Weigh In & Good News

So I just weight in and I am 188.8 . Say what? hahah I am so happy to be back in the 180’s. Again, NEVER thought I would be saying that. Sometimes I feel like we complain so much that maybe God throws us for a loop to help us appreciate what we have.  I did not appreciate this weight before but I sure do now. So far today I have not had any snacks.  I did have a South Beach meal bar for breakfast and a turkey sandwich with some pretzels and orange juice for lunch. I’m hungry right now but know that I need to wait longer to eat dinner because I have to work tonight. I get hungry when I am working so if I don’t eat late it’s a mistake. I’m going to do some black beans and brown rice tonight.  Something that has a lot of protein!

Also, a few days ago I got scared out of my mind. I checked my status for my college transcripts and it was saying (out of no where) that I needed 2 additional classes. I absolutely panicked and felt ready to throw in the towel. 😦 I told myself though what the worse case scenario could be before walking into the college. I calmed myself down, thought of what I needed to say, and told myself regardless of the outcome I would still get to graduate in December.  Turns out, whatever document it was that I read was incorrect!! I was correct about being able to graduate this summer. Thank you Lord. ❤ I needed that. My moral has been really low lately so that assisted with bringing it up a notch.

Hope everyone is having a good day! Oh and I watched an episode of Dr. Quinn the other day. All time favorite show. I grew up on it and was convinced (at a not even legal age) that I was going to marry Sully, have a wolf, become an Indian, and live on a mountain. I used to draw pictures of Indian men with long black hair, feathers, the whole deal….along with collecting Mandellas hahaha. I miss being that innocent, that naïve, and that determined about something I wanted.


I must not fail said the tiny snail…

Ok so it’s Wednesday! I just weighed and I am 190.8 pounds. Thank God.  I never thought I would be saying “thank God” to that number in a million years but when you have hit 200 pounds on the scale and gained 30 pounds in 3 months it’s a huge relief to see that number! The not having snacks thing seems to be working for right now.  I made it through yesterday without any I believe. My body is craving food but I am trying really hard to not give in. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner so please don’t think I am starving myself. I think I thought the idea of having several snacks during the day would work for me to help me carry over into the next meal.  I feel like though now even with the snacks I’m always starving. In my opinion, it’s because I have become so focused on FOOD.

It’s time to refocus on other things like blogging, school work (notice I list blogging 1st 🙂 , getting outside, moving….

No more snacks and no more being obsessed with facebook.  (I deleted my personal page)

So far, this has been a productive week!

Also, one other tip…..


An interesting study was done at Yale, Pennsylvania, and Cornell on snacking.  According to the study using pringles chips, if we have a “interruption point” in our snack we tend to eat less. Meaning, it’s worth it to count your chips (or other snacks) out in serving sizes and put them in little baggies. When we get in front of a TV screen or other activity involving food, we often completely tune out how much we are actually consuming.  I encourage you to take a look at this study at the Prevention website located >>> HERE. I thought it was really interesting!

Weight Loss Tip (Snack Warning)

I’m really sorry guys that I have not kept up with the Wednesday Weight Loss Journal thing. I’ve really let life get in the way. I promise I am getting back to it though. Here is a health tip for you that I have personally discovered. I for the longest time was doing the elliptical 30 mins a day 5-6 days a week and maybe lost 4 pounds in a matter of MONTHS. Then I got an infection and stopped for a few weeks. When I went to the doctor they said I am in the “obese” catagorie (GREAT there goes my last shred of my self confidence) and that I need to lose weight ASAP.  So I decided…..

to cut out ALL my snacks. I usually have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2-3 snacks..(sometimes 4 if I am being honest during the day).  For the past two days I have been doing this.  Granted, last night I ate an entire bag of light butter popcorn because I was starving my ass off from only having 3 meals lol but it’s a start! Today I weighed in at 192.6 .  This is lower than I have been in a long time! I weighed in at the doctor a few days ago at 196. I have exercised only once so far this week.  The snacks that I eat during the day I did not think were bad for me. We are talking fruit, nuts, veggie chips, etc. Turns out, they apparently are packing on weight. 😦 I just wanted to warn people who are struggling to lose, exercising, and feeling totally burned out that eliminating snacks might REALLY help.  Hoping next week I will feel less hungry.  It’s like going off of diet coke. You crave it, feel like you can’t live without it, then the feeling passes.  ❤

I also read an amazing quote today in the SELF magazine. “Skinny isn’t sexy if you are dead.” This means: diet safely, make sure you get enough calories, and focus on health not starvation.  If you diet/eat healthy  for the right reasons & the right way the weight will eventually come off. For all those struggling please don’t give up. I have my days believe me where I want to stay in Pj’s all day, not go near a mirror, and heaven forbid walk outside for others to look at me. I get it. I’m Mrs. Body Dismorphia right here. But we must fight back because this battle is possible to win ❤ I have to believe that. Hope everyone is having a nice week.

Wednesday Weight Loss Journal

Hello Friends!

I’m happy to get this post to you in the morning this week as opposed to late at night 🙂 I’ve still been chugging away on the Elliptical. Currently my weight is 194.3.  It takes me a LONG time to lose weight but I know this will come off completely if I do not stop posting, keeping myself motivated, eating healthy, and exercising! I’ve realized that when I walk with friends (as opposed to the elliptical) I’m able to walk a longer distance because I’m talking and staying distracted. My body does not scream ENOUGH as fast. I highly recommend exercising with people if at all possible. But do not become so dependent on being with friends that you do not exercise if you can’t get with them. There needs to be an even balance.  If you love watching tv programs at night then tell yourself you can exercise BEFORE them or put the tv right in front of that elliptical, treadmill, bike, or other while you work out.  ❤


I wanted to touch on BREAKFAST today. My favorite meal of the day is, hands down, breakfast.  There is nothing I love more than cereal, scrambled eggs, or some oatmeal!  Everywhere I read it says that it is essential to NEVER skip breakfast because it will lead to over eating later in the day.  I completely agree with this. However, I feel that I am eating too much breakfast or that sometimes my breakfast is too heavy.  After doing some research, I feel led to promote a LIGHT breakfast. It’s recommended that breakfast is around 250 calories. An article on Real Age states   “When people ate things like eggs, sausage, cheese, marmalade, and butter for breakfast, they tended to overdo it.”  I’m not saying don’t eat these, but just be really careful about your portions. As for me, I tend to pour cereal into a Ziploc baggy when I go to work. I’m sure more than my estimation of a serving size is going into that bag! I’m going to become more aware and try things like spinach smoothies again.  Before you completely plug your nose and run for the hills, let me share some recipes I’ve researched with you! I’ve personally made spinach & fruit smoothies before. YES they are green. However, if you put fruit (especially a banana) with them then you should NOT taste any spinach.

spinach smoothie


Green Monster Spinach Smoothie

Dr. Oz’s Berry Strong Smoothie

Spinach Smoothie Recipes at Yummly

Have a Wonderful & Healthy Day!

-Muffins & Mocha



Wednesday Weight Loss Journal

Sorry this is late! It’s going to be super short because I am exhausted. Between working, walking, and doing exams I feel like I could collapse! Unfortunately, I did not lose weight this week 😦 I weight and was 196.2 this morning which means I gained a few pounds. I am also getting ready to have that monthly thing that we women are cursed with so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. I tend to binge on not only food but MILK right before I get it! Anyone else? I’m thinking maybe I need to take some iron pills the week before to see if that helps? All I know is I am craving something in milk because it happens every month. I’m considering buying a cow to save a bit of money hahahah This is totally random but I just looked up tax break if you own a cow and I came up with this hilarious article….

America’s Dumbest Tax Loophole: The Florida Rent-a-Cow Scam

Ok back on topic! I have been keeping up with the elliptical and walking though. I’ve done both in the same day before but tonight I just did walking. I feel sure we walked at least 2 miles in a neighborhood by the beach. It was good conversation and fun walking with friends. They had their babies and I had my chihuahua baby (Daisy).  We seriously looked like a parade of strollers or traveling circus since the dog was included!

I found some interesting information on Pinterest about Blueberries that I wanted to share with you all. I did not realize that they were packed with FIBER. This means blueberries can help keep us full! 🙂 Also, a cup of blueberries is 80 calories.  That’s a good size for a serving size.  Beats a little prepackaged packet of crackers. How many crackers do you get in those damn things…like 8 ?!  Check out these cool facts:


I leave you with these words ❤


Weight Loss Update

My weight this morning read 194.6  ! I never thought I would be excited about this number! At the beginning of this month I was about 200 pounds so I am proud of myself for sticking with the Elliptical every day or walking with my friends. I’m telling you that when you walk with friends it makes exercising much more enjoyable. Especially when you bring up a topic like homosexuality and people’s views. That particular walk FLEW by as we were all sharing different perspectives haha!

friends walk

I need to work on my drinking water. I’ve kind of failed in doing that the past few days. I do drink water, but I have not been tracking it like I should. Please note: I do NOT count my calories nor track my food. I am learning to eat healthy and am also working on forgiving myself for the times that I don’t. For me, tracking my food holds me accountable and when I fail (do too many calories..eat too much) it just makes me feel like I’ve bombed an important test. I need to track my water though because it’s really healthy for the body to get 8 cups a day. It’s easy to veer off and do like 2-4 if we include other drinks we may be having. Also, nothing against flavored water (I often drink it!) but I prefer to have several good cups of water with 0 sweeteners involved.


Anyway, I just need motivation personally and tracking, recording, dieting,etc does not do it for me. If it works for you then by all means go for it!! I learned in my Stress Management class that we need to tailor our workout programs to fit our lifestyles. What that means is that what worked for that woman who dropped 50 pounds on the weight watchers program may not work for YOU.  Anything that makes you miserable & frustrated is not a lifestyle in my opinion. What I have learned about weight loss and being healthy is that you REALLY have to want it. You must be willing to:




deal with some discomfort

more than you ever have in your entire life.


But at the same time tell yourself this will pass. That you are strong and WILL get through this. Don’t give up ❤

Weight Loss/Healthy Living Blog?

I know there are so many weight loss/healthy eating blogs out there so I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not.  I’m considering making one separate from this website (www.muffinsandmocha.com) .  I do know that people who are really desiring to lose weight need motivation. It would make sense to me that they would not feel motivated to look through a DIY/recipe website to find tips on weight loss.  Would anyone be interested in following me if I created one?

Everyone swears by counting calories. I’m not saying that this doesn’t work because I know it does! I also know that diets work for many people.

Here is my thing though. I want to create a website based off of loving oneself…not just losing weight. So many people are dealing with low self-confidence, have a severe lack of motivation, and deep down do not love themselves. I am working on loving myself but am definitely in the beginning stages of it. I’m in counseling and have learned that if we do not love  ourselves at the size we are now that we most likely will not love ourselves when we are 4 sizes smaller.  I feel like weight loss is an emotional and physical thing.  I would like to incorporate such things as meditation, alternative ideas, touch on body dismorphic disorder, discuss why eating certain veggies & fruit is important (besides just saying it’s “healthy”), etc.

What do you think?

Any good ideas for blog names?

Once again, www.muffinsandmocha.com is not going anywhere!! This is my safe space to discuss things I love and meet new friends. I’m just considering incorporating a weight loss/healthy living page on a separate site.