Motivation to Challenge Yourself

If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. –Vincent Van Gogh

I absolutely love this quote above.  There are always so many doubts going through my head.  Often, I feel there is a voice saying “YOU CANNOT DO THIS.”
Instead of allowing that voice to be right, I would like to really focus on proving it wrong.

I did something for the first time a few days ago!!  I walked across the ENTIRE Cooper River Bridge and back.  My friend absolutely insisted that we must make it to a light pole a ways away from the end of the bridge to ensure that we had walked the 5 mile trek.  I felt like we should be awarded medals and receive a standing ovation by the time we got to the end. The feeling of completing the walk though was amazing. I really did something I did not think I could do.

I need to do more of this kind of thing….

Cooper River Bridge

Connecting Downtown Charleston, SC to Mount Pleasant, SC





Weigh In & Good News

So I just weight in and I am 188.8 . Say what? hahah I am so happy to be back in the 180’s. Again, NEVER thought I would be saying that. Sometimes I feel like we complain so much that maybe God throws us for a loop to help us appreciate what we have.  I did not appreciate this weight before but I sure do now. So far today I have not had any snacks.  I did have a South Beach meal bar for breakfast and a turkey sandwich with some pretzels and orange juice for lunch. I’m hungry right now but know that I need to wait longer to eat dinner because I have to work tonight. I get hungry when I am working so if I don’t eat late it’s a mistake. I’m going to do some black beans and brown rice tonight.  Something that has a lot of protein!

Also, a few days ago I got scared out of my mind. I checked my status for my college transcripts and it was saying (out of no where) that I needed 2 additional classes. I absolutely panicked and felt ready to throw in the towel. 😦 I told myself though what the worse case scenario could be before walking into the college. I calmed myself down, thought of what I needed to say, and told myself regardless of the outcome I would still get to graduate in December.  Turns out, whatever document it was that I read was incorrect!! I was correct about being able to graduate this summer. Thank you Lord. ❤ I needed that. My moral has been really low lately so that assisted with bringing it up a notch.

Hope everyone is having a good day! Oh and I watched an episode of Dr. Quinn the other day. All time favorite show. I grew up on it and was convinced (at a not even legal age) that I was going to marry Sully, have a wolf, become an Indian, and live on a mountain. I used to draw pictures of Indian men with long black hair, feathers, the whole deal….along with collecting Mandellas hahaha. I miss being that innocent, that naïve, and that determined about something I wanted.

I must not fail said the tiny snail…

Ok so it’s Wednesday! I just weighed and I am 190.8 pounds. Thank God.  I never thought I would be saying “thank God” to that number in a million years but when you have hit 200 pounds on the scale and gained 30 pounds in 3 months it’s a huge relief to see that number! The not having snacks thing seems to be working for right now.  I made it through yesterday without any I believe. My body is craving food but I am trying really hard to not give in. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner so please don’t think I am starving myself. I think I thought the idea of having several snacks during the day would work for me to help me carry over into the next meal.  I feel like though now even with the snacks I’m always starving. In my opinion, it’s because I have become so focused on FOOD.

It’s time to refocus on other things like blogging, school work (notice I list blogging 1st 🙂 , getting outside, moving….

No more snacks and no more being obsessed with facebook.  (I deleted my personal page)

So far, this has been a productive week!

Also, one other tip…..


An interesting study was done at Yale, Pennsylvania, and Cornell on snacking.  According to the study using pringles chips, if we have a “interruption point” in our snack we tend to eat less. Meaning, it’s worth it to count your chips (or other snacks) out in serving sizes and put them in little baggies. When we get in front of a TV screen or other activity involving food, we often completely tune out how much we are actually consuming.  I encourage you to take a look at this study at the Prevention website located >>> HERE. I thought it was really interesting!

Weight Loss Tip (Snack Warning)

I’m really sorry guys that I have not kept up with the Wednesday Weight Loss Journal thing. I’ve really let life get in the way. I promise I am getting back to it though. Here is a health tip for you that I have personally discovered. I for the longest time was doing the elliptical 30 mins a day 5-6 days a week and maybe lost 4 pounds in a matter of MONTHS. Then I got an infection and stopped for a few weeks. When I went to the doctor they said I am in the “obese” catagorie (GREAT there goes my last shred of my self confidence) and that I need to lose weight ASAP.  So I decided…..

to cut out ALL my snacks. I usually have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2-3 snacks..(sometimes 4 if I am being honest during the day).  For the past two days I have been doing this.  Granted, last night I ate an entire bag of light butter popcorn because I was starving my ass off from only having 3 meals lol but it’s a start! Today I weighed in at 192.6 .  This is lower than I have been in a long time! I weighed in at the doctor a few days ago at 196. I have exercised only once so far this week.  The snacks that I eat during the day I did not think were bad for me. We are talking fruit, nuts, veggie chips, etc. Turns out, they apparently are packing on weight. 😦 I just wanted to warn people who are struggling to lose, exercising, and feeling totally burned out that eliminating snacks might REALLY help.  Hoping next week I will feel less hungry.  It’s like going off of diet coke. You crave it, feel like you can’t live without it, then the feeling passes.  ❤

I also read an amazing quote today in the SELF magazine. “Skinny isn’t sexy if you are dead.” This means: diet safely, make sure you get enough calories, and focus on health not starvation.  If you diet/eat healthy  for the right reasons & the right way the weight will eventually come off. For all those struggling please don’t give up. I have my days believe me where I want to stay in Pj’s all day, not go near a mirror, and heaven forbid walk outside for others to look at me. I get it. I’m Mrs. Body Dismorphia right here. But we must fight back because this battle is possible to win ❤ I have to believe that. Hope everyone is having a nice week.

What you should know about FAST GOALS and UNREACHABLE GOALS

Hello Friends,

It’s a nice wet morning here in Chesapeake, VA.  The perfect atmosphere for writing a blog while in a relaxed state 🙂 This topic is something that I’ve been thinking about the past few days.


Please take a moment to hear me out before you disagree.

I love motivation and things that motivate us as humans.  Goals inspire people that they can do better and work harder to achieve just about anything they want. Nike puts out some great motivational quotes, hundreds if not thousands of books are written about motivation, and colleges literally proclaim that if you get a degree your field of choice is handed to you.


The reality is, that sometimes goals do the opposite of motivating us. Once a person makes a goal, the pressure is on. Often, a time limit is set and the feeling of failure quickly proceeds if the goal is not reached.  This can lead to a person throwing up their hands and going “This is not fair. Why can everyone else get there but I can’t?”

My friends, let me answer this for you.  In my opinion, goals are NOT meant to be met fast.  People that climb mountains, lost tons of weight, and achieved a high paying career had to work very hard to get there.  Harder than the average person can probably even relate too.  Giving yourself a short deadline to meet a goal fast is recipe for absolute disaster. I can’t tell you how many goals I have made, added a deadline, and given up on when that date came because my results were not as I had planned in my mind.

This picture below is not of me but it’s how I used to view weight loss.  I would say in 6 months I will lose 40 pounds. Not only would I expect to lose that amount of weight but I would also expect results like below.  Who knew, that NEVER happened!!!

before and after

So now, after many failures, I have a different outlook on goals.


Give yourself time. Keep a notebook and record your progress. If writing down negative progress feels defeating then don’t do it. As long as you stay focussed and realize that tomorrow is a new day. Sometimes, just having a notebook full of positive progress is what is needed to be inspired.  Reading, last week I was 5 pounds less than I am today so F*CK I’m going to go eat a bag of chips now because I feel depressed. DOES THAT REALLY HELP ANYTHING??? I read a quote the other day that said “No matter how slow you run, you are lapping everyone on the couch.”  Remember that, it’s really the truth!   If you have a realistic goal and want to achieve it really bad, love yourself enough to give your body, mind, and soul time to adapt to the changes.


Now lets discuss reaching for the stars (literally).


Before deciding and implementing a plan of action to reach your goal, please  take the time to go to the $1 store. You need to buy a spiral notebook and a pack of pens if they cannot be found in your house.

notebook pens

This $2 investment could literally save years of your life from being lost.  After getting together your supplies, sit down in a QUIET area where you feel relaxed. This could mean the beach, library, man cave, other… Turn off all TV’s , iPhone’s, ipads, ipods, kindles, computers, children’s toys, etc.




-Why do I want to reach this goal?

-Is this goal realistic to my lifestyle?

-What will I have to sacrifice getting this goal or once I achieve it?

-Yes, I may be making a lot more money but will I be happy?

-Putting aside what everyone else is doing, why do “I” want to reach this goal?

-Do I have a good support network?

-Have I done enough research on the goal to know what must be obtained to reach it?

-Do I have the resources to reach my goal?

-Does money need to be invested to reach my goal?

-If I need a jump-start of self-confidence are there other ways of going about achieving this than setting a goal? (such as taking an art or photography class)

  After filling out all of these questions you may realize that you had the wrong goal, your goal was unrealistic, or that the goal is not really what you wanted in the first place.  If this happens, just make a new goal that fits what you are looking for better.  I do not think it’s unrealistic to go after something you passionately love. People will do the best in careers in which they feel happy.  Though these jobs may feel few and far between, remember to consider the fact that a vast majority go after positions in which they feel will be raking in the dough eventually.  I’m sure many successful people feel like they literally witnessed their happiness commit suicide out of their office window.

I will end with a true story about myself and a goal that I achieved without a sense of accomplishment. It was the wrong goal but a good learning experience. I hope I have helped you reevaluate your life a little better today. I’m only RECENTLY learning about how to look at life and make different decisions. It’s taken me a lot of falls to realize what it takes to make that first step.

owl 3

When I was around 21 years old I got it into my mind that I wanted to be a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).  I felt that this career goal would lead me to feeling accomplished, successful, and richer. Granted, CNA’s don’t make that much (for anyone wondering) but it’s a good step in the right direction to becoming a Nurse. I paid for this course, purchased expensive scrubs, and made good grades. I took the final exam and I believe made in the high 90’s! I was so excited that I called my best friend back home and told her the news.  I’d be lying if I said in this moment I was not happy. However, this happiness was short-lived when reality hit that I had to take the  state certification. I can give you 1000 reasons why I did not pursue going in there and doing it within the next several months.  The main one though was that I just did not want it bad enough. I had GOOD reasons for choosing a CNA degree as a goal. However, they were not the right ones.  Money and a stable career were not enough to motivate me to become state certified.  I knew that being happy was not in the equation. I had never taken time to pull out a notebook and ask myself the right questions before I went for that CNA goal. A lot of time, effort, and money would have been saved if I had taken just 30 minutes to calmly and quietly think about what I was doing.

Wednesday Weight Loss Journal

Hello Friends!

I’m happy to get this post to you in the morning this week as opposed to late at night 🙂 I’ve still been chugging away on the Elliptical. Currently my weight is 194.3.  It takes me a LONG time to lose weight but I know this will come off completely if I do not stop posting, keeping myself motivated, eating healthy, and exercising! I’ve realized that when I walk with friends (as opposed to the elliptical) I’m able to walk a longer distance because I’m talking and staying distracted. My body does not scream ENOUGH as fast. I highly recommend exercising with people if at all possible. But do not become so dependent on being with friends that you do not exercise if you can’t get with them. There needs to be an even balance.  If you love watching tv programs at night then tell yourself you can exercise BEFORE them or put the tv right in front of that elliptical, treadmill, bike, or other while you work out.  ❤


I wanted to touch on BREAKFAST today. My favorite meal of the day is, hands down, breakfast.  There is nothing I love more than cereal, scrambled eggs, or some oatmeal!  Everywhere I read it says that it is essential to NEVER skip breakfast because it will lead to over eating later in the day.  I completely agree with this. However, I feel that I am eating too much breakfast or that sometimes my breakfast is too heavy.  After doing some research, I feel led to promote a LIGHT breakfast. It’s recommended that breakfast is around 250 calories. An article on Real Age states   “When people ate things like eggs, sausage, cheese, marmalade, and butter for breakfast, they tended to overdo it.”  I’m not saying don’t eat these, but just be really careful about your portions. As for me, I tend to pour cereal into a Ziploc baggy when I go to work. I’m sure more than my estimation of a serving size is going into that bag! I’m going to become more aware and try things like spinach smoothies again.  Before you completely plug your nose and run for the hills, let me share some recipes I’ve researched with you! I’ve personally made spinach & fruit smoothies before. YES they are green. However, if you put fruit (especially a banana) with them then you should NOT taste any spinach.

spinach smoothie


Green Monster Spinach Smoothie

Dr. Oz’s Berry Strong Smoothie

Spinach Smoothie Recipes at Yummly

Have a Wonderful & Healthy Day!

-Muffins & Mocha



Wednesday Weight Loss Journal

Hello Friends.

Today I wanted to do the Health Benefits of Wine. Before I list a few PLEASE understand that I am not promoting drinking a lot of wine during the day! That is not healthy. However, there has been reasearch to point towards benefits of having 1-2 4 oz glasses of red wine a day.


Potential Benefits :

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Reduces Heart-Attack Risk

Lowers Risk of Stroke

Cuts Risk of Cataracts

Cuts Risk of Colon Cancer

Slows Brain Decline

Please check out the full article here at Food & Wine

As for weight, I doubt wine will benefit. However, taking care of your health goes along with losing weight!!

And as for a little motivation

dont quitsweatstrongBingeimpossible