Polar Bear Plunge Giveaway REMINDER!

polar bear plunge

Hey Friends!

This is just a reminder that the polar bear plunge blog party and giveaway will be ending THIS coming Sunday at 5 PM. It’s so simple to enter & you have a chance at a $10 Amazon gift card! If you love to read this is an awesome opportunity to get a free book on muffinsandmocha 🙂 or whatever else you may like.

Again, all you have to do is :

1. Follow Me

2. Email me at muffinsandmocha@hotmail.com  and send me something having to do with winter. It can be a poem, picture, quote, recipe, etc. I just ask that it is your original work or that you have permission to submit it by creator.

3. Title email : Blog Party

And that’s it! Winner will be contacted and emailed GC Sunday Night!

I don’t have too many people that have entered so far so your shot at the GC is really good 🙂 If people enjoy this I will do another one in the future. Good luck !


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