Meet the Writer

Jenny September 2014

Welcome to Muffins & Mocha

Est. 2012

My name is Jenny and I am the writer of this blog.  I’m 26 years old, Christian, have a chihuahua, live in beautiful Charleston, SC, love traveling, photography, journalism, good coffee, memorable dates, tattoos, country music, the beach, pink lemonade,and wearing jeans & flip flops everywhere!

The story behind my blog:

The idea behind Muffins & Mocha hit me in a Barnes and Noble after flipping through”Blog, inc” by Amy Cho.  I thought it would be a great way to express myself and record my life. Little did I know, after starting this blog I would:

-Go through a divorce

-Go through having a Chevy Silverado, VW Cabrio, and VW Jetta.

-Learn to stick shift

-Hold down one of my longest and most enjoyable careers (working with dogs, what else!)

-Move TWICE in 9 months

-And make some absolutely irreplaceable friends

I’ve posted motivation, pain, verses, pictures, comedy, depression, advise, creative ideas, and a pinch of hope on my page. If readers closed their eyes I would want them to envision big over stuffed couches, extremely soft blankets, the smell of coffee wafting through the air, good books everywhere, and friends to enjoy all of this with. I want people to come here who need to laugh, cry, or sometimes both.   If you reach my page and sigh with relief saying, “good it’s not just me” or “thank goodness, I’m not alone” then all of this has been worth it.  To the survivors, dreamers, believers, and fighters: Thank You. You have continued to put strength behind the words”Not all who wander, are lost.”


11 thoughts on “Meet the Writer

  1. Oh how cool thank you!!! I have not gotten this award before which makes it even more exciting hahaha ❤ ❤ ❤ I will add it to my collection. I appreciate you being a loyal reader, follower, and commenter Valerie. You continue to add a lot to my page. I also love your page! Hopefully now that I have quit my job and facebook I can dedicate more time to visiting friends pages 🙂

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