tomorrow is Monday.

Dare to Jump


It’s slow postin these days! Sorry guys! I’ve been tied up with trying to get a job, figuring out where we will be transferring too, and just trying to survive life in general. I believe I did post about graduating but am actually unsure haha? In July 2013 I finished my Associate of Science in Social Science degree. It took me five years to do so. However, instead of being ashamed of that I find myself being thankful that I never gave up on my goal to graduate.  Even when I was literally homeless, I was determined to not give up on education because it was really my only hope of being able to have a better life one day.  I never really stopped to think about what careers I could go into that would not require a college diploma. Those seem to be few and far between. There are some out there though! So if you took that route, have a stable career, and have no college debt I absolutely applaud you.

The update on moving is that Nick has tested for Charleston, SC and is about to test for Jacksonville, SC. As pretty as Florida is…I really want to go home. I want to see my friends, repair relationships, and actually enjoy where I was born. I have never really given myself time to relax and see Charleston, SC for what it is. I allowed so many things and memories from my childhood to negatively effect me when I went there.  It’s time to see the place through a new pair of sunglasses.

I decided to enter into a new major at TCC. I am taking 3 courses in Social Ethics, Psychology, and Human Services. I’m very interested to see how I like the Human Services one as this is what my major is in. Though I have taken Psychology type courses and Social Problems, I’ve never taken just straight Human Services. If I do not like this course it’s really going to throw me for a loop as to what to do. Something I have mildly considered lately is doing an EMT-B(asic) course.  They offer them at colleges. Usually, the courses are 6 months long, $1500, and prepare you for additional testing. If you pass everything you are qualified to go on to work anywhere in the nation as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).  My brother does something similar and has really loved it. I believe he is going to pursue that when he comes back from deployment. Does anyone work in this profession that could give some insight into what an EMT-B would be qualified to do?

I would also like to add, RIP to Corbin. He did pass away recently from Trisomy 13. He was a smiling fighter. I saw a video of him “dancing” to music with tubes all over him. If that is not inspiration, I do not know what is. Heaven gained someone really great.

Hoping everyone is doing well!

Moving past the pain

To all my dear friends who have checked on me be it online, in person, or through my blog… THANK YOU . This has been a few of the most painful weeks I have ever experienced (or will probably ever experience). There is no pain like losing your sister or someone you love for that matter.  So many things about her life remain a mystery to me. I just didn’t get the chance to ask. More honestly, I just did not make the best of our opportunities.  I knew I was losing her for quite a while. We never talked about it. It was almost as if I understood she was dying more so than she did. Becky had an incredible amount of strength. I will post more about our story sometime and how we actually came to find each other.

moving on

For now though, I send heart felt thanks to those who thought of me. If you are trying to get past a death or loss and think you are going to die in the process, I can now say I identify completely. There were days I did not want to eat, breathe, or live. I felt responsible, guilty, and weighed down by all the things I should have done while she was alive.

Here is what I have learned from the past few weeks:

Cherish every moment you are given

Never hold back how you feel about a person


Have faith that the incredible pain will subside

Celebrate peoples lives

Do not dwell in what could have been. Focus on what you now have the power to change.

Hoping everyone is well. Will be getting back to posting in the near future.

Thank you for your patience.

Greasy Fries and New Car

Let me start off by saying how healthy I ate today…


NOT!!!!! hahahah 🙂 Ok let’s put it this way…. I have never in my life had a McDonalds large fries or their Sweet Tea. I can hear the gasps from all around. In the past two days I realized they have a very yummy $1 LARGE Sweet Tea.  Hell0! And today my husband ordered a large fries with his meal. I NEVER eat fries.  I had a few and I could not stop.  I literally ate half his fries which he generously shared with me but was clearly still hungry after his meal.  I asked if I should order another fries. He said “if you want too” which in husband language means “hurry the heck up I’m starving my ass off.” So I did and I ate half of those too. In all, I’ve eaten an entire large Fries today ::GASPS:: I feel….yucky and chunky. But to be honest, it was such comfort food that my mood actually went upwards for the rest of the day.  I can’t say I will do it again or for a long time but man….YUM lol.  Taking a healthy girl to McDonalds for anything but salads is like taking a farm girl to New York. 🙂

Ok a second really positive thing happened today! We all know I’ve been looking for a new car. And by new I mean extremely used, high mileage, AFFORDABLE car.  We have been driving around looking at things. I went into a lot today that had a car for 900 ish.  I’ve never seen such a rough looking car. Rust everywhere, seat covers torn up, etc.  Be rest assured, I did not get it. From there we went to one of the stuck up lots.. I believe Toyota dealership to ask where there used car section was. Apparently, their CHEAPEST used cars are 10,000.  A sales associate we met was nice but literally turned up his nose like he smelled a dead body when we told him what we were looking to pay. Looking horror struck he stated they stand behind their cars. His mood changed from complete uninterest to quite friendly when we mentioned we would consider financing. Moving on from there… We went to another lot that sold cars in the 2000-4000 ish price range. I found the manager outside working on a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire. It did look dirty with leaves in it and what not but they had just gotten it in. 117,000 miles on it, everything worked including AC, working radio with cd player, sliding and tilting sunroof, etc.  The engine was so quiet you could not hear it when it was running. Needless to say I made an offer and he took it! I said $2600 ALL included.  He tried to slip a fast one when my husband went over there with a down payment. He all the sudden said there was a $299 processing fee. My husband told me because I am sure he would figure I would handle that one. Here is what you do if you are ever in that situation.

My text to manager: “I told you that I only wanted to pay 2600. You agreed that this would cover everything. My husband now says there is a $299 fee.  We do not have the money to remotely pay this. If you require this fee just know I am backing out of the deal. Please let me know ASAP so I can know if I should start looking for another vehicle”

Manager Text: The vehicle is still yours. $2600 out the door.

 Do not ever let yourself be pressured by  a car salesman. Hold them to their word and use their word against them if need be to remind them of exactly what they said. They will not give you something for nothing but if you give a fair offer, they will not let you walk away. If you have cash, be prepared to have more power in the situation. Cash in hand you should be able to name your price that moment you see something you like. This puts pressure on the salesman to decide if he should take cash then and accept or risk you getting out of lot to put that cash somewhere else lol.

So here is a pic of the SAME kind of car and color that I am getting. Not of my actual car as I have yet to take a picture of it!! Super proud to be getting ready to buy my first car that soley has my name on it!!!


Minor BRAG! Computer & Student Ring

I can’t believe this morning that I am looking on my blog through a 20” HP  Pavillion all-in-one screen!! ahhh! Sorry to brag it’s just that I *never* buy anything nice like this.  This is the girl who doesn’t have enough socks and currently is not raking it in on the job front. I’m thankful for student loan money. Lord knows an online student needs a working computer.  Anyway, here is what it looks like:


I found it for $399 at Office Max  ❤  Anyone have a desk chair they want to sell me lol! Thank you for advice on my last post about computer help!!! I kept all of those tips in mind when I looked.

Also, for those of you who are wondering an affordable place to get a student ring I would recommend Limogos Jewelry. I got my class ring for $119.00 but realized that if you join their email list they send you a link for 20% off any item. So I signed up for that first. The total price of my ring was $95.99. I ordered the ring below (but it will say different things). For those of you who have done a google search for student rings you know that to find one under $100 that is personalized with free shipping and a 20% discount is a bit rare! Also, if you sign up for their email list I recommend waiting 3 days or so before ordering. They sent me a coupon for 25% off not long after I ordered my ring through email. Wishing I had waited for that!

Limogos Ring

Something Random:

Last night my  husband asked if I wanted to play Monopoly with him. It was a Star Wars themed one. I’m honestly not a huge Star Wars fan but I said yes for something different to do. It ended up being a lot of fun! After the game we ended up putting in the Star Wars movie. I think he really enjoyed it. It’s hilarious to see how peoples moral goes up or down depending on how much PAPER  money they have (mine included). Like seriously, play it with your friend or significant other and just watch how their emotions change depending on how they are fairing financially! It’s so true to everyday life.