Changes & Awesome “getting out of doghouse idea!” & link to Giveaways!!!

Hello Friends!

Hope everyone is having a great morning.  My Chihuahua (Daisy) has a cold right now so constant sneezing is taking place at my house! If you have never seen a sick Chihuahua just think of puss-n-boots from Shrek.  Daisy has that expression down pat!

PussInBoots1sick daisy

Hopefully she will feel better soon!

Some changes that I have made recently are that I (once again) deactivated my main facebook page. Don’t think this will effect anyone here because I never really gave that link out.  I feel like I’m an addict of facebook. I check it way too often, post about things that belong in a paper journal, and honestly revolve my life around what people are saying on there.  I do not blame facebook itself for this, I blame me. I have a problem regulating how much I sign on. I have decided that I am going to dedicate more time to my blog here at and on my photography page . I’m still on facebook here : but this is my photography page.  Everything posted on there can also be found on my main photography website. You are welcome to add both, either or, or neither. Just wanted to let you know 🙂

 Also, I found a fabulous idea, thanks to The Dating Divas, on how to “get out of the dog house.” ha!! Ladies, we all know we need this sometime and Lord knows the men need it.

Read the DIY ‘I’m Sorry Idea’ HERE . You really have to read it to appreciate how cute it is!! ❤

dog house

While you are there, I would encourage you to check out their Giveaways page! They have the coolest giveaways I have every seen. There was one to Disney World (expenses paid) with brand new camera that would be found in your hotel room. What!? haha That was a while back but they add stuff all the time. I believe right now they have a Cruiser Bike and an Ipad Mini giveway. Click HERE for that page!

Good luck!


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