Our Little Garden



My grandfather and boyfriend planted a little garden last weekend. They planted tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, red/green/yellow pepper, jalapenos, banana pepper, and cucumber. The plants are looking really good. Picture above is when vegetables were first planted a week ago.


Picture below is of vegetables  5/5/16 . I need to get a better picture because of the shade but they are definitely taller! 🙂

It was nice having my grandmother and grandfather come stay with us. I really enjoyed that. I made Gaga a lot of coffee and we road out to Folly Beach. She wanted to just stay in the car but I wanted her to see the ocean. So see it and step in it she did!


Jeremy made a good meal for us too. It was a lot of fun.



DIY Kids Garden-Does your child LOVE flowers?

I just came across the sweetest  summer project idea on Pinterest! I would have never thought to make a”child’s garden” but it makes so much sense!

Does your child love to pick flowers?

Do they enjoy having a space of their very own?

Do you want to teach them about responsibility and nature at the same time?

childs garden

Check out how to make an easy, simple, and affordable child’s garden at >>>The Simple Sister’s Blog (K.I.S.S)  .  I do not have children but this idea is definitely something I would use if I did! I  I agree with the blog when it says that you should let your child choose whatever flowers they would like to put in their garden. It makes it feel more special. Adding vegetables is also a great idea !

Vegetable Fried Rice

fried rice

Vegetable Fried Rice

I am getting the ingredients from the store today to make this!! It looks really yummy and I’ve been in the mood for fried rice. However, since I am trying to lose weight I cannot just go down to the Chinese restaurant and pick up a box.  Honestly, I like to know what goes into my food and I think that this is a healthier way to make the fried rice. At least it sounds like it!! There is soy sauce and sesame oil but there may be low sodium versions. I’m going to check into that. Also, you can add way more veggies and chicken if you like! It already has eggs in it though so either way you are getting protein

The recipe can be found here at The Cooking Photographer! Enjoy!

And thank you to all who are participating in my Polar Bear plunge party!!! I’ve had several people enter which I am excited about. Please do not hesitate . If you would like to submit a recipe, photograph, poem, or quote that involves winter please do so at muffinsandmocha@hotmail.com for a chance to win a $10 GC to amazon being given away next Sunday.